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Trends Audio PA-10 GE 12AU7 Tube Headphone/Preamp


ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand “Trends Audio” launched its new innovative Hi-Fi product – Trends PA-10 GE Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier. It is a hybrid design utilizing a single 12AU7 input vacuum tube and two MOSFETS as the output drivers. Integrating new electronics technologies with traditional wisdom, Trends PA-10 GE Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier brings audiophiles and music lovers the outstanding Hi-Fi gears in affordable price and compact hybrid Swiss army knife type of pre amplifier.

“After our successful release of Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier in 6DJ8/6922 tube type, we got very good response and sales in Headphone and Hi-Fi field. Many users or dealers eager to have a 12AU7 tube type so that they need not adjust the jumper settings and let the audiophile enjoy the sound from different 12AU7 tube type” says David Ho, the marketing director of Trends Audio. ” We have already pre-set the jumpers and fine-tuned the DC bias voltage of each Trends PA-10 GE tube before shipping. However, changing different tubes to taste for different sound is the great fun for many audiophiles and also a great feature of Trends PA-10. The users can download our Technical Notes if they want to change the tubes. Trends PA-10 GE is one of the best choice to consider for audiophile or music lovers who like to listen to quality music while you work, or pair it with any power amplifier and you can play your music from PC/Mac/iPod through some good quality high efficiency speakers.”

Trends PA-10Trends PA-10Trends PA-10Trends PA-10

Trends PA-10 supports two major tube series:

  • 6DJ8, 6922, 6N11, 6H23n, ECC88, E88CC, etc., and
  • 12AU7, 5963, 5814, ECC82, etc.

If the users change the tube within the same series, it needs to re-tune the DC bias voltages ONLY. If you change the tube from another series, it needs both to re-tune the DC bias voltages and re-set the jumpers. The audiophile and music lover is immediately evident that the Trends PA-10 GE is much warmer, more laid back and excellent female vocals and it would be another new revolution of Hi-Fi community.

Model Trends PA-10 Trends PA-10 SE* Trends PA-10 GE*
Tube Types 6DJ8/6922 series 6DJ8/6922 series 12AU7 series
Tube Chinese 6N11 Russian 6H23n U.S.A GE 12AU7
Audio output Capacitor 10uF cap(Black) EVOX cap (White) EVOX cap (White)
Sound Quality Balance sound in full range and good fidelity Relative thicker & heavier bass and good on orchestral Relative warmer mid range and excellent female vocals
MSRP Price(US$) $225 $265 $265


  • the innovative circuit design of low voltage hybrid (tube/transistor) pre-amp to provide audiophile quality sound, compact size, and easy/safe DIYer accessibility
  • pure class-A circuit to provide the best sound performance
  • support both 6DJ8/6922 series and 12AU7 series tubes by simply switching the jumpers. DIYers can easily change their both series tubes to enjoy the fun.
  • ONE bi-triode 6DJ8/6922 or 12AU7 tube as voltage amplification and TWO MOSFETs as output driver which perform the warm, comfortable tube sound and in addition, guarantee the high fidelity & sufficient driving power to the next power amplifier stage.
  • provide all functions of headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier
  • provide TWO sets of switchable audio inputs. besides the normal CD input, the PC/iPod input with higher gain is provided for small output phono amplifier or PC/Mac/iPod.
  • Besides the normal audio output in the back panel, ONE headphone output in the front to drive even high-impedance audiophile-grade headphones
  • compact design (mini-size & light weight), suitable for hi-fi room, living room, sleeping room or even right beside your laptop computer.
  • TWO precise screw-driving potentiometers for professional audiophiles to adjust the tube’s bias voltage to guarantee the best working point for different tubes.
  • require just a single +24V power supply ONLY, besides the bundled AC adaptor, audiophiles can apply all other power supply with the same spec., e.g. lead-acid batteries.
  • a specially designed AC power adaptor with extra low ripple & noise for Hi-Fi device is bundled for continuous power supply
  • separate pre-amp unit & power adaptor to minimize interference and flexible to apply other power sources, e.g. lead-acid battery.
  • all audiophile-graded parts and components
  • the stylish aluminium case provides outstanding shielding & grounding capability to keeps the background silent and maximize the S/N ratio.

Trends PA-10 GE Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier is now available and the suggested retail price is only US$265 including AC power adaptor and it may be the most competitively priced Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier on the market.

About Trends Audio
Trends Audio is a Hong Kong based company working in audio/video and multimedia production. Since the release of Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier in 2006, Trends has received many prizes from Hi-Fi Magazine and Hi-Fi community worldwide. Trends Audio’s products have become legendary for their compact design, performance and reliability in high end audio market.

Trends Audio

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