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Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters

Burton Technologies Introduces Award-Winning ‘ACOUSTIBUDS™ Earphone Adapters’

Burton Technologies, a global developer of specialty product solutions, announces today the unveiling of ACOUSTIBUDS™ earphone adaptors, dramatically improving acoustic quality, fit and functionality of standard earphones sold with iPods, iPhones and most MP3 players. Selected as the Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honoree for the category of Headphones by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), ACOUSTIBUDS™ improve the portable audio experience, offering high-fidelity sound enrichment and a superior level of comfort at an inexpensive price.

“On the whole, ACOUSTIBUDS™ just fit better and stay in the ears. With all of the unique shapes and sizes of ears, achieving this goal alone without discomfort or the bulk of over-the-ear hooks gives our team a great sense of accomplishment.” said John Burton, company owner. “The surprise came when the twin cone core idea was added for high-fidelity acoustics and in combination with the exceptional sound isolation created by the multi-barrier fins. It is truly exciting to present this innovative and affordable product to consumers, the industry, and the media. We’re pleased and grateful for the distinction as an honoree in Design and Engineering. ACOUSTIBUDS™ are made in the USA and are a fantastic value that likely fit the earphones you already have. They feel great, stay put and create a stunning sound quality improvement that rivals audiophile-grade earphones many times their cost.”

The internal design embraces acoustic horn methodology, a revolutionary approach to earphone sound delivery, and a point of difference from the industry status quo. Sound waves captured from the speaker driver are transferred through a converging cone into a transition area that fits snugly inside the ear. Sound waves then move into a second diverging cone and gradually into the ear canal. This internal structure is augmented by external fins that provide a multi-barrier sound isolation seal and unparalleled retention. Thin and flexible silicone rubber fins and angled design assure optimum position and contact within the ear, conforming to contours and allowing for a customized fit. The result is increased comfort and maximum retention, even with intense physical activity and excessive perspiration, appealing to both athletes and audiophiles alike.

The ACOUSTIBUDS™ ( retail package includes 2 sizes of noise-isolating earphone adapters and storage pouches, available in white or black, and can be purchased on for $12.99.

In 1994, Burton Technologies positioned itself as an independent ally for manufacturers by developing and licensing innovative product and technology solutions for companies in specialized sectors worldwide. Its portfolio has grown to include 50 patents and patent applications as well as tens of millions of units produced globally. Today, Burton repositions itself as a DOMESTIC SUPPLIER of accessories for the portable electronics market, with the launch of its award-winning ACOUSTIBUDS™ earphone adaptors.

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