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In-Wall Speakers

Monitor Audio’s Creator CI Loudspeaker Series Offers High-End Sound You Can Hide

The new Monitor Audio Creator Series Loudspeakers had the CI crowd at ISE 2023 buzzing.

Monitor Audio Creator Series In-Wall Speakers

Monitor Audio exhibited at ISE 2023 in Barcelona to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and also to kick-off the launch of their new Creator Series in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. This new series is targeted at the custom installation segment with an extensive range of loudspeakers that are very price competitive in the current market.

Monitor Audio Creator Series In-wall and in-ceiling speakers at ISE 2023
Monitor Audio Creator Series C3 and W3M In-wall Speakers at ISE 2023
Monitor Audio Creator Series at ISE 2023

The Creator Series includes nineteen speaker models: fourteen in-ceiling and five in-wall, grouped in three defined tiers. For installers, the Creator Series is designed to provide more simplified speaker and accessory choices.

Transparent Design Philosophy

The Creator Series is built upon an R&D philosophy of maintaining a balance between design and technology, both of which are equally important. Musical neutrality and acoustic transparency are balanced within physical speaker designs that have been designed to blend into any domestic home environment.

All of the speakers in the Creator Series use Monitor Audio’s Quick-Link terminal. This allows installers to remove the terminal block from the physical speaker and pre-terminate the speaker cables to it. Once the speaker is ready to be fitted to its cut-out, the Quik-Link can be attached to the speaker connection point and magnetically snaps and locks into place.

Tri-Grip II
Tri-Grip II

Tri-Grip II

This is a redesign of the dog-leg mechanism that is stronger and more reliable than the previous implementations, making both speaker placement and extraction simpler. 

Tip: On the four Controlled Performance (CP) models in the Creator Series, built-in back boxes mean hassle-free installation and controllable sound, even in the trickiest of applications. 

Monitor Audio Creator C1L In-ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio Creator C1L In-ceiling Speaker

Tier 1

This is a range of in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers designed for cost-effective installations where product simplicity and solid acoustic performance are required. All Tier 1 speakers are a 2-way configuration and feature new C-CAM mid-bass drivers and C-CAM tweeters with Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide I. 

Monitor Audio Creator C2L In-ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio Creator C2L In-ceiling Speaker

Tier 2

Tier 2 speakers incorporate a 2-way configuration, with RST II mid-bass drivers, based on those found in the Silver 7G Series, and C-CAM tweeters with Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide II. 

Additional Tier 2 features allow more freedom in speaker placement, such as boundary correction and high-frequency cut/boost. Where enhanced performance is required, Tier 2 models are a step up over Tier 1 models.

For Tier 2 in-ceiling models, the new T2X combines the previous generation’s T2 and FX to bring all the qualities of each into one highly versatile speaker that can be used in cinema mono FX, mono wide dispersion, and single stereo modes. 

Monitor Audio Creator C3L In-ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio Creator C3L In-ceiling Speaker

Tier 3

Tier 3 in-ceiling speakers incorporate a 3-way configuration with RDT III bass drivers, based on those found in the new Platinum Series 3G. A new Inverted Dual Concentric II (IDC II) coaxial mid/tweeter range driver array, a ground-up redesign, includes a larger voice coil to ensure the Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide II can be used to control the high-frequency directivity. Effectively a point source, it creates an exceptionally large soundstage in the listening environment. 

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Additionally, the C3L-A offers a fixed-angle IDC II for focused sound, ideal for in-ceiling LCR placement. The now fixed 25 degrees of angle, ensures that the linearity of the speaker isn’t compromised and provides impressively wide dispersion into the listening area.

Monitor Audio Creator W2M-CP and W2M In-Wall Speakers
Monitor Audio Creator W2M-CP (left) and W2M (right) In-Wall Speakers
Monitor Audio Creator W1M and W3M In-Wall Speakers
Monitor Audio Creator W1M (left) and W3M (right) In-Wall Speakers

The Tier 3 W3M in-wall speaker is a high-performance 3-way arrangement based on THX-certified Ultra Cinergy Series technology. It features an RST II mid-driver and MPD II transducer, which is positioned between dual RDT III bass drivers. A new rotatable IDC II coaxial mid/tweeter driver array is placed at the acoustic center of the speaker, which improves versatility for use in LCR placement. 

Depth, detail, and bass are delivered, and Tier 3 models also contain additional features to allow more freedom in speaker placement, such as boundary correction and mid/high-frequency cut/boost.

Feature Summary

  • Quik-Link terminal supports increased speed of installation.
  • Tri-Grip II makes both speaker placement and extraction simpler.
  • Three clearly defined in-ceiling cut-out sizes: small (5 inches), medium (7 inches), and large (9 inches)
  • In-wall models satisfy medium cut-out size and sit between existing small and large models
  • 2nd generation MPD II high-frequency transducers in Tier 3 models reduce distortion and flattens frequency response. 
  • Rigid Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III) cones produce piston-like control even under the most extreme performance, providing a more precise, lifelike tonal balance and lower distortion.
  • Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) increases cone rigidity for excellent directivity in all conditions.
  • Newly engineered crossovers ensure the most exact and controlled sound performance across the full frequency range. 
  • Inverted Dual Concentric II (IDC II) mid-pod array (Tier 3) for a wider soundstage.
  • Across medium and large in-ceiling speaker sizes, the cut-out sizes are the same as previous models but the driver sizes increased from 6.5 to 7 inches and from 8 to 9 inches. 

Pricing and Availability

The Monitor Audio Creator Series will be available in Summer 2023 through authorized installers, retail, and online stores.

Prices are listed in British Pounds and US Dollars. US dollars are approximate and based on the current exchange rate. Official U.S. pricing is still forthcoming. 

Tier 1  (In-Ceiling)

  • C1S: £250 ($300)
  • C1M: £300 ($360)
  • C1L: £350 ($420)

Tier 1 (In-Wall)

  • W1M-E: £300 ($360)
  • W1M: £400 ($480)

Tier 2 (In-Ceiling)

  • C2S: £350 ($420)
  • C2M: £400 ($480)
  • C2L: £450 ($540)
  • C2M-CP: £450 ($540)
  • C2L-CP: £500 ($600)
  • C2M-T2X Stereo: £350 ($420)
  • C2L-T2X Stereo: £400 ($480)

Tier 2  (In-Wall)

  • CW2M: £600 ($722)
  • W2M-CP: £800 ($963)

Tier 3 (In-Ceiling)

  • C3M: £650 ($780)
  • C3L: £750 ($900)
  • C3L-A Fixed Angle: £950 ($1,043.00)
  • C3L-CP: £850 ($1,023.00)

Tier 3 (In-Wall)

  • CW3M: £1,000 ($1,204)

Tip: For detailed feature specification details, including model number translation, refer to Monitor Audio’s Creator Series Online Product Guide.

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