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ELAC’s Varro Subwoofer Collection Is Rather Bottom Heavy

Starting at $650 USD, the new Elac Varro Series Subwoofers offer something for everyone but which one makes the most sense for you? We break it down.

ELAC VARRO Subwoofer Line 2023

ELAC, a leading manufacturer of high-performance speakers and electronic components, is offering up its new Varro subwoofer lineup

The new Varro lineup consists of three distinct series that includes seven new models:

  • Premium: PS250-BK (10-inches), PS350-BK (12-inches), PS500-BK (15-inches)
  • Reference: RS500-SB (10-inches), RS700-SB(12-inches)
  • Dual Reference: DS1000-GB (10-inches), DS1200-GB (12-inches)

Common Features

Here are features included in all Varro Series Subwoofers unless otherwise stated. 

BASH Amplifiers: BASH amps are powerful and efficient and allow for maximum voltage swings, providing all the power that is needed and additional dynamic power throughout the entire operating range of the woofers. 

MDF Cabinets with Internal Bracing: To reduce cabinet flex and reduce cabinet resonances, all Varro subwoofers incorporate MDF cabinets ranging from 30mm (1-3/16 inches) on the Premium series increasing to 36mm (1-7/16 inches) on the Dual Reference Series. Additional internal cross-bracing is included which is designed to further reduce resonances that may negatively impact tonal balance. 

Custom Designed Drivers/Large Diameter Voice Coils: Custom woofer drivers were designed for each Varro Series subwoofer to match the power output of its paired amplifier. To assist in this task, tbe drivers have large diameter voice coils (2 inches on the Premium models and 2.5 inches on the Reference and Dual Reference Series models) to accommodate higher power and the heat generated by the motor structure. 

DSP (Digital Signal Processing): The Varro subwoofers incorporate dual 28-Bit DSPs with a 147mHz master clock frequency. This supports audio signal processing with high accuracy and minimum latency. 

Advanced APP Control: Doing away with traditional analog controls, our new Premium series subwoofers incorporate an advanced digital control system. The ELAC Sub Control 3.0 app (iOS, Android) can provide complete control of one or more compatible subwoofers as the need arises. 

ELAC Auto EQ Room Correction

Auto Room EQ: To better assist in finding the best location to place a subwoofer in a room is not always easy. Using the Elac Sub Control 3.0 app and a smartphone microphone, users can optimize room EQ automatically, allowing greater flexibility in placement without sacrificing performance.

Included Accessories: Grille, AC Power Cord, Spikes

Reference/Dual Reference Series Additional Features

Aluminum Sandwich Woofer: The Varro Reference and Dual Reference subwoofers use high excursion woofers that include a rigid and lightweight aluminum cone sandwiched with a treated paper cone using a special gluing process. According to Elac, this construction retains the transient capabilities of cellulose cones with the rigidity of aluminum. The drivers are also designed to provide extra-long cone throw that can more easily handle both high signal levels and low bass. 

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HEX Surrounds: Elac claims that its HEX surround geometry allows for a very linear relationship between applied force and resulting displacement in both directions. This ensures faithful reproduction of the recorded signal with low distortion even at high playback volumes. 

ELAC Hex Surround

Wireless Connectivity: Both the Reference and Dual Reference Series subwoofers have a built-in Elac AirX2 wireless receiver. To use wireless connectivity, connect an optional AirX2 Wireless transmitter to an AV receiver, and wirelessly transmit information to the subwoofer. 

Tip: Listeners can utilize up to 3 Reference or Dual Reference subwoofers simultaneously using the AirX2 wireless system.

Advanced Connectivity: The Reference Series adds speaker-level inputs for use with receivers and integrated amplifiers without a  dedicated subwoofer output. The Dual Reference Series adds balanced XLR inputs for compatibility with premium audiophile and professional audio gear. 

Custom Install Ready: Both the Reference and the Dual Reference Series subwoofers feature an ethernet port for connection to 3rd party control systems such as Control4, Savant, Crestron, and RTI.


