Are my channels screwed up?


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I have a Phoenix Gold Octain 2.5:2 amp.With the power and ground and remote hooked up, and no speaker wires in it, the ohms are 0.The speakers that I have running to it are a pair of Kicker DX46, 4x6's, a pair of Precision Audio tweets, and a pair of Pioneer Premeir 6x9's.I have the (+) wires from the 4x6's running to the (+) wires of the 6x9's and vice versa for the (-) wires.The tweets are running straight to the amp.So in my trunk there are two (+) pair of wires and two (-) pairs of wires.sort of like this (-)(-)/(+)(+)which are the right side of my car which is one 4x6, one 6x9 and one tweet.the same for the left side.I hope this is clear and understandable.the ohms for the left and right side of the speakers coming into the amp are 2 ohm which is what they should be.Now when I connect the wires and power up the amp, the ohms for the right side are at like 74 and the left side say -120.I have the ohm meter on the same setting as when I tested it when it was off.I don't know what's wrong.Can anyone help me?The ground is good, the power going into the amp should be good.I think the channels should read about the same number, so I think something is wrong, but I don't know what.P.S. the 4x6's and 6x9's are all 4 ohm.I'm not sure what the tweets are.Also while I'm on the subject, just recently they began making a popping noise when I turn my stereo on or off.Please help!

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Nathan, just curious, how are you measuring the ohms with the power on?? You will not get accurate reading once the speakers are connected to the amp.
From the sound of it, it looks like you have the speakers all wired up in parallel. If they're all 4ohms each, then you'll end up with around 1.36ohms. Not sure if you amp will be able to handle that. Phoenix Gold is a good amp but it's not the best. You might want to get an amp that's 1ohm stable in stereo mode.
For your speakers making popping sound, try it with only 1 pairs of speakers connected. See if that fixes it. The popping sound is normal for lot of the amps unless it has built in delay shut off.
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