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Integrated Amps & Stereo Receivers

Creek Audio Evolution 5350 Integrated Amplifier


Creek Audio will unveil its new Evolution 5350 amplifier in January 2010 at CES.

Using a time honoured Creek design, this 21st century amplifier is the latest addition to the popular Evolution range of hi-fi separates.

With a power output greater than 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and more than 200 Watts into 4, this is Creek’s most powerful amplifier in its 27 year history.

Aimed directly at true music lovers who appreciate the benefits of two channel reproduction, the amplifier nevertheless is equally happy in a home cinema application.

Creek Audio Evolution 5350 Integrated Amplifier - Rear

Thanks to its innovative AV direct input, it caters specifically for those people who whilst more than happy with their AV performance, are not so happy when it comes to listening to stereo through their AV amplification. A simple connection from the Evolution 5350 AV input to the front pre-amp output of the AV processor means that the Creek amplifier becomes a standalone power amplifier for the front speaker system.

It boasts a further added flexibility with the possibility to add a phono board internally to configure the amplifier for turntable reproduction. With growing numbers of people returning to vinyl, this is an option increasing in popularity.

The Evolution 5350 completes the current Evolution range which includes a lower powered integrated amplifier, a CD player and an FM/AM tuner.

Technical Specifications

Power in to 8 ohms both channels driven 120 Watts
Power in to 4 Ohm one channel driven 200 Watts
Max Current > 25 Amps
THD < 0.02% 20Hz - 20Khz
Frequency Response 1Hz – 50KHz – 1dB
Slew Rate > 30 V per µS
Gain x48
Input Sensitivity 500mV
Separation > 60dB
Signal to Noise > 90dB
MM Phono Sensitivity & Impedance 3.5mV 47k Ohm (when fitted)
MC Phono Sensitivity & Impedance 0.75mV 1k Ohm (when fitted)
Outputs 2 pairs of speakers
Headphone output Yes
A/B speaker switch Yes
Voltage Switchable 115V/230V
Consumption (at idle) 50 Watts
Consumption (at full power) 500 Watts
Weight 10.5Kgs 21lbs
Size W/H/D 430 x 90 x 340mm
17 x 3.5 x 15.5ins

In a further development of the Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier’s pre-amplifier section, 5 inputs are selectable by high current gold plated relays and switchable access to the power amp allows the Evolution 5350 to be driven directly by the front channels of a 5.1 AV receiver. The standard Creek plug-in Phono pre-amp is also featured. A high-grade PGA2320 digitally controlled analogue volume control circuit together with OPA604 Op-Amps are used to provide a pre-amp with higher overload margin and lower distortion.

To enable 2 x 200 Watts into 4 Ohms to be produced from a small case, Creek has developed a massive power supply using a high grade 350 Watt toroidal mains transformer that powers left and right power amp channels separately, plus pre-amp and digital circuits.

To keep the power amps operating safely, they are monitored by discrete transistor circuitry to protect against over-current demand, short circuits, over-temperature and DC offsets. Relays mute the input and separate the loudspeaker outputs in case of faults.

The Evolution 5350 is operated from the front panel by rotary digital controls for input selection and volume control plus push buttons for Tape and Speaker selection, Mute and Power On/Off. A new Evolution system remote handset has been developed, which uses a microcontroller similar to that used in the Destiny remote and can operate different products in the Evolution and Destiny range.

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Gold plated input and output sockets have been chosen to provide a good connection and appearance for a product at its price point. Loudspeakers are connected by up to 2 sets of high current gold plated binding posts, with plastic touch-proof covers. The amplifier also has a headphone socket; something which is becoming an increasingly rare feature in modern amplifiers.

A large vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) on the front panel indicates the state of the amplifier. Input selection, volume position and loudspeaker connection is displayed though a blue filter. The brightness level can be altered from the remote control handset.

Mains is supplied via a fused, 3 pin IEC chassis plug, mains voltage selector and 2 pole high current switch on the front panel. A high quality power cord is supplied with suitable mains plug for the country of use.

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