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Whats Worse Than a Slow Computer? Endless Defrag!

Diskeeper puts an end to scheduling “time out” for computer defragmentation

For many, defrag has become a cumbersome task, requiring a user to schedule what can be hours of time away from the computer in order to complete this nightmarish task.

Even when a user has taken time to suspend all background programs, performance gains are minimal with insufficient or incomplete defragmenting.

Some say that with today’s computers, defragmentation is unnecessary and then list a hundred ways for someone to go in and tweak the computer.

However, even if one were to tweak the computer and manage not to tweak the wrong component and render the computer inoperable, defrag is still a necessary task.

It’s true that computers today have enormous disk capacities, dynamic operating systems, and are capable of handling massive amounts of data. However, file sizes are also substantially larger with the proliferation of video, digital images and music. Imagine how many files you access when opening a single webpage.

While traditional defragging methods may not be optimum for today’s operating environments, there is advanced defrag technology designed to defend today’s computers.

Advanced defrag software, developed by Diskeeper Corporation, defragments a hard disk “on the fly,” in real time, handling potential problems immediately.

The Diskeeper 2008 software uses InvisiTasking to boost performance of a slow computer and keeps programs running at maximum potential, essentially stopping fragmentation in its tracks.

Because the technology only uses idle system resources, it operates seamlessly without disrupting normal computer performance. Even systems that have only a one or two percent of free space left available or a file in millions of fragments, can restore lost performance and save the applications reliant on those files from major reliability failures with Diskeeper 2008.

The easy to install software works without any input from the user, and because it is automatic, users never need to schedule “time out” for their computer for defragmenting again.

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Automatic defragmentation also has other advantages such as online directory consolidation that boosts antivirus scans and back-up speed.

For those who want fast results and no computer downtime, automatic defrag software is a low cost solution to fragmentation that can slow computer performance.

For more information on defragmentation or white papers on the effects of fragmentation on system performance visit

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