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WTF my system is weird has anyone had this problem??miguel10
THD % RatingJames Longo11
What amps should I gut to push 4 15" L7's?juliob8
Amplifier helpjuliob5
What amp should i get?juliob6
JL 250/1 or similar?bassman316
What size fuse for my power line?miguel12
JL 250/1 vs. RF Punch P3001M C1
Audiobahn amp problemsBies0815
Amplifier helpmiguel1
How do i hook ,y amp upalan pflanz9
A little help with ohms....James Longo4
Amp and subs blew...a few ?Sderek smith3
Amp and subs blew...a few ?SAaron Smith1
Amp and subs blew...a few ?SAaron Smith1
What kinda amp should i get derek smith3
Bp1200.1 FOR SALE $200 + shippingTrell6
OA good way to tell amp power?lucas beckner16
HELP a girl out....Yanks Fan24
Massive Audio P3000.1 BNIB with 2 year warranty !! CHEAP !!juliob23
Brax/Helix the best?Optidriven15
Jbl BPX2200.1. or dd z1 Kevin Holden7
Amp's Damping factor?Isaac3
SPL Z1X - 3000D SERIES II juliob17
Setting gain with DMM...killer9
Good amp....Sinful Systems Inc.8
HifonicsSinful Systems Inc.5
Good amp....phillp15
Anyone ever run a kx700.5, POLO????James Longo9
Starting problem - Dodge Ram 2500 (2005)James Longo4
Easy questionphillp11
Easy questionphillp1
How to bridge this amplifier Isaac9
2k rmsbassman311
5k watts rmsRyan Melton12
I need an ampjuliob4
PG 400.1xLowLife7
PA a1000db vs audiobahn a8000tty mutlow9
Newb question. would appreciate help. ctmike16
Budget amp...kindaadam1
Place to find specs for old equipmentMarc5
Question about CapacitorsYanks Fan4
I lost my wiring Diagram - sony ampchris Durski2
Amp for type-x componentsKrazyj10
Popping fuses...lucas beckner6
Rockford 5002ty mutlow8
Some help pleasebassman324
HelpTerry Fong7
Better the Ed Nine.1 for the pricebassman34
Bass Knobs?Andrew Capps2
ED NINE.1 true output at 14.4Vmikechec95
Whats the hifonics XX zeus compair to.juliob2
System for saleDaniel Haney1
Amp that equals the JL 1000/1? Daniel Haney16
Bet you haven't heard of this amp problem Mk2mikechec94
Simple amp wiring questionKrazyj2
About how much Watts really? JL 450/4mikechec94
Orion 2500d!!Polo5
Precision Power ampRobbie6
Amp settingsbryan N16
Hifonics amp queston.juliob8
Amp clipping questionOptidriven8
Chauncey i lost your information email for the secret santa CadillacDb1
Need som helpclayton8
Willing to sell/trade...ctmike5
Need some help guyslucas beckner3
What amp should i get Jon10
What amp do you use for 12" 2 ohm CVR's????bassman34
Power acoustikRobbie Kush16
Alpine 3527 wont turn on but power goes to it Zane Hines2
My new amp was delivered. Pics.juliob30
Rockford fosgate 1001bdjuliob9
Alpine 3527 wont turn on but power goes to it shelby5
RCA wire InstallationMarc4
Someone help pleasebassman35
Advice neededjuliob3
Just released!ctmike7
4 Ohm 2 channel 150-200 Watt per channel ampjuliob9
HCCA 250G4 vs. Memphis MC1000MO8
Why is this amp doing this?James Longo2
2 amps and battery, alternatorjohn beard9
What would be the best amp!!!!Chauncey Mutha Fucki2
Thanks to Ecoustics - picsDerek Jackson5
Cadence DCA2500lucas beckner4
Ok i really need help all my stuff isnt workingalex corcoran5
Did I get a bad 1000/1?John Loomis8
Someone please help!!Nick Tomasetti1
Dream Systemjuliob9
What amp to get to push 2 12"Kicker Comps? & Audiobahn A8000t amp f...juliob9
Where to hook remote wireZane Hines11
MMATS, Soundstreme, SWISS,DB DRIVEty mutlow21
Is the RMS on the ZX850.4 underated?cam4
Help!! Fuse keeps blowing....I changed my name to25
IA 20.1Kevin Holden7
Help! My 4ch amp is cutting in and out!!!! :-(...James Longo8
What amp to usejuliob3
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