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CommDeck Introduces Inexpensive Damage-Free Satellite and Antenna Mounting systems At CEDIA Expo

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Negotiates Marketing And Distribution Agreement
With ComponexX And Winegard

Denver, Colorado, September 17, – At CEDIA, CommDeck introduced totally new satellite and Off-Air antenna mounting products for roof, siding and deck-mount solutions. RSTC Enterprises, the parent company for these new products has responded to the installer and consumers need for a non-roof-penetrating mounting system. Winegard and ComponexX saw the value in adding this installation option for its many distributors and installers that would present customers with a hidden coaxial cable and a damage-free, leak-proof antenna installation. Steve Capozzi, Vice President of RSTC Enterprises/Commdeck said, “Now an installer can offer to protect customer’s homes and investment property from leaks with up to 1 Meter dish installations, as well as Off-Air antennas. And the best news is, there are no lag bolts penetrating the roof or to become loose from wind loading.” All CommDeck systems have passed wind load testing in excess of 100mph to provide superior antenna mounting strength without roof damage.

CommDeck and ComponexX will target custom installers, low voltage contractors and the integrator markets through their normal marketing. RSTC, ComponexX and Winegard will offer CommDeck and CommTile, a small under-shingle mounting box, which provides a weather-tight, clean-looking mounting platform. These seamless, streamlined mounting platforms are inexpensive and easily installed and removed, to upgrade satellite dishes or antennas. They prevent mold caused by leaking roofs, have a powder coated finish and when installed, looks like a small roof vent. They’re great for condos and housing developments, ideal for pre-wire installations and come with a complete hardware package and installation instructions.

Ron Dickerson, Vice President of RSTC Enterprises/Commdeck said “We are a small company and pleased to be working with companies like Winegard and ComponexX. We’ve been mounting Winegard antennas on our products for years. Because they’re stamped from 16 gauge galvanized steel and powder coated, Commdeck will last the life of a home and roof warranties, including workmanship, remain in tact.”

Eddie Diaz, President of ComponexX said, “It only makes sense for ComponexX to offer this product line, as an easy add-on opportunity to every installation. One of our marketing initiatives for installers is to provide them with additional products to add benefit to the customer and dollars to their sales on each installation. CommDeck met this need and our very strict product evaluation criteria and is also approved by Dish Network and WildBlue, while DirecTV finishes testing the product line.”

In addition to CommDeck and CommTile, CommDeck, with help from Winegard and ComponexX will market several other unique mounting kits. RetroDeck, is used to remount a dish or antenna when re-roofing homes or for new installations and is easy to install and remove without damage. No cutting of shingles is necessary. DeckAdaptor is the Antenna mounting kit designed to support a standard 1 1/4-1 1/2″ Off-Air antenna mast when mounting to a CommDeck, CommTile or RetroDeck system. The antenna mast slides into Deck Adapter for easy application, providing a damage free installation and removal, eliminating the need for a tri-pod.

The newest mounting system is DeckLock, another dish or antenna mounting solution for decks. Its unique design allows a dish or antenna to securely clamp to the rim joist on any type of wood or composite decking material with no damage due to lag bolts.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Steve Capozzi, Ron Dickerson or Eddie Diaz, please call Michael Sherman at 662-893-8360 or send an email to

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About RSTC/CommDeck

RSTC Enterprises was established in response to the consumers need for a network solution that would accommodate future satellite technologies, when building a new home or commercial development. Homebuilders, low voltage and installation contractors alike have struggled to meet the explosive consumer demand for satellite service.

In 2003, the founders of RSTC Enterprises began collaborating on several new product ideas for satellite mounting equipment. Drawing from their various contracting experiences in the Cable, Satellite and Construction fields, the partners set out to find a way to incorporate satellite option into existing building practices. Commdeck is one to the results of those efforts.

RSTC Enterprises will build satellite dish option into every home by developing, marketing, and producing superior American made satellite dish mounting products that will revolutionize the way homebuilders and homeowners prepare for future satellite dish service. RSTC will distribute to homebuilders and owners affordable products that can allow a built-in alternative to cable with out compromising the structure or appearance of their home. The vision of RSTC is to continue the development of innovative products that will improve satellite dish mounting technology, making the satellite dish option a standard in the building and home networking industry.

About ComponexX:

ComponexX specialized in reliable, efficient and less expensive manufacturing of electronic components and accessories for the Structural wire, Data, Video, Satellite and Cable TV industries. With persistent efforts for over 8 years, ComponexX has established a worldwide reputation for top quality, competitive price and excellent service. ComponexX not only produces its own line, but also accepts OEM and ODM projects, including printing and packaging for the retail markets, including programs to aid in product design and development. Manufacturing capabilities includes sheet metal, plastic injection moldings, metal injection moldings, or a combination of these materials, including complete electronic and mechanical assemblies, electrical testing and packing. Special care is given to material analysis, pricing, specifications tooling and sampling. Systematic QC measures are applied during the production and shipping of finished goods to best meet our customer’s requirements, while assuring fast delivery.

ComponexX offers a complete line of:

• ComponexX Cable: 3 Quality Lines To Choose From – X Series Good, Pro Series Better, Xtreme Series Best
• Digital wiring infrastructure components from 5 MHz to 3 GHz
• Data and video combiners from 5-2400 MHz: CFU-1 Combining filter units for 4 apartments, CFS- Outlet wall outlet for TV and Data, DTS- Outlet Digital wall outlet for TV and ITO- Intermediate TV outlet
• Commercial Grade Satellite High Frequency Digital Components 5 — 3000 MHZ: Splitters, Taps, Diplexers, Amplifiers, Multi-switches, Power inserters, Attenuators,
Voltage blocks and Grounding blocks
• Commercial Grade Cable TV Digital Components 5–1000 MHZ: Digital splitters, Directional couplers, Outdoor trunk line passives, Digital amplifiers, Fixed value equalizers, Attenuators, Voltage blocks and Terminators
• Accessories: Connectors RG-6, RG-59, Hard-line connectors, Wall plates, Coaxial cable, Installation tools, Telephone and data jacks and all components for coaxial and data infrastructure installations

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