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LG CineBeam HU915QB 4K Laser Projector Unveiled: This One Goes to Eleven

LG is releasing two 4K Cinebeam UST Laser Projectors that appear to have the same model number, but there is an interesting twist to the story that may determine which one might be right for you.

LG HU915QB Ultra-short Throw Laser Projector Angle

2022 has been a busy year in the home theater category and UST projectors are continuing to attract buyers looking for a space-saving in-home theatrical movie viewing experience. LG has been busy in this category, with the introduction of two CineBeam UST Projectors so far this year, the HU715Q and the HU915QE

However, what is really interesting is that, according to reputable sources, another LG Cinebeam UST projector has snuck in under the radar, the HU915QB. This projector is not available yet but is coming soon. The official announcement is forthcoming. 

HU915QE vs HU915QB

You may notice that it appears that LG has gone crazy with the same model number for two projectors, but you need to look more closely. The model number of the previously announced HU915QE projector ends with “E” and the HU915QB we are discussing in this article ends with the letter “B”. 

LG CineBeam HU915QE UST 4K Projector
LG CineBeam HU915QE

The “E” model is a Worldwide and European release while the “B” model is an exclusive North American release (at least for the near future). 

Since both projectors share the HU915Q designation, you would not be wrong in assuming that they must share a lot of features. However, according to information available so far, there are key differences in light output, color, and contrast ratings, as well as exterior finish and price. 

Color94% of DCI P3100% of DCI P3
Contrast (Dynamic)2,000,0002,000,000?
Price (screen not included)$5,996$6,496

Note: Contrast rating may be tentative for QB as it should be higher than for the QE given a slightly lower lumens output. There may be other differences announced closer to the product release date. 

Ultra Short Throw Technology 

An Ultra-Short Throw Projector (aka UST) incorporates a specially constructed lens assembly that allows images to be displayed from a very short distance. 

This means instead of placing the projector behind the seating position on a table or ceiling you can place it on a table or shelf within a couple of feet from a screen or wall and project very large images without taking much more space than a large TV. This is great for those that have small rooms. 

LG’s 3-Channel Laser Light Source

LG claims that they are using a 3-Channel light source. The light engine uses red and blue lasers for those colors but combines an additional blue laser with a phosphor element to produce green. This means that LG’s 3-Channel claim is accurate as three lasers are used, but a phosphor element is still included to produce one of the primary colors. 

That being said, instead of a lamp, the LG HU915QB provides up to 20,000 use hours of life (no lamp means no periodic lamp replacement). 

Note: LG has not provided a specific hi-res image of their 3-Channel Laser light engine. 

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How 4K Works on the HU915QB

The Laser light engine in the LG HU915QB provides the light source, but the image information and resolution are provided by an imaging chip.

The 915QB employs a .66-inch sized DLP imaging chip (aka DMD – Digital Micromirror Device) from Texas Instruments. This is a larger chip than used in most UST projectors.

DLP 4K Pixel Shifting With .66 Chip

The .66-inch chip has 4,150,048 pixels which are very tiny tilting mirrors. Although 4 million pixels is twice as many as 1080p’s 2.1 million, in order to display 4K UHD resolution approximately 8.3 million pixels are needed. To accomplish the pixels on the imaging chip are moved slightly but very rapidly (Pixel Shifting). The result is that the viewers perceive a “4K-like” image projected onto the screen. 

Tip: The image chip and the pixel shift process on both the QE and QB models are the same. 

Built-in Sound System

In addition to video projection, the HU915QB incorporates an integrated sound system. The total power output of the 2.2 channel speaker system is 40-watts. While the built-in system supports Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos pass-through is also provided when the projector is connected to a compatible external audio system via HDMI-eARC

The projector also features Bluetooth out, which allows the connection of up to two compatible Bluetooth speakers for a more surround sound experience. 

Bluetooth can also be used for the connection of smartphones, tablets, and other compatible mobile devices. 

Wi-Fi and Streaming

The LG UH915QB also includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables users to connect the projector to a home network and the internet. Built-in LG WebOS includes a select number of streaming apps that can be downloaded and installed right on the projector without having to connect to an external streaming device, such as Roku or Fire TV. Premium content providers Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, and Apple TV. WebOS also includes a full Web Browser. 

LG WebOS 6 On-screen Menu


Light Output: 3,000 ANSI Lumens 
Color Depth: 100% DCI P3
Contrast Ratio (Dynamic): 2,000,000:1
Tip: Unless forthcoming details indicate additional QE/QB differences, the following features and specifications apply to both projectors.
Brightness Optimizer II: (Auto-Brightness, IRIS Mode, Adaptive Contrast)
HDR:  HDR10 and HLG with Dynamic Tone Mapping. Dynamic Tone mapping makes HDR brightness adjustments on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis in relation to the projector’s brightness capabilities. 
Refresh Rate: 60Hz with added LG TruMotion processing
Screen Size Range: 90 to 120 inches
Projection Distance: 2.2 inches (for 90-inch image) to 7.2 inches (for 120-inch image)
Keystone Correction: In addition to aligning the four-screen image corners, the keystone correction feature allows users to align up to 9 or 15 points for more precise screen image geometry.
Dimensions (WHD): 26.8  x 5 x 13.7-inches
Weight: 26.9 lbs 


Input Connections 

Output Connections

  • Analog Audio/Digital Coaxial Output: 1 

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth (bi-directional)
  • LG Screen Share 
  • Screen Mirroring 
  • Apple Airplay 2 

Control: LG Magic Remote, Voice Recognition Built-In (LG ThinQ), Amazon Alexa.

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LG Magic Remote in-hand

Supplied Accessories

  • LG Magic Remote (Backlit, batteries included)
  • User Guide (Simple Book)
  • Warranty Card
  • Power Cord

Pricing and Availability 

The LG CineBeam HU915QB 4K Laser UST Projector is priced at $6,496 and is available from

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