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MyspaceThe Doktah11
Subs For SaleTyler2
Problem Solved!!Trell1
(1) 12" Sony Xplod 150dB?¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤1
12" Xplod breaks 150dB TL¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤1
Single 12" Xplod breaks 150dB¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤1
Amp suggestionsJoe Blanford2
Recone with different parts...KiLLa1
Small Type E recone project?Joe Blanford4
My Type E Gone TO HELL???Logan9
Help from the PRO's...Audioque?Logan7
THE spl sub (budget)SGDenny11
Equiptment raffles?Renegadesrun30
Who all owns l7sjonathan2
18" BTLMr_Kebo8
Good upgrade?Reece Brassler7
FI SSD or RE SE?arslan4
Which amp would you choose?Mr. Rob10
Orion 1200D vs. Hifonics TX1505Joey DeSalvo28
What's the problemTrell2
Fi caraudioLogan13
Buying an fi ssd 12...Scott Atwell11
R.I.P. '05 15" XXXScott Atwell21
Im Raffeling Off My SubColby232
Any Sites For Fiberglass Resin??B2
RE...XXX or SXIsaac W.10
Killer System for the poorman!arslan47
FI SSD or CVXThe Doktah10
Hey Logan...Logan4
Get bored try thisTrell2
Power Doktah22
J DesignsLogan3
Zup look hereMr. Rob9
Build me a system plzzzzThe Doktah2
System done!! pics soonChad Stutt4
18" BTLMr_Kebo1
Closest sub to re seChad Stutt10
Series or Parallel Wiring? arslan3
Looking for RE SE 15"Jack Death4
Loganmat dope4
My blown amp¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤11
??serious question??Chase Freeman7
Final Steps To the Install...easy questionsblaine westropp9
Kicker 2500.1Mr_Kebo7
Santa was good to me! picsPike11021
New SystemJake Ryan31
OT: Transistor part needed....Brad Warren7
Subs for my amp...billyAl Bundy13
2 mean 12's for about $500Logan4
Box builder?Jack Death7
ANYONE who knows car audio...¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤10
Box helpLogan4
System videos...Tyler22
ANYONE Wanna Sell Me Some...mat dope2
Parallel Or Series? ¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤3
(PICS) Install of new Comps¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤7
Alpine TYPE R SWR-1022D 10" ~FOR SALE~mike8
Box help mat dope4
Last minute decisions...mat dope12
AA Arsenal review..Andrew Capps10
Blaine...Justin Ogle5
Mat Dopemat dope9
Whats a good box for polk momos?Brett Davis5
Enclosure help plz!Tyler21
What Subs to Get?cal payne8
Sand Key....Andrew1
Very new subsBernyMacAttack4
SOMEONE HELP ME....some one who knows their stuff.....blaine westropp2
Headaches? S.P.D2
Logan *NEW* videosTJBaSsMeKaNiK32
For sale 10'sTim1
Attention everyone :-) HD3? hehe...BernyMacAttack10
(2) DD Z1 and (2) @1ohmDVCDD9915 vs (2)15 FI Fullyloaded BTL's...Showrides29
Gonna try a 6th order bandpass tomorrow.....Andrizzle20
AA 12" or 15" Arsenals Qcsfinest17
Need help deciding on what to run for sub.James Longo3
Any Sites For Fiberglass Resin??WrEaK HaVoC2
More pics...New sub's (pics)joe blanford8
Inverse Sub MountingChad Lee14
What do you all think?Reece Brassler3
Is Infinity Perfect 12.1 a DVC sub???Logan2
Polks good starting subs?Reece Brassler4
Good ampctmike2
Good SQ subsdenim18
Got a new ridejuliob10
Finally got some decent pics of my system...Enjoy!lucas beckner24
For sale -- RE 12SX , eDead , bp1200.1»»» DrUnkBoB «««10
Subs Making Noise...KiLLa5
On my Next Vid What Would you Like to See?BernyMacAttack32
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