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Samsung HD841 problemDavid Massey862006-01-31 23:56
Newby question RE: component vs HDMI vs progresssiveTalon_Sr112006-01-31 21:13
Dvd player won't read any CDs (but use to )David Massey122006-01-31 19:17
DVD/VCR/CableBox Hookup,using PIP???Jim Small12006-01-31 08:39
Help to hook up mitsubishi tv/motorola digital cable dvr box/toshsi...Anonymous22006-01-28 22:48
Philips 750VR/17 unlock codeJacky Johnston12006-01-28 00:17
VCDs on a Sanyo DWM-395john marquel12006-01-27 01:08
Class action against Pioneer for their DVD playersStof12006-01-26 17:41
3:2 pulldown?nipsey russell12006-01-25 21:04
RS-232 port on dvd players?miso12006-01-25 16:34
Panasonic DVD - H02, H03, H07 etc. messages? REPORT THEM! to Bette...Anonymous12006-01-25 08:46
S&V 108 home theatre systemJAXZEN22006-01-25 04:48
Order your HD-DVD player nowJOHN S12006-01-25 04:11
Brainwave DVD 502 no audioEd Miller12006-01-24 22:26
Need help choosing between denon and onkyo dvd playerMarco Huyten12006-01-24 20:41
DVD novice here needs some info, please?johnhunter4412006-01-24 12:03
Sony DVPNS3100ES DVDFrank120312006-01-24 11:26
Suggestions on DVD player for home theaterCasey Wood22006-01-24 02:38
Oritron DVD600 will not read/loadG12006-01-22 01:57
Need Advice Re: Pioneer XV-HTD520David Massey82006-01-21 20:46
DVD player won't play certain discsDavid Massey32006-01-21 20:43
Toshiba SD-v55HT plays all CD's but DVDwaqas12006-01-21 10:35
Oritron DVD600 will not read/loadG12006-01-21 05:46
DVD outputjulia corrall12006-01-20 23:04
Denon 1920 HDMI to Sony DVIgus12006-01-19 23:30
HDMI SplitterMichael Cameron22006-01-19 15:28
Using component connectionJeff42006-01-19 04:23
Kenwood DV-705 dvd playerJudd Kennedy22006-01-18 18:06
Review of sony's NC875V changer and why i despise itbudget minded12006-01-18 11:04
Girl needs help with dvd player!Marion22006-01-16 23:36
Code for a Samsung HT-DS100Line Thorsen12006-01-16 20:51
DVD upconversion questionStout Yeoman22006-01-16 07:14
DVD Playback of PAL discsDavid Massey22006-01-14 17:30
Best set upCHILLY32006-01-14 12:24
Pioneer DVL-909 Region Free codesTsyganov Viatcheslav22006-01-12 12:55
RF Modulator converts into B&W video output Anonymous12006-01-12 09:58
Orion dvd/vr-2962 region free codes neededmac becca12006-01-11 15:35
Panasonic SA DT100 or SC DT100Mark Druce12006-01-11 12:05
HELP! Sony DVD player switchz to B&W during moviebryan12006-01-11 03:34
Are widescreen or standard dvd's better for hdtv?David Massey42006-01-11 00:45
Connecting tv, satellite, dvd player and playstation together.Rick42006-01-10 06:12
Anybody have a Toshiba upconverting DVD player?Anonymous12006-01-09 07:19
Correct connections for dvd/vcr, tv and satelite hook upTreasia McGee32006-01-08 23:45
Bitstrean vs PCM in Panasonic S97 DVD playerJB12006-01-08 19:55
Durabrand DVD VHS Theater - shuts off by itself.Mike12006-01-08 18:22
Help with DTSDavid Massey22006-01-08 16:53
Video Problemchris bradley52006-01-07 22:04
Dvd hook up problemBrill52006-01-07 21:36
