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McIntosh MCD1100 SACD/CD Player


CD player and Multiple-Source Digital Preamp Upgrades Audio of All Digital Sources, Performs “Audio Magic” for CD Changers, Tuners, Pro Audio Gear or Computers

McIntosh Laboratory announced the MCD1100 Disc Player ($10,000), a ground breaking audio component that significantly upgrades the performance of all digital music sources. Scheduled for delivery in November, 2010, the MDC1100 is engineered to deliver maximum musical fidelity from CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SACD, Hybrid SACD, MP3 and WMA stereo music discs. Utilizing the latest technology advancements combined with extended functionality, the MCD1100 is a truly special digital source system that performs its “audio magic” without the need for a separate preamplifier, delivering warm, rich and emotionally engaging sound from all of today's digital music sources.

“Quintessentially McIntosh”: Classic Look Matched by World-Class Sound
Cosmetically, the MCD1100 is quintessentially McIntosh. Distinguished by its new 3D designed glass front panel, soft backlighting, and highly polished stainless steel chassis, the MCD1100 can be added to any existing system or used as a standalone component with a set of high quality headphones. The MCD1100 is designed to drive power amplifiers directly, delivering performance comparable to the finest stereo preamplifiers.

Features Advanced McIntosh Control
Functionality of all McIntosh power amplifiers and source components, allowing a unified system based around MCD1100. The advanced USB Audio digital input allows convenient access to music stored or streamed from a computer while also controlling popular computer audio programs. Five additional digital inputs allow connection to the Digital Audio outputs of CD changers, radio tuners, pro audio gear or music stored on Windows or Mac PCs. For added convenience, when connected to a user's favorite streaming music program, users may control and navigate from the handheld McIntosh remote. Unified operation is simple, easy and “plug and play.”

McIntosh MCD1100 SACD/CD Player - Back

Standout Technology Features:

  • Aluminum Die Cast transport base with Aluminum Die Cast disc tray for maximum stability of disc play.
  • Advanced digital laser servo motor yields quieter and the most accurate positioning of the twin laser optical pickup, and allows for optimum reading of the disc.
  • Fully balanced in analog output and internal digital to analog conversion. Every possible engineering technique has been utilized to yield the highest fidelity and purity of sound.
  • Four 32 bit/192kHz, PCM/ DSD Digital Audio converters are used per channel in a Quad Balanced configuration. Eight total Digital to Analog converters employed results in the best possible audio performance.
  • USB Audio digital input will accept data rates up to 32 bit/ 192kHz allowing the highest quality audio downloads to be enjoyed through the home audio system.
  • SACD disc conversion from Digital to Analog uses Pure DSD decoding, delivering the promise of SACD sound.

“In creating McIntosh source components, our designers and engineers have always strived to deliver all the emotional content in recorded music. For the first time, we now offer superlative McIntosh performance for not only a compact disc library, but any other digital stereo source as well. In today's digital music universe, our advanced digital decoding allows sources such as streaming music, music servers, Internet radio and others, to be processed, controlled, and improved. Many convenient web-based audio sources have been compared to 'fast food' sound as opposed to the 'fine dining' physical music media. Clever, advanced McIntosh engineering now allows the best of both worlds; great sound and unlimited web selection.”
— Charlie Randall, McIntosh President

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