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Linn 360 Loudspeaker: T.H.E. Show 2023

Active loudspeakers were far more visible this year at T.H.E. Show 2023. The Linn 360 delivered high-end resolution, transparency, and very strong bass performance in a large space.

Linn 360 Loudspeaker System at T.H.E. Show 2023

Linn Products has a 50-year track record of offering great audio products, including Turntables, Power Amps, and Speakers. For its 50th year, they have announced a new flagship speaker. The 360, which comes in two variants. The active version of the Linn 360 Loudspeakers were on display this weekend at T.H.E. Show and you can read Lynn Miller’s impression of their performance here.

From Gilad Tiefenbrun, CEO of Linn: “Decades ago, my father astonished a journalist when, upon being asked how – and if – music reproduction could get any better, he replied that he believed that we were only 1% along the road to making music at home as involving and impactful as live performance…As counter-intuitive as it sounds, we have found that the differences we have been able to achieve in our products are actually getting bigger. Much bigger. Because as we reveal more of the tiny details that lend realism to the music, the listener is able to connect with its emotional content in a way that they didn’t realize was possible…Our new 360 loudspeaker comprehensively demonstrates this step change. It is without a doubt the finest loudspeaker we have ever made; streets ahead of our previous benchmark – and we are thrilled to share it with the world today.

Linn Exakt Chart

No Coloration

Linn claims the 360 eliminates audible distortion. This is accomplished by incorporating cutting-edge material science for the drive units and integrating that design with Linn’s amplifier technologies in both the bass system and the new 360 array. As a result, Linn’s newly established Exakt and Space Optimisation technologies eliminate all coloration on the 360.


The tweeter used in the 360 is the first 19mm Beryllium dome seen in the audio industry. Tooled by Linn, the tweeter’s distortion and resonance are pushed above the range of human hearing or the range detectable by Linn engineers’ measurement system. The tweeter produces a clean and open sound. 

Linn 360 midrange, tweeter and upper bass drivers


The 360’s midrange dome incorporates thin-ply, woven carbon fiber. This material provides an optimal mix of stiffness and lightness. Similar to the tweeter, any inherent resonance and distortion present in the midrange drive unit are pushed almost three octaves above the audible range.

Tip: The thin-ply woven carbon fiber was originally used by NASA for the Mars rover. 

Upper Bass 

Both upper and lower bass drive units employ an aluminium-magnesium alloy, selected for its stiffness. This ensures precise piston-like motion without deviation.

Low Bass

The 360’s lower bass drivers are designed for greater range and more than double the excursion of Linn’s previous lower bass drivers. The bass drive units can be pushed loud and driven hard without losing control.

Linn 360 Bass Driver

More On Bass

The bass system in the 360 delivers lower frequency sound with more impact, efficiency, and dramatically less distortion thanks to Linn’s Power DAC technology. Built from the ground up, this new Linn technology combines DAC and amp into a single step – thus extending the digital path and reducing loss. 

360 Array Adaptive Bias Control

Linn’s new Adaptive Bias Control amplifier technology supports the performance of the tweeter, midrange, and upper bass drive units – comprising the all-new 360 Array. Adaptive Bias Control eliminates distortion from the amplifiers using real-time, dynamic management and correction; ensuring that they behave at their absolute optimum in all scenarios – for all types of music, at all kinds of listening levels, and at all times.

Left Linn 360 Loudspeaker System at T.H.E. Show 2023


For a speaker to provide a great listening experience it needs to direct and disperse sound so it reaches the listener. With that in mind, Linn claims that the 360 does the job. 

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The curved front of each speaker tapers from bottom to top, with shaped radii specifically matched to each individual drive unit.

The drive units are placed flush within this baffle, so that they emanate sound, out and away from the speaker, without obstruction. This results in the speaker producing the same tonality in every direction, creating a realistic soundstage.

Linn 360 Loudspeaker Side at T.H.E. Show 2023

Overall Cabinet Design

The 360’s cabinet features folded and formed cutting-edge 3D laminates to construct a fluid front baffle that reaches around either side of the speaker.

Machined into the 360 Array trim piece is a series of concentric arcs – taking the character of vinyl record grooves as a nod to Linn’s legendary Sondek LP12 turntable.


  • The Glasgow Collection: Clyde Built, Single Malt, Linn Heritage
  • The Classic Collection: Piano Black, Alpine White
Linn 360 Loudspeaker Finishes

Variants and Pricing

As mentioned previously, the Linn 360 speakers come in two variants.

Exakt Integrated Variant (for use in conjunction with a Linn DSM Network Music Player): This model incorporates all crossover, amplification, and digital-to-analog conversion circuitry within the speaker. Prices start at $105,000 (€87,500) per pair.

Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB) Variant: This version requires 3rd-party amplification or an all-external Linn Exakt system using Exaktbox. Prices start at $66,000 (€55,500) per pair.

Linn speakers and other products are available through authorized dealers

Linn 360 Model Variant Exakt Integrated
Passive with Aktiv Bass
Speaker Type4-Way Floorstanding4-way Floorstanding
Tweeter19 mm Berylium Dome19 mm Berylium Dome
Midrange64mm Thin-Ply Woven Carbon Dome64mm Thin-Ply Woven Carbon Dome
Upper Bass 190 mm Aluminum/Magnesium Cone190 mm Aluminum/Magnesium Cone
Lower Bass(2) 220 mm Long Throw Aluminum Cone(2) 220 mm Long Throw Aluminum Cone
Crossover TypeExakt DigitalAnalog Passive
ExaktYes Requires external amps and Exakt Box
360 ArrayClass A/B Amp with Adaptive Bias ControlRequires external amplification
Bass SystemPower DAC TechnologyPower DAC Technology
Room CorrectionSpace OptimizationRequires connection to LINN Network Music Player
Available UpgradesN/AExakt
Exakt Link2 availableNone 
Binding PostNone 3 Pairs
XLR for Aktiv BassNone1 available
Cabinet Volume60 liters60 liters
Dimensions (WHD – mm)411 x 1141 x 484 411 x 1141 x 484 
Dimensions (WHD – inches)16.18 x 44.92 x 19.116.18 x 44.92 x 19.1
Weight (with stand – kg)7070
Weight (with stand – lbs)154 154
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