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Floorstanding Speakers

DALI Unveils RUBIKORE Loudspeaker Series: High End Munich 2024

Made in Denmark, the DALI RUBIKORE loudspeaker series includes five new models designed for stereo or home theater listening.

DALI RUBIKORE Loudspeaker Series (2024 models)

Danish audio manufacturer, DALI, today introduced the new RUBIKORE series of premium Hi-Fi loudspeakers. The range consists of five models including two floorstanders, a bookshelf, an on-wall, and a LCR home cinema speaker.

RUBIKORE offers innovations from DALI’s flagship KORE loudspeaker, but at much more affordable price points. Such cutting-edge technologies include: Clarity Cone Technology SMC Drivers, SMC-KORE Inductors, Hybrid Tweeter Modules with a brand new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter, and Continuous Flare Bass Reflex Ports.

DALI RUBIKORE Home Cinema Speaker System
DALI RUBIKORE Home Cinema Speaker System


Clarity Cone Technology Bass/Midrange Driver Diaphragms ensure an unparalleled natural midrange clarity devoid of any artificial coloration. Complemented by the DALI SMC Motor Systems, these drivers achieve minimal distortion and optimal performance efficiency. ​

The RUBIKORE 8 and 6 loudspeakers further enhance audio purity thanks to SMC KORE Inductors within their crossover circuits to significantly reduce signal loss. In addition, the entire range also features high-performance Mundorf capacitors.

RUBIKORE 2, 6, and 8 loudspeaker enclosures are equipped with Continuous Flare Reflex Ports to maximize efficiency while reducing turbulence and noise.

Drawing inspiration from the EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter of the DALI KORE, the entire RUBIKORE Series also introduces a new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter — which omits ferrofluid in the magnet gap — to achieve the highest resolution in high-frequency sound.

Sound Signature

The company claims RUBIKORE series excels at providing a relaxed, large scale, and wide dispersion sound field with extraordinary detail and clarity at high frequencies.

Made in Denmark

Each RUBIKORE series loudspeaker is meticulously hand-crafted and assembled by DALI in Denmark, showcasing the company’s decades-long expertise at in-house design and manufacturing. Whilst proudly Danish in its assembly, the RUBIKORE series also benefits from the rich pool of local component suppliers and craftsmanship, reinforcing its deep Danish heritage.



DALI RUBIKORE 8 Floorstanding Loudspeakers
DALI RUBIKORE 6 Floorstanding Speakers

The new RUBIKORE 8 and RUBIKORE 6 floorstanding loudspeakers employ multiple DALI KORE inspired technologies. 

RUBIKORE 8 combines three new 6½ inch double magnet paper and wood fibre Clarity Cone™ Technology SMC Bass/Midrange Drivers; RUBIKORE 6 combines two. These Clarity Cone Technology Bass/Midrange Driver Diaphragms help ensure natural midrange clarity, free from colouration, while DALI SMC Motor Systems minimise driver distortions and losses. Within their crossover circuits, both speakers employ SMC KORE Inductors to significantly reduce signal loss. Fitted with Continuous Flare Reflex Ports that maximise efficiency while simultaneously minimising turbulence and noise, the RUBIKORE 8 and RUBIKORE 6 adopt a new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter — inspired by the EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter used in the DALI KORE — without ferrofluid in the magnet gap, for ultimate resolution in the high frequencies.

The RUBIKORE 8 excels at relaxed, large scale, wide dispersion, low loss, and amplifier optimised sound quality. RUBIKORE 6 is designed for ambitious high-end stereo and home theatre systems in medium to larger sized rooms where its compact floor-stand design provides great installation versatility.

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RUBIKORE 2 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

DALI RUBIKORE 2 Bookshelf Speaker
DALI RUBIKORE 2 Bookshelf Speaker

The RUBIKORE 2 is the sole stand-mount/bookshelf speaker in the line-up designed for smaller rooms. It combines a new 6½ inch Double Magnet Paper and Wood Fibre Clarity Cone Technology SMC Bass/Midrange Driver with a new DALI designed, ultra low loss, Lightweight Dome Tweeter. DALI claims the result is exceptional, wide dispersion, low loss sound for even the smallest of listening spaces. 



The RUBIKORE ON-WALL brings DALI low-loss and wide dispersion principles to a low-profile, wall-mounted loudspeaker of immense versatility. 

