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Klipsch Announces Reference Premiere Subwoofer Collection

Starting at $699 USD, the new Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofer Series includes 4 models with wireless support and some really large drivers.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP1200SW Subwoofer

Klipsch has an honored place in audio history as a result of Paul W. Klipsch’s revolutionary Klipschorn loudspeaker which was introduced in 1946 and has continued to be relevant in today’s audio landscape.

In addition to the Klipschorn, the Klipsch company has provided music listeners and movie fans with a steady stream of speakers, subwoofers, and even soundbars that provide an excellent listening experience across a wide range of prices.

In May 2022 Klipsch introduced its latest Reference Premiere II loudspeaker collection, however, one thing seemed to be missing, subwoofers! It looks like that omission has been corrected as Klipsch has announced a new line of Reference Premiere Subwoofers that are perfectly matched with the rest of the Reference Premiere II speaker line. 

Klipsch Reference Premiere II Loudspeaker Series
Klipsch Reference Premiere II Loudspeakers

Tip: Of course, you can also use these new subwoofers with any speakers that provide a good sonic match. 

These are the first Klipsch Subwoofers that have been given the Reference Premiere Label. Klipsch claims that these subwoofers are the “biggest and baddest” subwoofers they have ever made with the ability to reproduce bass down to 20Hz or lower with audible impact. 

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-1400SW Front


To get started here is the model breakdown with driver size.

  • RP-1000SW (10-inches) $699
  • RP-1200SW (12-inches) $999
  • RP-1400SW (14-inches) $1,399
  • RP-1600SW (16-inches) $1,799

Shared Features

Although subwoofers are of different sizes, here is what they all share:

Attractive Cabinet Design: Each subwoofer has scratch-resistant ebony vinyl finish. Rounded corners, shock-absorbing rubber feet, steel grille posts, and woven cloth grille are included.

Efficient Balanced Performance: Each subwoofer is designed to provide the optimum  balance between amplification, driver capability, and cabinet volume. This enables the Reference Premiere Subwoofers to deliver the lowest possible bass extension with maximum output, along with speed without sacrificing accuracy. 

Front Firing Driver with Slot Port:  Each subwoofer incorporates a front-firing ultra-long throw driver (size depends on model) that is paired with a front bottom-mounted Aerofoil slotted port. This provides additional low-frequency extension as well as easier placement flexibility since the port is on the front instead of the rear. 

Cermetallic Woofer Cones:  Klipsch has used Spun Copper Cermatallic cones for both reference speakers and subwoofers and as in its reference premiere speakers, for the new Reference Premiere Subwoofers they have been refined to deliver improved rigidness to meet the demands placed on them in a subwoofer role. 

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Class D Amplication: The  Reference Premiere Subs incorporate an analog preamp stage combined with a Class D power amplifier. The preamp maintains the signal path for more accurate reproduction, while the Class D amplifier provides a clean maximum output at the lowest frequencies.

Wireless Capable:  In addition to physical connectivity (RCA/LFE Line in), each subwoofer also includes a wireless connection port that is compatible with the optional Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit. The kit includes a receiver for the subwoofer and a transmitter that connects to the subwoofer/LFE output of a compatible amplifier or AVR.  You can connect up to four Subwoofers using one transmitter. 

Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Kit

Easy Control:  The Subwoofers include rear-mounted setting controls (Gain, Low Pass Crossover, and Phase). The controls are easily visible and accessible without having to move the subwoofer. 

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofer Controls

Energy Efficient Standby Mode:  In standby mode, the subwoofers only consume 1/2 watt of power. This insures minimal impact on electricity consumption if the subwoofer is not reproducing low-frequency signals, but still allows instant full operation when low frequencies are detected. 

Simultaneous Input Use:  Users can connect both the line and wireless inputs and leave them connected at the same time. This allows you to use the subwoofer with two systems at the same time if needed without having to unplug it from one system to plug it into the other (provided both systems are in the same room).  

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofer Inputs

Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty: The Reference Premiere Subwoofers come with a 5-year warranty that covers both parts and labor for both the woofer driver and electronics. Repair or replace depending on need. 

Comparison Chart

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofer Lineup
Model RP-1000SWRP-1200SWRP-1400SWRP-1600SW 
Driver Size 10-inches 12-inches14-inches16-inches
Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex)XXXX
Enclosure Material (MDF)XXXX
Amplifier Type (Class D)XXXX
Amplifier Power (RMS/Peak)300W/600W400W/800W500W/1000W800W/1600W
Maximum Acoustic Output118.5 dB121dB124dB125.5dB
Frequency Response (+/ – 3dB)19Hz to 131Hz 16.5Hz to 138Hz16Hz to 141Hz 14.5Hz to 175Hz
Inputs  (Dual RCA/LFE Line In, WA-2 Wireless Port)XXXX
Height16.64-inches (42.3 cm)18.89-inches (48 cm)21.34-inches (54.2 cm)23.39-inches (59.4 cm)
Width15.0-inches (38.1 cm)17.00-inches (43.2 cm)20.00-inches (50.8 cm)23.50-inches (59.7 cm)
Depth24.96-inches (63.4 cm)25.92-inches (68.5 cm)25.67-inches (65.2 cm)27.35-inches (69.5 cm)
Weight56.7lbs (25.7 kg)68.6 lbs (31.1 kg)83.7 lbs (38.0 kg)110.9 lbs (50.3 kg)
Finish (Ebony Vinyl)XXXX
Klipsch Reference Premiere Loudspeakers and RP-1600SW Subwoofer

Availability & Pricing

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers are available now and priced as follows:

RP-1000SW$699 at Amazon | Crutchfield

RP-1200SW – $999 at Amazon | Crutchfield

RP-1400SW – $1,399 at Crutchfield

RP-1600SW – $1,799 at Crutchfield

WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit $179 at Amazon | Crutchfied

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