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Never get stuck in Traffic Again – launches SMS Traffic Alerts for UK Motorists, a joint venture between Toyota GB and IS Solutions Plc., today sees the launch of the most comprehensive SMS Traffic Alerts service in the UK. The Single or Multi Trip service brings the latest in traffic avoidance services direct to the mobile phone for a day trip or regular commute. It is no longer necessary to wait 30 minutes for the next radio update or plan a departure time after the morning traffic bulletin, as’s new Live Traffic Alert service will alert you to the latest traffic conditions, before and during your trip and only text the relevant information for the roads and direction in which you will be travelling. constantly check the traffic conditions on your route so you don’t have to and only sent out a Traffic Alert if a new traffic incident occurs or existing traffic conditions change. Live Traffic Alerts allows you to plan your trip in detail using’s award winning Route Planning software and once you are happy with the route, you simply sign up for a Single Trip at 50p per text or Multi Trip at £20 per month allowing you up to 160 SMS Traffic Alerts.

Jon West, Director of said “We have concentrated on not bombarding our users with ever changing information but ensuring they will have enough to make the right decisions when they need to. There are over 1600 types of Live Traffic Alerts that we collect, so it is essential that we filter this information to ensure its relevance. After all an accident, roadworks or traffic lights out of order don’t necessarily mean there will be any delay in your journey, whereas a road or junction closure on your journey will require at least a re-route.”’s Traffic Alerts features include;
— Traffic Alerts sent by SMS that are simple to read
— Traffic Alerts for up to 3hrs on any Single Trip
— Traffic Alerts for your daily return trip for 4 weeks with Multi Trip
— Information only for the direction of your travel
— Information only for the actual roads on your route
— Information allowing you to re-route
— Control over the number of alerts you receive
— Control over the time that you receive the alerts
— Control over the type of alert ;
— Re-route – Re-routing required, incidents include closed roads and junction
— Delay – High risk of delay, incidents include heavy traffic and traffic jams
— Expected delay – Delay expected as a result of incidents including accidents and faulty traffic lights
— Possible delay – Delays possible as a result of incidents including roadworks, car fires etc.’s recommends;
— Check traffic conditions 60 mins before a trip of 2 hours plus, 30mins before a trip over an hour and 15 minutes before a trip under an hour
— Check for road closures and heavy or stationary traffic as these will always delay your trip
— Stay on the same route when you notice road works, accidents, car fires, traffic lights out, shed load etc as these will be upgraded if they are actually slowing the traffic down
— Check traffic conditions up to 4 times an hour, you can travel 17.5 miles in quarter of an hour and a lot can happen in that distance

Reasons why a driver might choose Traffic Alerts;
— Ever waited 3 hours to be turned around on a Motorway because it got closed without any matrix sign warning
— Ever wondered if the traffic would have been this bad if you’d gone the other way
— Ever though that you should have left 5 minutes earlier
— Ever wondered why the Traffic News didn’t mention the traffic jam that you’re in
— Ever wondered why everybody else is going the other way
— Ever really needed to get somewhere on time
— Ever wished you’d known about that road closure before you’d left.

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