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ELAC Debuts Protek Line of Smart Surge Protectors

ELAC Protek PB-12w Surge Protector

ELAC, the company better known for selling loudspeakers, has introduced its first line of surge protectors and power conditioners priced from $39 to $599. The new Protek models offer innovative smart features such as App Control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Alexa / Google Assistant compatibility.

“This new series brings a much-needed technology upgrade to the category. With the ability to set up multiple schedules, timers, and scenario-based routines from your smartphone, the Protek line offers great flexibility and innovation to a more traditional category” said Joe Riggi, president & CTO, ELAC.

ELAC Protek PB-62s Surge Protector
ELAC Protek PB-62S


RFI and EMI Filtering: AC power from your power company can become noisy on its way to your home and ultimately to your equipment. Static electricity, even certain appliances in your home can introduce noise into your home’s electricity. All Protek models offer a minimum of 40db (Up to 70db on certain models) of noise reduction providing your sensitive electronics with cleaner power.

Surge Protection: Power surges can originate both inside and outside the home. If your home loses power, or the power company performs a grid switch a surge of power can enter your home. When higher-powered devices, such as an air conditioner, hairdryer, or electric oven are turned on and off can also cause a spike of voltage throughout your home’s electrical system. All Protek models offer surge protection (Up to 6480 Joules of surge protection) with a reaction time of 1 nanosecond.

ELAC Protek PR-71s Surge Protector
ELAC Protek PR-71s

Voltage / Current Display: The front panel of the PR-71S, PR-81B, and PR-91W displays the voltage coming from your home’s AC outlet. The PR-81B and PR-91W also display the current draw of your connected devices.

ELAC Protek App: Simply connect the PR-91W, PB-62W, or PB-12W to your home Wi-Fi network and download our free ELAC Protek app. The Protek app allows for setting a countdown timer, scheduling, and controlling the power on groups of the surge protectors’ outlets. You can even control the surge protector from outside of the house. The PR-81B features Bluetooth Low Energy for local app control without the need for Wi-Fi.

ELAC Protek PR-71s Rear
ELAC Protek PR-71S
ELAC Protek PR-81b Surge Protector Rear
ELAC Protek PR-81B
ELAC Protek PR-91w Rear
ELAC Protek PR-91W Rear

USB Charging Ports: Convenient USB charging ports provide up to 2.4 amps of charging power with the PR-81B and PR-91W featuring 4 USB ports (2-Front/2-Rear).

Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility: Once added as a device in the Alexa or Google Home app, controlling compatible Protek models can be done with voice commands or from touch panel interfaces.

ELAC Protek PB-62w Surge Protector
ELAC Protek PB-62w
ELAC Protek PB-82s Surge Protector
ELAC Protek PB-82s

Price & Availability

All 8 models are available beginning today at ELAC retailers nationwide.

  • PB-62S – $39.98
    • 6 Outlet Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Dual USB
  • PB-30S – $59.98
    • 3 Outlet Slim Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Coax Protection
  • PB-82S – $69.98
    • 8 Outlet Corded Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Dual USB
  • PB-62W – $109.98
    • 6 Outlet Corded Smart Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Wi-Fi / App Control
  • PB-12W – $159.98
    • 12 Outlet Corded Smart Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Wi-Fi / App Control
  • PR-71S – $299.98
    • 8 Outlet Rack Mount Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Voltage Display
  • PR-81B – $449.98
    • 9 Outlet Rack Mount Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Bluetooth and App Control
  • PR-91W – $599.98
    • 10 Outlet Rack Mount Surge Protector / Power Conditioner with Wi-Fi and App Control

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