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NAD Electronics

NAD C720BEE Stereo Receiver


NAD introduced their latest stereo receiver, the C720BEE during CES 2005 in Las Vegas. NAD has always had a formidable reputation when it comes to high performance receivers, and following in that tradition is the C720BEE Stereo Receiver combining the same amplifier design from the award winning C320BEE Stereo Integrated amp with an RDS AM/FM tuner, and Multi-source Zone 2 capabilities.

Like many of NAD’s most innovative products, the 720BEE comes from the creative mind of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, Director of Advanced Developments. Soft Clipping, Power Envelope, and PowerDrive are just a few examples of Erik’s superb engineering skill. The BEE moniker for NAD’s latest receiver recognizes Erik’s contribution to the marquee, now in its 32nd year.

NAD has long been recognized for their stance in full-disclosure ratings for their amplifiers, which guarantees minimum continuous power output of the C720BEE’s generous 50 watts (x2) under the “worst case” loading of 4 Ohms and 20Hz to 20kHz with both channels driven simultaneously.

The C720BEE also benefits from NAD’s proprietary PowerDrive topology that enables an amplifier to effectively handle musical dynamics and difficult speaker loads. Most impressive are the C720BEE’s dynamic capabilities; up to 220 Watts into 2 ohms and up to 50 amps peak current capability.

PowerDrive allows the C720BEE to deliver tremendous dynamic power with low impedance drive capability, seemingly contradictory traits in a single amplifier. This is the result of a multistage power supply with a very sophisticated analog computer that determines whether to switch to a high voltage or a high current rail depending on the specific operating condition. This optimization is fully automatic and utterly transparent during operation for a sound that is far larger and more powerful than its continuous power rating would suggest.

The C720BEE also incorporates NAD’s acclaimed switchable “Soft Clipping” circuit, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to loudspeakers due to prolonged high power operation.

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Flexibility is another NAD strong point. The C720BEE has 7 line inputs and the pre-amplifier section can be separated from the power amplifier for easy upgrades or adding ancillary equipment. Thus the C720BEE can be expanded to meet future system needs.

The accuracy of the tone controls has been improved over the C720BEE’s predecessor the C740, by increasing their boost/cut range by 1.5dB. The tone controls only work at the frequency extremes leaving the critical mid-band essentially unaltered. The tone control circuits can be completely bypassed by using the tone defeat switch.

The C720BEE feature many circuit refinements in the power amp section resulting in dramatically reduced dynamic intermodulation distortion. In measurement terms, both static and dynamic IM distortion is reduced between 10dB to 20dB. (to reach -90dB to – 100dB.) In audible terms this improves definition, purity and resolution, which results in remarkable imaging.

The C720BEE is fully remote controlled and comes supplied with the NAD SR5 system remote control. The remote control will also operate other NAD products such as CD players. We also include a small Zone 2 remote that allows input switching from a remote zone when used with an IR extender eye. A second zone can be configured by using the switchable Speakers B option.

For remote on/off switching of ancillary components in a system, such as power amplifiers or active speakers, the C720BEE is equipped with a 12V-trigger system. When switching the amplifier on, the 12V- trigger output is also activated, which when connected to a device with a 12Vtrigger input will switch on the remote device. Besides the 12V-trigger, the C720BEE also has an AC switched outlet so you can easily switch your entire system on or off with the remote control or from the front panel.

If you desire the convenience and simplicity of a stereo receiver, but demand the performance of high-end separates, the C720BEE could be the perfect choice. The combination of superb quality and affordable price make the decision even easier.

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The C720BEE will ship in 1st Quarter of 2005 with a suggested retail price of $599.

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