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5 and 6 channel amp suggestions neededron8
Alternator whinenick joseph1
Good amp for 1 volfenhag/priceAnonymous16
Will there be a difference in bass?Mark S5
Amp for 2 15" L7'sLivinLoud974
LEDJoe Smoe3
Amp for portable cd-playerAnonymous1
Good amp for one subMike Loudon3
Real odd problemscott DeBaker2
What does this amp really put out?zagross3
Dosen't make senseMike1
What amp do i use??? Everyone has been telling me the wrong thingMike5
Build amp for Lightning Audio 10" 300-Watt Subfdawf1
Which Amp would wrok best for BASSSSSSChris Person2
Amp value?RitchDogg2
How do I connect my RE-XXX 6.5's to the Orion HCCA 225G4?Bryan D19
400 watt? HCCA 225??Stevie doo6
Super Schematics SiteJexxen Trivic3
Visonik ampskillerzracing6
Capicitors?Jake Davis5
Amp on no soundscott DeBaker6
*** POP QUIZ *** who can provide 1st hand knowledge......Jexxen Trivic2
Help On What Amp To Gettaylor173
Amp GaugeRoger O2
Is the sub blown? plz helpSean Gibson6
Very first SystemGeorgina butch6
Worth it to get Alpine MRD-M301 Repaired?Timothy Frank2
What Kind of amp should i get?Joel DiMaggio1
Bad ground on sub/amp/capnick joseph1
Crossfire VR1000D?MO3
Help i need to know what amp to get.Karamjit Singh10
What Amp Is Good For 2 Solo Baric 15"jorge moreno3
Anybody familiar with majestic 1300x amplifierzepgher2
Would This Amp Work Please help!!AARON1
Can someone help? what does this do and how do i use it?Thrush3
I need help on getting an amp 2kenny1
Cheap QuestionTB14
Cerwin Vega Components Any Good?TB1
Quad Voice Coil Wiring HelpRyan10
Correction*needed a good amp to push to subsThrush3
Needed help on choosing a good sub for my subsThrush3
Is PPI A600.2 enough for a set of comps and subwoofer?Isaac11
Budget amp for (1) RE 3X 12" (2 ohm stable mono)Isaac7
Visonik Amp questionsq junkie1
Amp keeps cutting off.Please help....Nick1234566
The Hype!!!(JL owners i need ur expert opinoin)mikechec927
What ap should i get?Brandon Marthinsen4
For sale : RockfordFosgate Punch 8004 (Mint cond)Ryan4
Volfehag kevin Hulen3
Got my Orion HCCA 250 G4 all hooked up with a good sub, I wanna cry...James Longo4
First System please HelpMario L2
Alpine amp tuning help...?bassfishing2
Which amp For Two 600RMS subs? First systemRyan McCook31
Which amp for a W6?Jeremy Dadd3
What ap should i get?Brandon Marthinsen3
US acoustics USX -1000dThrush3
Need a good budget ampThrush4
WHAT AMP??Anonymous2
Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppp me David R6
Which one?Brandon Marthinsen1
05 HIFONICS BX2005D 2000w amp questionkenny5
Which amp?Brandon Marthinsen1
Lights dimmingmikechec95
HELP! 4 Kicker 10s CVR What Kinda Amp do i use?jorge moreno5
What impedence should i run for 2 type R subs?mikechec96
My engine noise is comin through the speakers...Help!!!jorge moreno3
No Bass, where is my problem?Gurs Sehmi8
Best Amp!JL nut17
Should i trust this?JeremyC3
Can this handle the ampsJexxen Trivic2
Help on an amp for 15" kicker L7sHardball5
4 Kicker cvr 10s WHAT AMP?Help!Nobody knowsAymond Greenlee1
What amp would be better?!!?!Kyle18
What you need for amp kitWC4
Wiring helpMatthew Lee6
Help...drew osborn6
Tube amps for a car?mikechec98
More powerXPLOD2
NEED NEW ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!donny aladam3
Help wiring for outdoor use..jorge moreno3
12w3v2-d4 and a 2ohm stabil ampmikechec911
MMATS 1400.1mikechec94
Isaac, I'm confused with this Orion G4, help me set it up.Joe Smoe8
Alternator ProblemsTim Bechtel4
12w7 and what amp to useDoug Zator10
Question about direction of subs (limited choices)Seth Lowe3
Wiring up a jenson amp wit radio?James Groom1
Overheating??Seth Lowe4
Rattling Boss BA1000nick G3
Whats the best sound quality amp under $500???? ISAAC WOOLF anyome...Ryan6
Amp questionBanginBu2
Need help bridging my amp, (Isaac help plz.)xdrummer033
Kx 1200.1 rockford t10001bd powerbass 1500.1 mmat 2000.1 ppi 1500.1...ron2
Jl ampredeldog14
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