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Periodic Audio Debuts $49 Rhodium USB-C Dongle DAC

At $49, Periodic Audio enters the market with the lowest priced dongle DAC we’ve come across this year.

Periodic Audio Rhodium USB-C Dongle DAC Package

There’s an interesting new category of products for smartphone/laptop users looking to get higher quality audio through wired headphones. They’re called dongle DACs (digital-to-analog converters) and we’ve been testing all of them. These tiny adapters bypass the internal conversion that’s built into every phone, offering higher quality D/A conversion for more pristine sound.

Periodic Audio today announced one of the lowest priced dongle DACs to enter the market this year. It’s called Rhodium, selling for $49 at time when the competition is selling models from $69 to $299.

Periodic Audio Rhodium USB-C Dongle DAC with USB adapter

Like all dongle DACs, Rhodium is designed for devices lacking a 3.5mm headphone jack, mainly Android smartphones or laptops that include a USB-C input. A regular USB adapter is included, which means it should also work with any PC or laptop. iPhone users can use it, but require an Apple Lightning camera adapter to allow it to work.

Periodic Audio claims this tiny yet complex package incorporates precision audio-grade passive components in all audio pathways. It is said to include a high-stability power supply guaranteeing low noise with less than 0.007% total harmonic distortion. In addition to handling hi-res files of up to 32-bit/384kHz, the Rhodium delivers an ultra wide frequency response of 2Hz-192kHz at +0/–3dB, a dynamic range of 113dB, and a signal/noise ratio of 108dB.

To ensure years of trouble-free use, the Rhodium incorporates proprietary, high-strand, oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire inside a robust woven textile jacket and molded aluminum shells. 

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