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Best power source???Dan Taube1
Isaac Read TB1
2 channel + Componants, under $400.00 for a good setup.MO1
Schematics for amp?Shea1
2 channel + Componants, under $400.00 for a good setup.MO1
Best power source???Dan Taube1
Marshall, I need the info to contact the guy selling the 275g4'sJoe Smoe1
Ok, this is for the EXPERIENCED!Joe Smoe12
More power or cleaner power?Joe Smoe12
Audiobahn A8000T - This is a serious post!TB32
Trying to Avoid the JL 1000/1Evan Micheal Carter8
Help me pick out an amp to go with my Kicker 12" L5James Longo8
How Good Are Xtant's?Anonymous6
Bad Switch?Isaac2
Hey Isaac?James Longo9
American Bass amps, what do yall think???!!! (cx1200d?)Wahl3
Isaac - Zapco Reference 500.1 enough for 2 15" TDX'sChris Klein11
James.. what you think?James Longo6
Good amp for type x's??Nick_sq2
Isaac READ!!!Isaac14
Amp for 6 speakers?Bryce Jackson9
Are my channels screwed up?Isaac2
Glass or anyone this is urgentWahl16
Orion 2500D vs. Mmats DHC2200.1J.W.2
4ch -> 2ch StereoTraGedy2
Channels helpEric Sony5
Amp classes???GlassWolf4
Amp only bumps sometimesEric Sony2
96 Civic H/O Alt..?Isaac5
Kicker KX600.1 or JBL BP600.1James Longo26
Got any advice at all for me regarding my amp. ANYONE, ANYWHEREnick_sq5
Whats the RMS of HCCA250 at 14.4V???(1ohm)James Longo2
Setting up car amp in bedroomjmoschetti4515
Mono amps?!hiphopanonymous7
What Amp ?Isaac2
Amp blown please help!Isaac2
Pioneer??Daniel Ceko1
Infinity amps?brent7
Kenwood amps?Isaac3
Radio Off, Subs.. ON ?!?! <<HELP>>James Longo2
Amplifier and ohmsJesse Allen4
OMG!!!...i'm bout to die!...I smoked my amp! help me...anyone pleas...marshall white7
Will this work ? Anonymous1
Lookin for the best subs for 501bdlefty253
ExplainEric Sony5
Welcome back GlasswolfGlassWolf4
I need a 2000 w @ 2 Ohm monoblockNick_sq4
Phoenix Gold Octane-R2.0:1 or R4.0:2J K1
Ground location and gauge wirekklagge4
European car Amps?Anonymous1
Lightning AudioKnacko8
4 ch amp or 2 channel ampNick_SQ8
2 channel amp how to wire for 2 ohms?Nick_SQ2
Is this too much power for the alpine type r sub?TB11
Best way to wire 10 jL W-0 8ohmsJavier Preciado1
Need help with MOSFET ampJustin Lawless2
Will my blow my sub with this amp?TB9
Old amp?Joseph2
A quick amp installation question.Isaac14
Visonik or Phoenix GoldJ K3
Who here likes Sony xplodXPLOD7
Hey can you guys help me out here with my amp?Isaac2
Sorry for all the questions kinda new at this adam perry4
Alphasonik Amplifiers?TraGedy4
Alternator Whine only when RCAs are plugged in...Jacob M6
Are these subs any goodTraGedy4
Boss Ripper D3xxmdfmkxx4
Memphis 3004 gain settingJ.W.5
Orion 2500D amp for sale brand new with warrantty 2 yrs 600!Jake Davis3
Amps for my subsTB3
Let me knowKrijgy2
US AmpsIsaac3
Are these any good subsTraGedy4
Alpine TraGedy2
What are good subszackrude9
Ohms in laymens termsBigZ3
Best way to hook up subszackrude3
Better amp for components - Orion or PPIJames Longo2
Heapest 400w-500w rms amplifier?Anonymous2
Did I blow my amp?Kojak2811
Problem with amp/speakersKojak289
Amp on but no protectionKojak2814
2 amps one capKojak288
Alpine Eric Sony3
Amp GainNathan3
2-channel line driverIsaac5
Jbl GTO 1201.1 vs MTX 801Dtaylor174
Jbl GTO 1201.1 vs MTX 801Dcometgoal531
Blitz Audioxxmdfmkxx2
Which Amp????Daniel Ceko1
Apline MR-1000 V12Mark S2
Power acoustikben robertson1
Need an Amp for my 12'' TiMark Ali4
Jl amp?/ pricinglarry tran1
Sony Xplod amp adjustments RF Punch subs enclosed boxKojak282
AmpsssssssssssEric Sony1
Which is bettertaylor173
Amp terms questiontaylor173
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