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Floorstanding Speakers

Canton Vento Loudspeaker Range Released

The highly acclaimed Canton Vento Series Loudspeakers have arrived in N. America and we plan on reviewing at least 2 models this year.

Canton Vento Loudspeakers White

Canton, a noted Germany-based prestige loudspeaker maker has announced U.S. and Canadian availability of its new Vento loudspeaker series. Designed for both hi-fi or home theater listening, there are 8 new models in total priced from about $1,400 to $6,500 a pair USD.

Canton Vento Series Core Features

Before we get into details on each speaker, here are some core features of Canton’s latest Vento Series loudspeakers. 

Canton Vento Loudspeakers Top

Cabinet Design

The Vento series features multilayer laminated cabinets with curved sides. This provides greater internal volume than straight sides, allowing for better-extended bass response. The cabinets also feature a high-quality high-gloss lacquer finish.  

Canton Vento 80 Floorstanding Speaker Black
Canton Vento 80

The cabinets for the floorstanding speakers and the subwoofer also rest upon a unique floating base that highlights the graceful proportions of each enclosure. If desired, an acoustically-transparent black grille assembly can be attached to the cabinet magnetically.

Canton Vento Floorstanding Speaker Base White


Although each speaker may have different size drivers, they have all been redesigned for 2022. Canto designs and manufactures their speaker drivers in-house utilizing cutting-edge proprietary composite materials developed in their own materials lab. 

Woofer and midrange drivers feature matte-finished diaphragms of a titanium graphite composite material, coupled with multi-wave surrounds and dual-cone technology, the drivers have lower distortion and greater dynamic capabilities than previous generations. 

Tweeters feature powerful magnetic structures and ultra-stiff, lightweight ceramic domes of aluminum ceramic oxide. A waveguide is included that optimizes the tweeter to the listening area.

Canton Vento 20 Bookshelf Speaker Tweeter White
Canton Vento 20

The rear of the speakers features new solid screw terminals that ensure tight connections with speaker cables of any size or type of connector. Inside, high-quality crossover components have been selected for sonic qualities and sourced from trusted German vendors.  

Digging Deeper 

The following charts provide more specific Vento Series info.

Canton Vento Floorstanding Speakers

Canton Vento 100 Floorstanding Speaker White
Canton Vento 100


Speaker TypeFloorstandingFloorstandingFloorstanding
Engineering Principle3-way bass-reflex3-way bass reflex3-way bass reflex
Nominal/Music Power Handling220/400 watts180/340 watts140/250 watts
Frequency response20Hz to 40kHz20Hz to 40kHz20Hz to 40kHz
Crossover Frequency170/3,200 Hz170/3,000 Hz170/3,000 Hz
Woofer2 x 220 mm (8.7″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)2 x 192 mm (7.6″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)2 x 174 mm (6.8″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)
Midrange1 x 174 mm (6.8″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)1 x 174 mm (6.8″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)1 x 174 mm (6.8″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)
Tweeter1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic
Nominal Impedance4 to 8 ohms4 to 8 ohms4 to 8 ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)32.5 x 115.5 x 42 cm (12.8″ x 45.5″ x 16.5″)29 x 110.5 x 38 cm (11.4″ x 43.5″ x 15″)26 x 103 x 34 cm (10.2” x 40.6” x 13.8”)
Weight39.2 kg (86.5 pounds)29.7 kg (65.5 pounds)N/A
U.S. Price (pr)$6,495$5,295 $4,395 
Canada Price (pr)$8,295$6,795$5,595

Canton Vento Compact, Center, and Dolby Atmos Speakers

Canton Vento 20 Bookshelf Speaker White
Canton Vento 20


Features SpecificationsVENTO 20VENTO 10Vento 50Vento AR8
Speaker TypeCompact Wall/CeilingCenter ChannelDolby Atmos®/Multifunction Speaker
Engineering Principle2-way bass reflex2-way bass reflex3-way bass reflex2-way closed
Nominal/Music power handling60/100 watts60/100 watts120/200 watts60/100 watts
Frequency Response32Hz to  40kHz40Hz to 40kHz26Hz to 40kHz50Hz to 30kHz
Crossover Frequency3,000 Hz3,000 Hz300/3,000 Hz3,200 Hz
Midrange/Woofer1 x 154 mm (6.1″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)1 x 154 mm (6.1″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)2 x 174 mm (6.8″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)1 x 154 mm (6,1″), titanium-graphite (Wavesurround)
Tweeter1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic1 x 25 mm (1″), Ceramic1 x 25 mm (1″), ceramic
Nominal Impedance4 to 8 ohms4 to 8 ohms4 to 8 ohms4 to 8 ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)19,5 x 30 x 27 cm (7.7″ x 11.8″ x 10.6″)19.5 x 30 x 9 cm (7.7″ x 11.8″ 3.5″)61 x 20.5 x 36.5 cm (24″ x 8.1″ x 14.4″)19.5 x 27 x 14.5 cm (7.7″ x 10.6″ x 5.7″) (horizontal)
Weight6 kg (13 pounds)5 kg (11 pounds) 14.5 kg (10 pounds)3.6 kg (8 pounds)
U.S. Price $1,695 (pair)$1,395 (pair)$1,495 (each)$1,495 (pair)
Canada Price$2,195 (pair)$1,795 (pair)$1,895 (each)$1,895 (pair)

Canton Vento Subwoofer

Canton Vento Sub 12 Subwoofer Front Angle Black
Features/SpecificationsVento Sub 12
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Engineering PrincipleBass Reflex wih Passive Radiator
Power Output250 watts nominal/400 watts peak
Frequency Response20Hz to 200Hz
Crossover Frequency (Adjustable)50 to 200hz
Speaker Driver1 x 308 mm (12″), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)
Passive Radiator1 x 308 mm (12″)
Connections2 high-level inputs (loudspeaker cable)/2 low-level inputs (chinch)
Control FeaturesAutomatic on/off switchAdjustable volumeAdjustable phase limiterAdjustable crossover frequency
Dimensions (WxHxD) 44 x 52.5 x 51 cm (17.3″ x 20.7″ x 20.1″)
Weight31kg (68.5 pounds)
U.S. Price$2,495 (each)
Canada Price$3,195 (each)

Finishes and Availability

The Canto Vento series speakers are available in high-gloss black or white finishes. A premium high-gloss walnut and dark walnut finish are also available for a modest extra charge. 

The new Vento series speakers are in stock now at Bluebird Music and other select dealers throughout USA and Canada.

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Customers in Europe can purchase online through

Canton Vento 10 Speaker White
Canton Vento 10
Canton Vento 50 Center Channel Speaker in Dark Walnut
Canton Vento 50 (dark walnut)
Canton Vento AR8 Dolby Atmos Speaker White
Canton Vento AR8
Canton Vento 30 Rear Speaker White
Canton Vento 30
Canton Vento 100 Floorstanding Speaker Rear Binding Posts in Walnut
Canton Vento 100 (walnut)
Canton Vento Sub 12 Subwoofer Rear White
Canton Vento Sub 12
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