Inverse Sub Mounting


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Is there any real advantage to that? In other words, why do some people mount the sub facing in and thus the magnet out? I'd thought about flipping two of my 12"s around 'cuz to me it does kind of look neat, but wouldn't it hurt the performance of a sub? Especially one designed for a sealed enclosure??

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in fact, some people think it helps with cooling.

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Cooling, it also will change the tune of you box a little. Try it and see.. Polo.

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I've done it. It sounds the same... maybe a little different just because of the box tuning changes slightly, but most people can't tell. You also don't have to take subwoofer displacemnt into account (box building) when you invert the sub. Plus, you get a nice look at the motor when you do it that way.

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Keep an eye out for my 15" inverted mag HT sub thread, (coming soon).

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i also if its a new unresined box you can be sure you dont get sawdust where it shouldnt be, other than that its mostly for looks and so you dont have to account for displacement, thats why i do it sometimes at least

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^^^Which is why I'm doing it.

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it wont make any difference at all sealed, it takes about .5 cu/ft or larger to noticable change the effect of a sealed enclosure but ported it will change the tuning of you enclosure which might change the sound a little. Read what Rovin posted its some good stuff, also check out

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My Mach5Audio MJ-18


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"bling factor" ....what is this bling factor?

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bling factor is like if the basket is chrome or it looks good and u want to show it off or if it has a big magnet and u want to show it off

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Good to know all.
And denim, ah that's a fine pic. 18"s are everyone's friend.

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audiobahn subs looks good inverted.
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