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Cranberry DiamonDisc 1,000 Year DVD Archival System


Archival DVD by Cranberry Carves Your Memories in Stone

Consumers are beginning to discover family photos, videos and important files saved to recordable DVDs are unreadable in as few as two years. Fortunately, a new 1,000 year DVD using high-tech, diamond-hard material promises to preserve irreplaceable digital files for the ages.

The Cranberry DiamonDisc™, invented by professors at BYU and commercialized by Springville, Utah startup Millenniata, is now available to consumers for less than $30 each. This new disc is the only permanent storage solution available on the market for digital files including photos, videos and electronic documents.

Unlike conventional recordable DVDs and CDs, the Cranberry DiamonDisc has no adhesive layers, dye layer or reflective layer to deteriorate – thereby avoiding the “data rot” that quickly corrodes all recordable DVDs. The transparent Cranberry DiamonDisc is environmentally stable and remains unaffected by UV and changes in temperature and humidity.

Both the National Archives and the Library of Congress have warned consumers that home-burned DVDs unreliable and may not be readable beyond two to five years.

David McInnis, devoted father of four and founder of Cranberry DiamonDisc recalls that he was shocked when he first learned that all of his family’s treasured digital memories were at risk.

“I was under the assumption that DVDs were a safe storage medium” says McInnis, an avid family photographer. In 2005, McInnis began the quest for a permanent solution. In 2007 McInnis met with the founders of Millenniata, a Springville, Utah based startup. “I was immediately captivated by the possibilities of their discovery,” continued McInnis, “Inspired by ancient Anasazi Indian petroglyphs, it was a simple solution to a real problem.”

“The Cranberry DiamonDisc is playable on most regular DVD drives today and will last as far into the future as we can imagine,” McInnis says. “Who wouldn’t want to preserve their family or business legacy for generations to come?”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the Cranberry Disc™ different from regular DVDs?
    Most DVDs, including the most expensive “Gold” archival DVDs, burn data into an organic dye. Organic dyes start to degrade and fade as soon as they are written. This rapidly leads to a condition called “data rot”. This problem is so severe that the National Archives warns that the shelf-life of a regular DVD is 2-5 years. Cranberry Discs contain no organic dyes. Instead, the Cranberry Disc’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials known to last for centuries. The Cranberry Writer™ etches the Cranberry Disc’s rock-like layer creating a permanent physical data record that is immune to data rot.
  2. Can the Cranberry Disc be read by regular DVD drives
    Yes. The Cranberry Writer etches the Cranberry Disc using a compatible data format that can be read by most regular DVD drives.
  3. How much data can the Cranberry Disc hold?
    The Cranberry Disc has a capacity of 4.7 gigabytes.
  4. What is the write speed of the Cranberry Writer when writing to the Cranberry Disc?
    Writing speeds range from 2.4 x, 4x, 8x, to 12x depending on the system. Initially the Cranberry Writer drive will write at a speed of 4x.
  5. How does the Cranberry Writer interface with my computer?
    Just plug the Cranberry Writer into a USB port. The Writer is a portable external drive with an industry standard USB 2.0 Interface.
  6. How is the Cranberry Writer different from a regular DVD writer?
    The Cranberry Writer is different from regular DVD writers because it is designed to make permanent physical changes (etching) to the rock-hard data layer of the Cranberry Disc.
  7. How can you prove that the Cranberry Disc will last for centuries?
    No one can prove that anything will last for centuries, but there are international standards for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media. The ECMA-379 (2nd edition, December 2008) which tests the effects of temperature and relative humidity is widely recognized. Researchers at Millenniata have tested the Cranberry Disc using the ECMA-379 temperature and humidity (85°C / 85% RH) testing as a standard to develop the most rigorous testing possible. They have combined temperature and humidity (85°C / 85% RH) tests with exposure to the full-spectrum of natural light. The Cranberry Disc is the only survivor after this rigorous testing. Considering the combination of the Cranberry Disc’s test results and its rock-like data layer, it is reasonable to conclude that the Cranberry Disc has a greater longevity and durability than competitors who claim a 300-year shelf life.
  8. What temperature can the Cranberry Disc withstand?
    The Cranberry Discs can withstand temperatures of 176°F indefinitely with no effect to the data or the readability of the data in a standard DVD drive.
  9. Can the Cranberry Disc withstand UV rays and prolonged exposure to the sun?
    Cranberry Discs can withstand the full spectrum of the sun, including UV rays, indefinitely with no effect to the data or the readability of the data in a standard DVD drive.

About Cranberry
Cranberry is the exclusive licensee of the Millenniata M-Arc disc for the home and personal use customer. Cranberry is a Ferndale, Washington consumer products company founded by entrepreneur David McInnis.

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