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iTV Goggles EVG320 and EVG920V Video Glasses


Simulates a 50 or 80-inch Virtual Private Theater

iTV Goggles allow users to watch movies on-the-go through these cool sci-fi looking glasses, making your viewing experience completely private and personal, and not to mention, fun.

iTV Goggles EVG920V (80-inch) – $310

These video glasses project a big screen in front of your eyes making you feel like you are alone in a movie theatre. There are two little LCD screens in the glasses that when worn over your eyes, will mold together to appear as one big screen. The image projected in these glasses simulates watching a 50 inch or 80 inch big screen, depending on the model you choose, from seven to ten feet away.

iTV Goggles EVG320 Video Glasses
iTV Goggles EVG320 (50-inch) – $180

“iTV Goggles is a fun and convenient way to watch movies on-the-go,” says Doug Pircher, the general manager of International Supplies, the leading worldwide distributor in digital electronics. “Because iTV Goggles is a completely private experience, it is great when traveling in an airplane, or on the road with kids whom you want to keep busy. Not to mention that these high-tech goggles can be hooked up to almost anything that plays video, from your video iPod to a portable DVD player to your favorite video game system. You can finally stop family members, especially your kids, from hogging the TV. Plus, you can even watch 3D movies from the 80 inch virtual screen model. iTV Goggles truly is your own personal theatre.”

Both the 50 inch and 80 inch virtual screen models come with stereo ear buds for sound or you can even plug your own earphones into them — the volume is adjustable, a light shield to protect your viewing experience from bright lights, a 4 type AV connector converter, USB charge cable, a control box with Li-on battery and a 5V DC power adaptor. At full charge, the iTV Goggles will last approximately four to five hours. They are compatible with anything that has an AV output, such as iPod/iPod Video, DVD players, VHS players, DVR recorders, Tivo, Nintendo Wii, PS, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox 360.

The iTV Goggles featuring the 50 inch virtual screen runs about $180 and the goggles featuring the 80 inch virtual screen costs around $310.

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