WTF my system is weird has anyone had this problem??


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Ok its weird because i know its not a loose wire but it seems like when it gets colder at night like really colder at like 11 PM my system sounds way cleaner and louder then earlier in the day. Like during the day i could put it to like volume 18 and then it distorts pretty fast and isnt that loud, then at night i cound turn it up to volume 23 and it soundes way cleaner and way louder it hurts your ears and doesnt distort.....WTF is up?? Has anyone had this problem, is it because my amp needs it to be really cool to run?? Please put input thanx.... :-)

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mines just the oposite, when its colde it sounds so terrible, but as soon as it warms up yummy lol

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lol wtf do you think is up with that?? What can the problem be, my amp??

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see when I go to work the sun just barely went down. So when I drive to work its "alright" but still loud for what it is. But I get off of work at 6AM and its cold as heck. I drive home and it does feel louder and such. Although my system never distorted the way you make it seem. And yeah it sounds cleaner when cold, although I let it warm up for awhile.

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I've noticed that to. It must be along the same lines of how the weather effects the way a dragster runs. Cooler dry air makes it run faster where as warmer humid air makes it run slower.

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It has to do with air density, the colder the air the more dense it is. The denser the air the more that is being moved at any given time. Also with most high density mediums either being a solid liquid or a gas, the better it transfers sound because of the molecules being closer together. Just becarefull, when it gets seriously cold the sub spiders stiffen up so let it warm up with some mild playing until it gets warm. Polo. :-)

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Polo, what is considered seriously cold?

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32 degrees and below is considered "freezing" so anything below 32

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also at night it seems louder cause its more quite out than in the day i notice that b4

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yes the only reason it sounds louder and cleaner at night is that there is probably about half as much movement going on and a lot of people are off the roads and in there houses so just the atmosphere is much quieter and your ears pick up the bass notes a lot better so it sounds louder and cleaner
same thing happens with my sound system
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