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YG Acoustics Wants You To Experience Its Reference Sonja 3.2 Loudspeakers in Virginia

Virginia is for listeners? YG Acoustics and Vinnie Rossi have partnered for 3 days of exceptional high-end listening at Alma Audio East in Sterling.

YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 and 3.3 Reference Loudspeakers (2023 models)

Founded in 2002, Colorado-based YG Acoustics has focused on the “ultra” high-end loudspeaker market and done rather well in the process. The manufacturer now offer two very distinct loudspeaker lineups including the “Peaks” and “Reference” series models that are designed for audiophiles with very deep pockets.

Have you ever wanted to experience a $150,000 to $200,000 high-end system and not feel guilty when you don’t pull the trigger post? We expect some interesting sonic fireworks when YG Acoustics and Vinnie Rossi demonstrate the new Sonja 3.2 along with Rossi’s BRAMA electronics in Virginia.

Rossi has come a long way from the iMod iPod that he offered almost 17 years ago; EIC Ian White reviewed one of the first samples and owned a number of his battery-powered amplifiers over the years. The new BRAMA Collection was designed specifically for demanding loudspeakers like the Sonja 3.2 and 3.3 and was one of the most interesting new product lineups at AXPONA 2023.

YG Acoustics Reference Series

YG Acoustics loudspeakers are built from the highest-performance materials, and manufactured in-house to unprecedented precision. YG-made speakers are designed to provide nuance and the tiniest micro-detail through to the physical impact of the listening experience.  

YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 Reference Loudspeakers in silver (2023 model)
YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 Reference Loudspeakers have a single woofer in lower section.

Two entries in their Reference Series are the Sonja 3.2 and 3.3 which feature a modular design with different bass modules (lower half). As part of the version 3 update to their reference line speakers, the Sonja 3.2 and 3.3 include several improvements.

What’s Improved?

Lighter and Stiff Cones: The Sonja speakers incorporate a lighter and stiffer cone design. Back wave damping and absorption inside the cabinet have been updated and a new constrained layer of damping material between layers of the cabinet walls has been integrated into the design.

Crossover: Crossover improvements include a new electrical design, with a major focus on vibrational damping, reduction of energy loss, and reduction of potential eddy currents.

A new PC board material has been implemented that has a low dielectric constant at RF. 3.1mm; multiple sheets of this material are adhered to a thick copper layer (4x the industry average, and twice the thickness of previous YG Acoustics crossovers). CNC machines have been used to cut and mill out the PCBs. The Reference 3 series also used proprietary custom capacitors.

New Tweeter: Reference 3 speakers also include a new tweeter (aka Lattice tweeter) with combines a featherweight aluminum insert adhered to the silk dome. This new design lowers distortion above the human hearing range (20 KHz to 45 KHz) by an astonishing 6dB.

This in combination with a new waveguide update maintains at least a 15-degree dispersion pattern all the way up to 45 KHz. This improves the width of the existing listening sweet spot to at least 1.5 listeners.

Phase Matching: In addition to the above improvements, YG Acoustics provides perfect phase matching between the drivers to more than 3.5 octaves above and below each crossover point. This means that the slopes match exactly, extending far into the active range of each driver. This ensures that the phase-linearity of these speakers stands out from the competition. 

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YG Acoustics Sonja 3.3 Reference Loudspeakers in black (2023 model)
YG Acoustics Sonja 3.3 Reference Loudspeakers have dual subwoofers in the lower section which adds 19-inches (50cm) overall height over the 3.2.


Here are more feature and specification details. 

Sonja 3.2Sonja 3.3
Speaker DesignFloorstandingFloorstanding
Speaker ConstructionDual-layer aerospace aluminum cabinet with constrained layer dampingDual-layer aerospace aluminum cabinet with constrained layer damping
Speaker Type3-way passive3-way passive
Tweeter1 x Lattice hybrid tweeter with advanced airframe1 x Lattice hybrid tweeter with advanced airframe
Midrange2 x 15 cm (6”) BilletCore driver with advanced neodymium motor magnets2 x 15 cm (6”) BilletCore driver with advanced neodymium motor magnets
Woofer1 x 26 cm (10.25”) BilletCore driver with ultra-high field strength motor2 x 26 cm (10.25”) BilletCore driver with ultra-high field strength motor
CrossoverUltracoherent crossovers at 90 Hz and 1.85 kHzUltracoherent crossovers at 90 Hz and 1.85 kHz
Frequency Response20 Hz to 40 kHz20 Hz to 40 kHz
Sensitivity88 dB88 dB
Impedance4 Ohms
(2.8 Ohms Minimum)
4 Ohms
(2.8 Ohms Minimum)
129 × 33 x 63 cm
(51 × 13 × 25 inches)
179 × 43 × 72 cm
(70 × 17 × 28 inches)
Weight 145 kg
(320 lbs)
225 kg
(495 lbs)

Price & Availability

YG Acoustics Reference Sonja 2.3 is priced at $99,000/pair and the Sonja 3.3 is priced at $146,800/pair. Standard finishes are silver and black. Contact a YG dealer for other finish options.

YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 Reference Loudspeaker Setup at Alma Music
YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 loudspeakers next to Boenicke W8 loudspeakers at Alma Audio East.

See and Hear Sonja 3.2

To celebrate the U.S. launch of the Sonja 3 speakers YG is holding a special event at Alma Audio East in Sterling, Virginia, USA from October 5th through 7th. 

October 5th, 2023. Press Only Day: Members of the press are cordially invited to join us on October 5th for a special press-only day, where they will have the exclusive opportunity to experience individual and group demonstrations of the groundbreaking Sonja 3.2 loudspeakers.

YG Acoustics’ team of experts will be on hand to provide insights into the design, engineering, and technology that make the Sonja 3.2 a true masterpiece in the world of high-end audio. Electronics designer Vinnie Rossi will also be on hand to discuss the technology behind his newest products, which will be powering the new YG speakers.

Hi-Fi Happy Hour: On the second day of the event, October 6th, Alma Audio East will host a happy hour listening event from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Attendees will have the chance to explore the capabilities of the Sonja 3.2 loudspeakers and witness their exceptional performance in a community of fellow audio aficionados. The Hi-Fi Happy Hour is open to the public

Public Day: Although the press will get a preview on October 5 and both press and the public will be allowed access to Hi-Fi Happy Hour on the 6th, Alma Audio East will open its doors to the public on October 7th. Whether you are a member of an audiophile club or a member of the general public that appreciates great music listening both are welcome. 

Product Pairing: Throughout the event, the Sonja 3.2 loudspeakers will be powered by Vinni Rossi electronics, delivering an exceptional and synergistic audio experience. A second listening room will feature a different YG and Vinnie Rossi pairing. Together, these two industry-leading brands will create an auditory synergy that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

From Dr. Matthew Webster, CEO of YG Acoustics: “We are thrilled to introduce the Sonja 3.2 loudspeakers to the USA market at Alma Audio East…Our Reference 3 speakers are the culmination of many years of research and development, bringing together innovative technologies and exceptional craftsmanship – all driven by a passion for music. We invite everyone to join us to experience the rewards of these efforts.

Tip: For more information and to RSVP for the press day or audiophile club demonstrations, please contact us at

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