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Floorstanding Speakers

Genelec’s 8381A Smart Active Flagship Loudspeakers Redefine Studio Reference Category

For the audiophile or the studio, Genelec’s flagship all-in-one loudspeaker system bring nearly 6,000-watts of power into your room.

Genelec 8381A Smart Active Loudspeaker Black Lifestyle

In celebration of its 45th anniversary, Genelec has unveiled the 8381A Smart Active Monitoring system, a flagship floor-standing Adaptive Point Source design that fuses exceptional precision and envelopment with unrivalled LF control, huge headroom and high-resolution imaging.

Designed for high-end music recording, mastering and audiophile listening, the 8381A creates a free-standing full-range monitoring solution that can intelligently adapt to any acoustic environment. For audio professionals, the 8381A produces accurate full-band mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems, while audiophiles will experience every detail and nuance of a musical performance.

Genelec 8381A Smart Active Loudspeaker Driver Array Black

As a member of “The Main Ones” range, the 8381A system is acoustically coaxial right down to bass frequencies, and draws on proven technology developed for Genelec’s patented and award-winning “The Ones” family of point source monitors and the W371A Adaptive Woofer System, which themselves can combine to create a free-standing full-range monitoring system.

However, the 8381A raises the performance bar even higher by offering controlled directivity and uncolored response both on and off axis, with an ultra-wide frequency response spanning from 20 Hz to 35 kHz.

Additionally, with almost 6,000 watts of amplifier power and a staggering maximum SPL of 126 dB – the highest figure ever achieved by a precision point source acoustic design – the 8381A claims to offer the most sophisticated features and specification of any audio monitor currently available.    

At the heart of the 8381A is a proprietary high SPL Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) midrange/tweeter driver, which – combined with a powerful Genelec DSP engine – delivers extraordinary clarity, imaging and adaptability. This MDC driver shares a common acoustical axis with the 8381A’s four complementary 5-inch dome drivers, which are arranged as a midrange transduction system, and this unique array combines with a forward-facing 15-inch woofer to provide outstandingly stable directivity, control and coherence.   

To further enhance and extend the 8381A’s low frequency reproduction, a pair of high-performance 15-inch woofers employ the LF adaptive technology originally developed in the W371A, offering high resolution and supreme levels of low-frequency control – despite the effects of room acoustics.

This technology allows the 8381A to tailor performance carefully to the room, offering flatter, smoother in-room response at the listening location, with LF imaging coherent with the full audio range. This flat and neutral LF response minimizes acoustic notching, and reduces detrimental reflections and resonances by the walls, ceiling or floor of the room.     

Genelec RAM-81 Amplifier Module for 8381A Smart Active Loudspeakers
Two Genelec RAM-81 Amplifier Modules are included with purchase per channel.

As part of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family, the 8381A integrates tightly with Genelec’s GLM software, which can configure, calibrate and control entire Genelec smart monitoring systems.

Based on experience from thousands of studios around the world, GLM minimizes the listening room’s influence on the sound, enabling the user to produce mixes that translate perfectly to other systems, whether the format is stereo, surround or high channel count immersive.

GLM also includes the ground-breaking GRADE room report feature, which gives the user a complete analysis of their room and monitoring system performance, providing specific observations and advice on any acoustical issues, helping users and studio designers alike to fine tune the room’s acoustic treatment, adjust monitor and listener positions, and optimize bass management.

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Genelec 8381A Smart Active Loudspeaker Tilt White
Angle the tweeter and mid-range down if needed.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility at Genelec’s headquarters in Iisalmi, Finland, the 8381A comes with a comprehensive SonicAdvisor system calibration and service package to jointly celebrate Genelec’s 45th anniversary, and the company’s total commitment to its customers and to sustainable development.    

“The demand for high quality free-standing full-range monitoring systems has been clear from the exceptional response to The Ones and W371A combination,” comments Genelec Managing Director Siamäk Naghian. “It was also evident that there was a desire from customers for a free-standing system that could deliver even more headroom and increased low frequency extension. And while we continue to offer a wide range of soffit-mounting main monitors, we’re confident that the flexibility and mobility of a floor-standing adaptive system like the 8381A will provide the perfect solution for any discerning user seeking a truly next-generation sonic reference.”

Key Features

Point Source Continued Directivity (PCD): Premiered on the 8381A, important frequencies are experienced radiating from the same location and in perfect time alignment – creating precise sound imaging, natural soundstage presentation, and enabling the lowest frequencies to be reproduced at their intended source locations.

Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC): Driver technology delivering mid and high frequencies from a single point source, for extremely accurate sound images.

Quad Midrange System (QMS): Acoustically coaxial woofer solution that supports the MDC driver output and maintains directivity in lower frequencies, enabling the point source to work down into the woofer range.

Double Low-Woofer (DLW) system: Recoil-compensated adaptive low-woofer solution that combines with the PCD for the freedom to place the 8381A in the desired room location – with no compromise in performance or imaging detail.

Smart Active Monitoring (SAM): SAM Technology enables monitors and subwoofers to network for automated system calibration and room adaption, utilising digital signal processing.

Genelec 8381A Smart Active Loudspeaker Black Angle


  • SPL: 126 dB
  • Amplifier Power: Total amplifier power 5926 W (Class D)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 35 kHz (“-6 dB”)
  • Accuracy of Frequency Response: ± 1.5 dB
  • Driver Dimensions:
    • 2 x 15-inch (381 mm) Bass (side)
    • 1 x 15-inch (381 mm) Bass (front)
    • 4 x 5-inch (127 mm) Midrange
    • 1 x ~1-inch (25 mm) Coaxial Tweeter
  • Dimensions
    • H 57 13/32 x W 19 11/16 x D 27 5/16 in
    • H 1458 x W 500 x D 694 mm
  • Weight: 440.9 lbs (200 kg)
  • Connections
    • 2 x XLR Analog Input
    • 2 x XLR Analog Output
    • 2 x XLR AES/EBU Input
    • 2 x XLR AES/EBU Output
    • 4 x RJ45 Control

In the Box

The Genelec 8381A is shipped in a plywood-covered pallet containing the top and bottom enclosures (both needed for one complete unit). The full package contains:

  • Two individually calibrated RAM-81 amplifier units and an accessory kit, including incliner wedges to optimise the vertical acoustic axis. 
  • Quick Setup Guide with link to product website and documents, including the Operating Manual. 
  • GLM Kit and GLM software access. 
  • 8381A specific SonicAdvisor™ services.

Price & Availability

The Genelec 8381A Smart Active Monitoring Loudspeaker system will be available in black or white for $64,000/pair by October 2023, which includes a total of four RAM-81 amplifiers (2 per channel). The 8381A can also be purchased individually at $32,000 per channel and include a warranty of 2 years unregistered, and 10 years (in total) for registered users

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