Dvd player won't read any CDs (but use to )


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does anyone have any suggestions on what may be going on ? i have a Panasonic DVD 5 disc changer. it plays DVDs fine ,but after not using it with Cds for a long while ,i went to today and it would not read ANY CD i put in ,even ones it use to is Model SC-ht700.has anyone ever heard of this problem or experienced something similar ?thank you.

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Do you get a message on the display? Are you using commercial CDs or ones you recorded?

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i eventually get a message that says player can not read this format ,but it is just a regular store bought CD, no CD will play on it ,BUT DVDs will.if it read nothing i could understand it ,but why it won't recognize CDs it use to play has me puzzled.

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First of all, the CD needs to be clean, which you probably know. Second, the lens for the laser needs to be clean, which is obvious to users of portable CDs. Third, the laser needs to actually work, and needs to track correctly.
You may want to open it up and see if you need to dust off the laser assembly; if it had been sitting, perhaps it got dusty?
One of my DVD players, an older one, has a seperate laser for DVDs and CDs - they use different wavelengths. Are there two assemblies inside?
Now if you look at a variety of portable CDs, you will see that they all use about three or four laser assemblies - the thing that slides along, attached with a ribbon cable. Even my car stereo used the same assembly as one of my portables. Some home stereo CD players even use the same assemblies as portables - even expensive ones.
If you have a separate CD assembly inside, you may be able to swap it out. This is a good reason not to throw out old CD players too quickly. Generally, it is not the laser assembly that goes bad. Heck, you might find a matching assembly on a portable at a garage sale for 25 cents. But if you try ordering an assembly, it will probably cost you $25, and up.
But start with the obvious. Another theoretical possibility is corrosion on a cable or switch left unused, though I don't know of this happening.
The bottom line: I have left some old CD portables in the drawer and when I try to use them years later they are dead. This happens all the time with old SLR cameras. Corrosion, especially when you leave the batteries in.

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I have EXACTLY THE SAME problem. My sc-ht700 JUST stopped playing Audio, but still plays DVDs. It played CDs just yesterday, but not today..........WTF!!?! iF anyone can help.....

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I have a simular problem. I purchased a portable dvd player and it worked great. Then one day it doesnt play dvds anymore... only cds please help me.

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I got a cyberhouse DVD player, where picture and sound is perfect when playing DVDs.

The problem is when I play CDs, even factory, the sound is distorted.

I have the player hooked up to a 10 year old Mitsubitchi big screen, and I've double checked my settings on the DVD player, and it appears I'm doing everything to spec.

Anyone have any ideas as to why I can't get decent sound when playing cds but great sound when playing movies?

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I have the opposite problem, I can get my CyberHome DVD 300 to play Cd's, but not DVD's, it will read 'No Disc' for DVD's, I've tried cleaning it with a cleaner disc and with a cotton swab, but no luck. Any suggestions?

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I recently experienced the same problem with my Toshiba SD-3780 DVD Player. It's supposed to play DVD's, audio CD's, and CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 formats. It now plays only DVD movies, and will not play any of the other formats. I only receive the following error message after the player tries to read these disks for a few seconds: "disc error". The disk drawer then opens to remove CD. Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be?

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Am I gonna get any help?

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I have a Marantz DVD7010 which has just stopped working - well almost. It will t urn on and off ok and open the draw fine on the unit or remotely - but it just turns itself off if I put in DVD or CD and press play???
Any ideas - or do i have to bin and go shopping?

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Try cleaning the lens and spindle with a q-tip wet with alcohol.
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