Designed for both traditional stereo and home theatre roles, the RUBIKORE ON-WALL is equally adept playing background sound as it is offering a deep-dive into your favourite music or movies. The RUBIKORE ON-WALL combines a 6½ inch Paper and Wood Fibre Clarity Cone™ Technology SMC Bass/Midrange Driver with a rotatable DALI Hybrid Tweeter for remarkable low loss, amplifier optimised and wide dispersion sound quality, no matter if it’s used in stereo, centre or surround channel applications. 

Featuring a rotatable DALI Hybrid Tweeter module that combines a 29 mm low-loss soft Dome Tweeter and a 17 x 45 mm Planar Tweeter working together to create remarkable renditions of high-frequency detail. The voice-coil and diaphragm of the RUBIKORE dome tweeter is extremely light and agile, which helps it deliver exceptional clarity, even at lower frequencies, whilst the Planar Tweeter is the master of fine detail and wide dispersion in upper frequencies. The rotatable tweeter baffle allows use in stereo, centre or surround channel applications. 



The RUBIKORE CINEMA is the ultimate DALI home cinema loudspeaker. A home theatre LCR solution delivering high performance loudspeaker solutions to the left, centre and right channel roles in home theatre systems. Featuring a compact shelf or stand-mount enclosure — with rotatable DALI Hybrid tweeter — the RUBIKORE CINEMA can be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation. This makes it possible to use the exact same speaker for front and center applications for the ultimate Home Cinema experience.

In addition to its rotatable Hybrid Dome and Planar Tweeter, the RUBIKORE CINEMA employs a Clarity Cone™ Technology Bass/Midrange Driver Diaphragm which helps ensure natural midrange clarity, free from colouration, whilst its double DALI SMC Motor Systems minimise driver distortions and losses. As with the rest of the RUBIKORE series, RUBIKORE CINEMA adopts audiophile-grade Mundorf™ capacitors to reduce losses still further.


Frequency Range (+/- 3 dB)50 – 26,000 Hz38 – 34,000 Hz38 – 34,000 Hz59 – 34,000 Hz49 – 34,000 Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)87 dB88.5 dB90.5 dB88.5 dB89 dB
Nominal Impedance4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm
Maximum SPL107 dB110 dB112 dB108 dB111 dB
Crossover Frequency2,800 Hz800 / 2,600 / 14,000 Hz500 / 800 / 2,400 / 14,000 Hz2,900 / 14,000 Hz2,800 / 14,000 Hz
Recommended Distance Rear Wall20-120 cm20-180 cm25-180 cm0-30 cm5-100 cm
Recommended Amplifier Power40 – 150 Watt40 – 200 Watt40 – 250 Watt20 – 150 Watt40 – 200 Watt
Crossover Principle2-way2½ + ½-way2½ + ½ + ½-way2 + ½-way2 + ½-way
Connection Input(s)Bi-wire/Bi-ampBi-wire/Bi-ampBi-wire/Bi-ampSingle WireBi-wire/Bi-amp
Other FeaturesN/AN/AN/ARotatable Hybrid Tweeter ModuleRotatable Hybrid Tweeter Module
Dimensions (HxWxD)350 x 195 x 335 mm990 x 200 x 380 mm1100 x 220 x 444 mm465 x 278 x 142 mm197 x 581 x 400 mm
13.9 x 7.7 x 13.3 inches39.1 x 7.9 x 15.0 inches43.5 x 8.7 x 17.6 inches18.4 x 11.0 x 5.6 inches7.7 x 22.8 x 15.7 inches
Weight (incl. Grille)9.5 kg23kg30 kg8.5 kg16kg
20.9 lbs50.7 lbs66.1 lbs18.7 lbs35.2 lbs
DALI RUBIKORE Loudspeaker Series (2024 models)
DALI RUBIKORE Loudspeaker Series (2024 models) in High Gloss Black, High Gloss Maroon, Natural Walnut, and High Gloss White finishes.

Price & Availability

DALI RUBIKORE Series will be available from June, priced as follows:

RUBIKORE 83 x 6½-inch Hybrid Tweeter Module Tower $12,000 pair
RUBIKORE 62 x 6½-inch Hybrid Tweeter Module Tower $8,000 pair
RUBIKORE 26½-inch Monitor $4,000 pair
RUBIKORE ON-WALL6½-inch Hybrid Tweeter Module On wall speaker $2,500 each
RUBIKORE CINEMA2 x 6½-inch Hybrid Tweeter Module Center Channel$3,000 each
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Magnus Hägermyr

    May 13, 2024 at 12:02 pm

    Exciting! Let’s see if Rubikore stands up to the Rubicon’s level or even surpass them. Price wise they are in about the same segments except On-Wall where Rubikore is half the price. Do you know when thay are out on the market? I was considering a pair of Rubicon 2 but now I hold my horses.

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