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Campfire Audio Supermoon IEMs Utilize Custom Planar Magnetic Drivers

$1,500 for a pair of planar magnetic IEMs is a lot of money. Can the Campfire Audio Supermoon take on the heavy hitters in the category? We suspect it can.

Campfire Audio Supermoon Earphones

$1,500 is a lot of money for IEMs. Only hardcore headphone enthusiasts and music industry professionals would shell out that kind of money for a pair and it would take a lot for us to join that last.

We are decidedly on the fence when it comes to $1,500 IEMs, but we are huge proponents of Campfire Audio; the Holocene is such a good IEM that I now use it on a daily basis for almost everything.

If the Campfire Supermoon are a significant upgrade over the Holocene, then perhaps the price isn’t so out of line when one considers that Ultimate Ears, Noble, Jerry Harvey Audio, and Astell & Kern charge a lot more than $1,500 for their products.

The other part of the equation is that you’re not going to drive the Supermoon with your iPhone or Android phone and be satisfied with the results. This is a custom planar IEM that requires a dedicated DAP or smart phone with a Dongle DAC.

Suddenly, the $1,500 cost of admission starts to climb.

Campfire Audio says their new Supermoon custom-fit in-ear monitors are designed for musicians, audio professionals, and music listeners.

Supermoon is powered by Campfire’s all-new custom planar magnetic drivers; which are nestled within the brand’s patent-pending Solid Body earphone design, which utilizes the latest in 3D printing technology and bespoke craftsmanship for an optimized, customized fit unique to each customer and providing a lifetime of reliable, superior listening experiences.

Campfire Audio Supermoon IEM Sides


Supermoon begins with Campfire Audio’s signature custom-fit process, which utilizes customer ear impressions for a completely personalized audio experience. The interior acoustic chambers are mapped for optimized audio performance and paired with Supermoon’s custom planar magnetic drivers deliver velvety low-end, textural mids, and radiant highs for a smooth, satisfying audio presentation that elevates any listening experience with increased clarity, balance, and detail. 

As with all Campfire Audio earphones. Supermoon is designed to meet the most demanding performance conditions and handmade with the highest level of fit and finish in Campfire’s Portland, Oregon factory.

The earphone is 3D printed as a single component with a minimum of moving parts for maximum reliability and longevity and is meticulously hand-finished with a stainless steel faceplate. The smooth outer body conforms perfectly to each unique ear shape and is available in both “Artist” and “Audiophile” fits for hours of effortless listening.

Campfire Audio Supermoon Earphones Angle

“All of our earphones are designed to create an elevated listening experience for our customers — from touring musicians and audio engineers, to music lovers who want to take their listening to the next level,” said Campfire Audio VP Caleb Rosenau.

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“With Supermoon, we’ve utilized our custom planar magnetic driver to achieve a new standard in audio clarity for our custom-fit offerings, and we’re pleased to invite our customers to take the leap themselves to a new plateau in the personalized audio experience.”


  • 14mm Full-Range Planar Magnetic Driver w/ 2 micron thin diaphragm.
  • Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
  • Hand Polished 3D printed Solid-Body
  • Stainless Steel Cap

Tech Specs:

  • 5Hz–20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 94dB @ 54.0 mVrms SPL
  • 15.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

Where to buy: $1,500 at |

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