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Andover Audio Unveils The One E Turntable Music System

Looking for a space saving all-in-one turntable system with Bluetooth connectivity? The Andover-One E might be worth checking out.

Andover-One E Turntable Music System Lifestyle Front

We reported recently on the new +Audio +Record Player Special Edition White that offers a complete system in one component, including a Pro-Ject designed turntable and Bluetooth connectivity.

+Audio isn’t the only company walking down this path. Andover Audio has had a similar product available for over a year, the Andover-One which also retails for $1,999.95 USD.

We can think of a few high-end systems that we could assemble for $2,000 in 2022 that would likely offer superior performance and connectivity, but these systems would have at least 4 or 5 components (including a pair of loudspeakers) and multiple sets of cables.

The Andover-One E was created for a different type of customer who is looking for a rather impressive sounding all-in-one package for under $1,500.

Andover-One E Turntable Music System

Andover-One E Overview

The Andover-One “E” pulls from the core design of the Model-One, but at a lower price point ($1,499.00), and with the same physical footprint. It also comes with a free Songbird music streamer for a limited time (more on that later). 

Pro-Ject Turntable

The Andover-One E features a Pro-Ject belt-drive turntable with a steel platter and pre-set counterweight—ready to go without assembly. 

Note: Exact Pro-Ject Turntable model information not provided. 

Ortofon Cartridge

Ortofon cartridge on Andover-One E Turntable Music System

The Andover One-E comes with a pre-installed Ortofon OM-5e Cartridge so that the system is ready to go. Should the cartridge need to be replaced at some point, OM-5e can be ordered from Ortofon, or you can use a different cartridge of your choice. Of course, if you just need a new stylus, the Ortofon Stylus 5e is compatible with the cartridge.

Integrated Audio System

The One-E incorporates Class-D Amplifiers with a bi-amplified speaker system that includes two dome tweeters mounted in front with two 3.5-inch aluminum diaphragm woofers (one on each side). 


Andover’s IsoGroove Technology is a proprietary means of combining a turntable and speaker system in a single compact enclosure, without feedback, resonances, or any other audio-disruptive noise.

Intuitive Control Interface

Andover-One E Front Panel

The One-E features a front-mounted graphic interface, with a single-knob operation (a wireless remote is also included). Selectable input sources include phono, Bluetooth (aptX HD), digital optical, USB (input/output), and a dedicated input for a Wi-Fi streaming device (such as the Andover Songbird discussed later in this article). 

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Tip: The USB port can be used to play music files from a USB flash drive or to rip music from the turntable to USB for convenient playback on other devices. 

On the dedicated output side, the One-E includes stereo line and subwoofer preamp outputs. 

Listening Modes

Stereo/Mono (selectable): Listen to music and audio in traditional left and right two-channel channel stereo or for older records listen to the original mono mix.  

Panoramic: This mode enhances the stereo image, making the unit sound like a pair of widely-spaced speakers. 

EQ: The settings menu provides EQ settings so listeners can adjust the audio characteristics to their room, content, or listening preferences.

Andover-One E vs Andover-One System Comparison 

FeatureAndover-One EAndover-One
PlatterSteel Acrylic
TonearmAluminumCarbon Fiber
Anti-SkatingNo Yes
CartridgeOrtofon OM-5e Ortofon 2M Silver
Woofers2 (one on each side)4 (2 on each side)
TweetersDomeAMT (Air Motion Transformer)
Power Output170 Watts210 Watts
Frequency Response50Hz to 20kHz50Hz to 20kHz
Aluminum TrimNoYes
FinishWalnut Walnut
Dimensions (WHD – with Dust Cover)18 x 8.83 x 13.5-inches18 x 8.83 x 13.5-inches

Songbird Music Streamer

For a limited time (no hard date set), Andover is offering One-E buyers a free Songbird Internet Music Streamer ($99 value). 

Andover Audio Songbird
Andover Audio Songbird

This plug-in streamer has both analog and digital outputs for connection to the E system which allows you to playback music from several streaming services including Qobuz, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and Tune-In that are accessed by a Wi-Fi connection to your home network router. 

In addition, the Songbird plays music files via DLNA or AirPlay from other compatible network-connected devices such as a PC or NAS drive.  

Tip: Read our review of the Songbird Music Streamer – Part One, Part Two

Optional: Andover One Subwoofer

Andover Audio Model One Subwoofer
Andover-One Subwoofer

To complement the Andover One-E music listening experience Andover offers the optional Andover-One Subwoofer ($899). 

The One Subwoofer incorporates dual 10-inch drivers and is an Acoustic Suspension design in a hardwood cabinet. 

To power the driver, the One Subwoofer incorporates a 150-watt Class D amplifier supported by DSP that extends the frequency range down to 25Hz. 

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The Andover One Subwoofer can be used alongside Andover-One or One-E Music System or in combination with either system and the optional Andover Upper Stand for $399. Just place the subwoofer on the floor, the upper stand on top of it, and then the One E on top of the upper stand. 

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  1. ORT

    September 23, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    First off, this should have been a fully automatic turntable. Next, I have two Andover Spinbase setups in our home. Both have automatic turntables on them. One has a Grace Digital Encore Radio and the other has a Grace Digital Link Internet Tuner.

    Each has a 10″ subwoofer connected to the “Sub Out” on the Spinbase. I like having a 3/5″ color screen that can show album artwork. I have 5 Grace radios in our home. They are exellent. One of the setups is on an Andover Audio SpinStand and it is an fine stand indeed! Well worth the cost.

    If Andover Audio makes a One-E² unit with a reasonably priced fully automatic turntable, I will happily consider for my self or as a gift. But I would still use a Grace Digital radio!

    Andover Audio makes a superb product (I know as I have bought 4 of them…so far!) it is just that the intended target is NOT a frAudiophile and an automatic ‘table would be a much better fit for those that would want one than a fully manual one. I have a slight physical handicap that makes using a automatic turntable my first choice for vinyl playback.


  2. ORT

    September 24, 2022 at 12:09 am

    As an addendum to the insight given above, I should like to add that frAudiophiles like manual ‘tables because it gives them more to do via OCD setup ‘n’ sheit.

    Ever meet a completely satisfied frAudiophile? They do not listen to records, they listen to equipment and as such only play back…Whinyl. They are constantly in search of their Hallowed Chalice of Malice. Kids will really need to think that one over.

    “Whinyl” fits them perfectly. Other than the lack of automatic activationalizification, the Andover Audio One-E is one of the bestest ways to innoculate yourself and your loved ones from contracting “Fremeritus” which is an OCD condition that pretty much renders you a “Social Leper” anywhere outside of a group of frAudiophiles. Like the recent Fauxvid hoax, sufferers of “Fremeritus” must shout out “UNCLEAN!” and be certain wear cheap Chi-Fi ANC ‘phones to protect their “Aures Delicatas” when ever venturing out into the open air where we, the great unwashed reside and actually live our lives. ‘n’ sheit.

    So let it be written…So let it be fun. “Whinyl”…LOL!

    ORT The Incorrigible.

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