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What size sub is your favorite?MO26
Alpine Type R VS soundsteam T4Kevin Holden3
Hooking it upjames caroll1
Question about ported boxmarshall white2
Whats the loudestDustin26
New Powerbase first runDustin21
I NeEd EvErYoNeS aDvIcE pLeAsE!!!!!!!!!Thomas E Miller10
Rims and SX12 System Pictures !!! Oh YeaH !!!»»» DrUnkBoB «««12
Hitting 160.db's with a Tweeter.Freddy12
Safe for alternator?Brandon Marthinsen6
Havoc 15"baseball118730
Crystal ProductsNE$TER5
My new sx 18 is home!!!!!!!!lilrob14
Arsenal15 Requesting reviewBOOM1
Subwoofer picking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!»»» DrUnkBoB «««19
Some sweet basssss.......Juvenile10
Indo audiolucas beckner12
Image dynamics vs. alpineChad Lee3
What db would this hitOso8
Will I hear a noticeable difference between (2) 12's and 1 15?...Aruman6
Downfiring Subsmarshall white5
Off Topic :Boxes!!Nypd-Lapd3
Seald box louder than portedS.P.D9
24" Subs???????Lewass19
Alpine Type-X SWX-1242D Good Sub or No? Helpjake papa5
450$ Limit on CD Reciever VC235
2000 doller limit[...Rovin...]6
Why do my subs keep blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?Lewass6
Audiobahn subs good or bad?Pimp15
(2) 12 Inch Infinity Perf Kappa's vs 1 RE SE?James Palanza1
Question for B...?killer15
Cab as box?Polo4
Audi sterio system?No Limit1
"MYTHBUSTERS" is doing a show on car audio!.D.23
Havoc in this??.D.10
Attetion: ripped off by subfanatic??<<<<<Everybody READ PLEASE...Christopher Lee40
Anybody got info on the Re MX?Joseph Lewis1
OT- What would you do to improve this Forum??Christopher Lee27
Would 2 sq subs and 2 spl subs make a ok mix for sqlLewass3
Alpine vs power acoustiks?Lewass6
Best amp for jobChauncey Brown6
Elemental designs ampsjake papa5
Anyone know where i can get a cheap RE SE Chauncey Brown2
Decibel reading software?bassfishing2
A Zapco sub???????jake papa3
Stuff for saleJosh6
Can two RE SX 12's handle an orion 2500d?Dustin6
RE?blaine westropp4
Anyone ever heard a ultra linear 2800 ?Jay3
Need help. if anyone can explain whats going on herematt smith8
Interior in my truck....will it make my subs sound bad?Georgina butch4
Hreos truckNE$TER3
Can I get decent SQ with a Kicker/Pegasus System..?Clinton Macleod1
Two 12's LOUD!!jake papa8
What do you think of this sub/amp combo?jake papa15
Just bought my xxx Freddy39
Just got them in.Josh Smith18
---Resonant Engineering SX or Orion H2---B4
Off topic - Password & Phone.....B3
Kicker compVR VS. kicker solobarric L7matt smith1
Newbie needing helpArchie Clark3
Are pioneer Premiers a good choice??Roland Berthiaume5
Does anybody know the name of it?.D.15
In need of sub infoChauncey Brown6
HifonicsDontrell Harris1
Explorer Speaker TipsDontrell Harris3
Questions about eclipse subsRoland Berthiaume27
Amp clipingJosh Smith3
Help designing everything.Aruman4
Kicker solobaric 15 inchD.J. Tucker32
2 JL 12W6v2'sBrandon14
Just dont know what to believeAnthony Lett4
JL Audio 10w7 or Alpine SWX-1042D?Lewass11
Which Kenwoods to buyty mutlow9
Looking for new subs helpryan shaw6
Help PLEASE!!!Maxx35
HE 12"Bryce Mitchell1
HELPjohnsey fenton1
Authorized dealersJake Chesley7
Quick speaker questionbassman32
System coming upS.P.D1
RE re 8" or AA assassin 8"Adam9
Rim offset?? killerzracing715
Can someone tell me how to wire my sub PLSLD skin7
I need a good SQL 10" subJosh4
Help choosing subsArchie Clark15
Reccomed a boxChauncey Brown3
Car audio installationmarc e perillo28
Need help finding sub infoBJ3
1999 firebirdStu Pitt2
MTX terminatormr. mtx3
Need to convert 12" 4 ohm subs to 8 ohms somehowjason johnson2
2 subs 2 amps?cah1
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