In addition to the above features, here is a rundown of the basic specs of the Varro line subwoofers. 

ELAC VARRO Premium Series Subwoofer Parts Exploded
Premium SeriesPS250-BK PS350-BKPS500-BK
Speaker Type Bass ReflexBass ReflexBass Reflex
Driver (Treated Paper)10-inches12-inches15-inches
Frequency Response (Anechoic)27Hz to 150Hz24Hz to 150Hz20Hz to 150Hz
Frequency Response (In Room)24Hz to 150Hz21Hz to 150Hz16Hz to 150Hz
Maximum Output Level (SPL) 107 dB 108 dB 115 dB
Low Pass Crossover40Hz to 150Hz 40Hz to 150Hz40Hz to 150Hz
Amplifier power, @4 Ohm (RMS/ Peak)250/500 Watts350/700 Watts500/1000 Watts
Weight16.4 Kg (36lbs)21.8 Kg (48lbs)25.9 Kg (57lbs)
Height 381mm (15-inches)437mm (17.2-inches)480mm (18.9-inches)
Width360mm (14.2-inches)416mm (16.4-inches)460mm (18.1-inches)
Depth360mm (14.2-inches)418mm (16.5-inches)460mm (18.1-inches
Reference SeriesRS500-SBRS-700SB
Speaker TypeSealed Sealed
Driver (Sandwich Aluminum)10-inches (HEX Surround)12-inches (HEX Surround)
Frequency Response (Anechoic)18Hz to 150Hz17Hz to 150Hz
Frequency Response (In Room)15Hz to 150Hz14Hz to 150Hz
Maximum Output Level (SPL) 108 dB111 dB
Low Pass Crossover40Hz to 150Hz40Hz to 150Hz
Amplifier power, @4 Ohm (RMS/ Peak)500/1000 Watts700/1400 Watts
Weight20.8 Kg25.3 Kg
Height 381mm (15-inches)437mm (17.2-inches)
Width360mm (14.2-inches)416mm (16.4-inches)
Depth387mm (15.2-inches)418mm (16.5-inches)
ELAC VARRO Dual Reference Series Subwoofer Parts Exploded
Dual Reference SeriesDS1000-GBDS1200-GB
Speaker TypeSealedSealed
Driver (Sandwich Aluminum)2 x 10-inches (HEX Surround)2 x 12-inches (HEX Surround)
Frequency Response (Anechoic)18Hz to 150Hz17Hz to 150Hz
Frequency Response (In Room)15Hz to 150Hz14Hz to 150Hz
Maximum Output Level (SPL) 115 dB118dB
Low Pass Crossover40Hz to 150Hz40Hz to 150Hz
Amplifier power, @4 Ohm (RMS/ Peak)1000/2000 Watts1200/2400 Watts
Weight32.4 Kg (71.5 lbs)37.9 K (83.5 lbs)
Height 371mm (14.6 inches)421mm (16.6 inches)
Width429mm (16.9 inches)482mm (19.0 inches)
Depth370mm (16.6-inches)416mm (16.4-inches)
ELAC VARRO Dual Reference Subwoofer Front Angle Lifestyle
ELAC VARRO Dual Reference Subwoofer

Finish, Pricing, and Availability

Premium Series (Pica Finish)

Reference Series (Satin Black Finish)

Dual Reference Series (Gloss Black Finish)

Tip: The Varro lineup of high-performance subwoofers will be available directly through the Elac Website or Authorized Elac Dealers in March 2023. 

ELAC VARRO Reference Subwoofer Front Angle Lifestyle
ELAC VARRO Reference

From Joe Riggi, CTO, ELAC: “These new subwoofers were developed by a passionate group of individuals whose sole purpose is to bring a new dimension of sound quality into your home. All models are best-in-class, delivering deep bass, power, and dynamic ability, cosmetically blending to any environment, and can be enjoyed at any listening level…Our state-of-the-art AutoEQ system allows people the flexibility of placing the subwoofer in a position that works for them and their environment without sacrificing performance

ELAC VARRO Premium Subwoofer Front Lifestyle

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