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Atlantic SOUNDFIX Acoustic Panels Eliminate Echo

Having acoustic issues in your listening space? The Atlantic SOUNDFIX panels might be a DIY solution worth checking out.

Atlantic SOUNDFIX Acoustics Panels On-Wall Gray

The room is the most important component in any stereo or home theater system and there is no shortage of acoustic treatment products to deal with acoustic issues that plague the vast majority of listening spaces in the home.

Atlantic Inc. has introduced a new line of sound-absorbing panels called SOUNDFIX. The DIY hangable wall panels are designed to eliminate echo, reverberation, and unwanted noise in any space.

The Atlantic SOUNDFIX are crafted from commercial-grade materials and designed with patented technology; the Italian-made acoustic panels are backed with a limited lifetime warranty and full-time domestic customer service.

“SOUNDFIX panels instantly transform a room’s acoustics. To hear the dramatic difference watch this Live Demo Video,” remarked Mike Dardashti, President of Atlantic’s Acoustic Products Division.

Imagine a place free from excess noise. SOUNDFIX panels use patented technology to eliminate echo and create a more comfortable acoustic environment, no matter what type of space. SOUNDFIX panels are uniquely made with variable densities, which allows them to selectively absorb the right amount of sound from low, mid, and high frequencies. This targeted approach to sound absorption achieves acoustic correction and balance as opposed to muting the important tones to keep.

SOUNDFIX panels ensure acoustic comfort in any space. This solution is perfect for home theaters, music studios, game rooms, living spaces and meeting/video conference rooms because they enhance the output quality of your audio equipment by eliminating reverberation and echo for the ultimate experience. The panels are UL Class A fire rated for residential and commercial use, qualifying them as the best choice for for restaurants, recording studios, and clinics as well.

Certified by UL as 100% recyclable and Greenguard Gold with the lowest VOC emissions of any acoustic product in the market, these acoustic panels are sustainable and environmentally friendly. With a sleek and thin profile, SOUNDFIX is not just the industry’s top-performing acoustic solution, but an aesthetically pleasing complement to any décor as well. Offering the best of both worlds in form and function, SOUNDFIX panels were designed and developed in Italy by a team with over 50 years of industrial design experience.

Measuring 43 by 17 inches, each panel is 0.8 inches thick and weighs only 2 lbs. Despite their ultra-slim profile, SOUNDFIX panels offer maximum sound absorption and outperform foam and felt panels in every way. No matter how large or small your space is, you can elevate your acoustic experience with SOUNDFIX.

Do-it-yourself installation is as easy as mounting a picture frame. Each panel can be mounted horizontally or vertically for limitless layout flexibility based on the user’s preferences. Wall mounting brackets are included along with a clear instruction guide and a step-by-step installation video. The panels are lightweight, making them easy to install, un-install and re-install elsewhere. Atlantic’s dedicated customer service team can provide advice, answer questions, give guidance and offer warranty support.

SOUNDFIX panels are offered in 3 different kits, list for $594.98 (5 pack), $1079.98 (10 pack) and $1,494.98 (15 pack), and are currently available online in silver gray or white at Sam’s Club.

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