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Orion 225-HCCAHunter Warren10
What amp to getJake Davis3
Will a 1400 watt amp kit bring down watts in a 2000 watt amp?Jake Davis3
Need alternator advice!!James Longo8
How to install a CapacitorNateJ4
Amplifer help for 2 12" audiobahn AW1208T jon doe3
Kicker ampIsaac10
Sony xm-2252hxnotorious1
USAcoustics amps any good?lucas beckner7
Fake Eclipse amp??lucas beckner11
Jl audio 300/4 or better?Isaac9
How would i bridge my amplifier?Anonymous1
Orion 225 hcca and pbx evosHunter Warren1
I need an amp for 2 L7 Kicker Solo-Baric 12"taylor174
I guess this would be another newbie question.....lee bolwerk2
Hifonics Brutus BX 2200D 1 x 2200 Watts RMS @ 1-OhmHunter Warren9
Re audio x x x12 or jl audio 12w7 (with zapco c2k 6.0x)Isaac2
Amp is blowed ? help »»Isaac6
Amplifier Shell Wantedsean1
MOFO helpIsaac2
I need help with my set up!Isaac4
How To Bridge A 2ch AmpIsaac2
What Amp?Isaac2
The Perfect System!!!HelpIsaac2
Isaac anyone please helpJacksonMS5
What amp would be bestAdam Lucacel7
What make fuses blow?Anonymous3
4 subs/1200w RMS: 1 amp @1200w or 4 amps @ 300w -which is best?Invictuz1
SPL Audio products good or not so good?wicca dream walker3
Need helpJoe Greenwood10
Amp for 2 SL7 Kicker 12"OuttaNine3
HELP ME QUICKtaylor172
Sony xplod 1200 watts or rockgord fosgate 900 wattstaylor173
A few questions...taylor172
I need help wireing monte5
Alternator upgrade (is it the right choice).Isaac16
Will this work?OuttaNine2
JL Audio 1000/1 QuestionJonathan2
Can someone tell me if this set up will workOuttaNine2
Hooking up two different ampsDavid Shayani5
Can someone help me figure out a good system...for around $2200TWiZTiD3
My AMP Power light keeps flashing RED/Green and subs are NOT workin...Miten4
Hey Isaac!Isaac2
Need serious helpIsaac6
US Amps vs Orion.Isaac43
Subwoofers without amp, good or bad?eljefe16
PPi Art Series TRUE WattsJames Longo2
Phoenix Gold??lee bolwerk2
Alpine V12 doesnt produce soundxxmdfmkxx6
Amp for RE SEscab128866
2 SUBS OFF 1 AMP<-Need helpIsaac15
watts how many amp alternator do ineedIsaac2
Running Two Amps with HU only having 1 RCA outlet?Isaac2
Best solution for 2 subs and one 2 channel amp???Isaac5
Orion HCCA QuestionIsaac2
Whats a good match for REX.X.XDerek M.16
Sound QualityJames Longo37
Alternator Upgradekronik1
RCA's - 3 outputs and 2 inputsJames Longo2
Subwoofers without amps,good or bad?Donald Byrum jr2
What amp to geterik2
Closed: New threads not accepted on this page


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