Problem with NAD L53 (hi-fi newbie)Anonymous12006-01-06 20:22
HDMI must-have for DVD player now??Michael Cameron22006-01-06 14:33
Anamorphic/Progressive Scan Question, Please HelpOnslaughtNEM12006-01-06 06:39
Unlocking Polaroid PDM-2727 Car DVD Player raoul1234552006-01-06 02:06
DVD Video problemchris bradley12006-01-05 22:58
Toshiba Pricing HD-DVD Unit Under $500Stof12006-01-05 16:35
About PDM-2727 Car Video PlayerJuhunu12006-01-04 13:49
Durabrand DVM1418C Region Hack????craigsy12006-01-04 02:40
Need Help getting rid of brightness irregularity when hooking DVD p...David Massey22006-01-04 02:28
Easiest Question of all-timeDavid Massey52006-01-04 00:45
Help hooking up dvdDavid Massey22006-01-04 00:42
Samsung HD850 remote control cant work with Panasonic Vieraguillermo12006-01-03 21:25
Advice needed: Philips DVP642, US modelBarry Unctious12006-01-03 16:04
FREE Unlock Code SiteJexx22006-01-03 01:41
2004 61 samsung dlp what dvd player to purchase?Sean Demski12006-01-02 18:07
DVD Player To VCR To TVThe Phoenix22006-01-01 20:40
Unlocking code for Sony SLV-D950G/IPhil Sharples12006-01-01 18:36
Hookup cable box and dvd/vcr playerrobin haines12006-01-01 16:50
Recording 8mm Tapes to Panasonic ES20Kevin Oppenheim12006-01-01 15:54
Require multi-regional code for - jvcxv_n212Graeme Beattie12005-12-31 20:46
Basic dvd help neededMichael Cameron42005-12-31 20:02
Help with dvd player!gareth chalmers12005-12-31 16:37
Marantz DV7600 any thoughts?DMD12322005-12-31 00:53
TV DVDabdul12005-12-31 00:05
DVD Players way of workingJosef Silva12005-12-30 23:39
DVD player forwardingJosef Silva12005-12-30 23:37
Basic dvd help neededDavid Massey22005-12-30 22:47
Cant display subtitlesCostas Papaconstanti12005-12-30 20:31
Sharp dvnc60hacjmacjm22005-12-30 16:57
Replace Denon DCD 1560 with DVD 2910??Ron Mack12005-12-30 15:55
Pansat 2500 creating favourte liststom s12005-12-30 14:45
DVD no soundwrbrown12005-12-30 04:13
Unlock Bush DVR3003 - Region FreeWarren S12005-12-29 11:48
Dvd hookup with panasonic no cable and with vcrrachel12005-12-29 05:05
New here and I need helpDavid Massey22005-12-29 03:43
Panasonic DVD-S97S or Denon DVD-756S ?KP12005-12-28 19:37
Unlockingmarvin m. baui12005-12-28 18:52
Colour problems with a DVDAnonymous12005-12-28 18:02
Replace Denon DCD 1560 cd player and $100-ish dvd player with Denon...Ron Mack12005-12-28 05:09
How to hook up my 27 inch RCA TV to our DVD playerMaggie Clark52005-12-27 23:39
Problems with ORION dvd-818 playerpeter veres12005-12-27 11:39
Code for Pioneer 270s ?Kunal SSS12005-12-27 10:00
Best progrssive scan DVD playerBrian Crowton52005-12-27 03:52
Progressive scan won't workBrian Crowton12005-12-27 03:50
Dumb questionDavid Massey52005-12-26 23:02
Interesting article about the Hi-Def DVD warsStof12005-12-26 15:29
Magnavox mrd 200 problemPaul Reardon22005-12-26 15:21
Lip sync not syncingCarmen Beckard12005-12-26 09:34
Auxilary channelAnonymous12005-12-26 04:22
Codes for Magnavox DVD VCR Player MSD 805Jacob Garff12005-12-26 01:26
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