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PentaWare Adds CD & DVD Burning to Zip Utility

PentaWare Adds CD & DVD Burning to Zip Utility
First ZIP Program to offer CD/DVD Burning for all Windows Operating Systems

PORTSMOUTH, NH — (October 19, 2005) – PentaWare, Inc. announced today the addition of CD and DVD burning capabilities to PentaZip 8.1. CD/DVD burning is available for all Windows Operating Systems starting with Windows 98 SE up to and including Windows XP Home and Professional. As the size of files, computers and disk drives have grown consistently during the past few years, the need to store large files on removable media has grown exponentially. Floppy diskettes are no longer sufficient for this purpose.

“Once again, by offering a CD and DVD component as an integral part of PentaZip, we are living up to the slogan ‘It’s More Than Just a ZIP Program’, “said Claude H. Ostfeld, President and CEO of PentaWare, Inc. “Now our users can Zip, Encrypt and Burn files to CD’s and DVD’s as well as create baseline PDF files at a competitive price.”

Without the need for additional software, PentaZip provides users with the means to read 16 different compression formats (ZIP, ZIP64, ZGB, BZip2, ARC, etc…), 4 different email formats (Uuencode, MIME-64, XXencode and BinHex), write 8 different compression formats (ZIP, ZIP64, ZGB, BZip2, LHa, GZip, etc…), zip and mail files and perform virus checks using any existing AntiVirus program. PentaZip offers 6 strong encryption methods that safely password protects files using one of the following algorithms: AES, DES, Triple DES, Blowfish, Serpent and Mars.

PentaZip is available in at , MSRP $39.95. PentaZip is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. PentaZip users with active and current maintenance agreements are entitled to upgrade free of charge.

About PentaWare, Inc.
PentaWare Inc. is a leading provider of software utilities worldwide. The company was founded in 1999, launching its cornerstone product PentaZip. PentaZip development started in 1993. PentaZip continues to be among the worldwide leaders in compression software and was named “Best Stand-Alone Utility of 2003” by a leading computer magazine. PentaSuite (launched in February 2003) has taken the company beyond powerful compression software into file management, storage, digital photography, CD/DVD creation, encryption, file conversion and graphic design tools. The company has a powerful list of clients ranging from home users to professionals to Fortune 500 companies. PentaWare is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with offices for European distribution in Milan, Italy. For additional information about PentaWare, visit

PentaWare, PentaSuite Standard, PentaSuite-PRO, PentaPDF, PentaCLI-PRO, It’s More Than Just a ZIP Program, and PentaZip are trademarks of PentaWare, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Media Contact:
Shannon Gotthelf
MRB Public Relations, Inc.
732-758-1100 x104

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