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Floorstanding Speakers

Sun Audio Purified 4 Modular Loudspeakers are Future Proof

Sun Audio offers new approach to audiophile system building. Bring your own crossover, amplifier and customize all settings.

Sunaudio Purified 4 Loudspeakers

Netherlands-based Sun Audio is offering up a new speaker that takes a different approach. Instead of joining the “all in one box” trend in powered speakers, their new Purified 4 depends on an external crossover and amplification. As Sun Audio puts it, the Purified 4 is “Active Ready.”

To put it another way, the Purified 4 provides the speaker drivers, enclosure, and stand, and the buyer has to provide their own crossover and amp to make it work. 

Although Sun Audio’s approach is very uncommon among home audio, many professional loudspeaker systems work this way. However, in those cases the same brand’s amp and controllers are usually required. As an example, all Theory Audio Design loudspeakers separate electronics from speaker cabinet.

Active Ready Advantages

Sun Audio feels the main advantage of keeping the electronics and software (e.g. power supply, amplifiers, DSP, DRC (Dynamic Range Compression), DAC/ADC, streamer) outside the speaker is that listeners can use the hardware and software they prefer and upgrade as they please. Another advantage is that the more ventilated and less resonant environment of the dedicated external enclosures reduces the mechanical wear of the electronics. As long as the speaker drivers remain undamaged, the loudspeakers are essentially future proof.

Sunaudio Purified 4 Loudspeaker Woofer

Enclosure Design

Purified 4’s enclosure incorporates a spherical and rounded design. This supports a smooth sound radiation pattern. Using a full aluminum enclosure minimizes unwanted resonances. A dedicated steel tripod loudspeaker stand is included with the Purified 4.

Purified 4 Speaker Driver Options

Woofer Options: The Purified 4 provides 4-inch low-distortion woofer drivers in Fiber Mix or Aluminum.

Midrange Options: The Purified 4 provides 4-inch low-distortion midrange drivers in Fiber Mix or Aluminum (BlieSMA).

Tweeter Options: The Purified 4 provides a selection of five tweeters with the following materials

  • 25mm Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Dome.
  • 25mm Beryllium Dome.
  • 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter.
  • 34mm Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Dome 
  • 34mm Beryllium Dome
Sunaudio Purified 4 Loudspeaker Tweeter

Tip: Speaker impedance is 4 ohms

Crossover Guidance

To guide users as to how to implement their own crossover, Sun Audio provides a crossover profile tuned for optimal performance in the listening window and estimated in-room response. 

In addition, the measurement data set for the Purified 4 offers the advanced user the opportunity to fine-tune the crossover and PEQ (Parametric Equalizer) used to their specific requirements. 

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For further crossover guidance and measurement examples, refer to the Purified 4 Measurements Page

Sunaudio Purified 4 Loudspeakers Front Angle

Included Stand

  • Tri-Pod Design
  • Steel frame with rubber dampers on top and bottom
  • Mounting hole to secure the spherical woofer or midrange module
  • Jet Black powder coated
  • Demountable design, two parts
  • Fixed WBT-703Cu pole terminals for the tweeter module

Dimensions with Stand

  • Height (with speakers mounted): 88 cm (34.6-inches)
  • Depth: 28 cm (11-inches)
  • Width (base): 31 cm (12.2-inches 
Sunaudio Purified 4 Loudspeaker Rear

Price and Availability

The Sun Audio Purified 4 is available in 40 variant priced from $3,200/pair to $4,729/pair (USD) through Sun Audio in hardwood or high-quality black plastic.

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  1. GM

    March 25, 2024 at 11:58 pm

    34.6″ high overall. So the tweeter is no more than ~26″ above the floor?
    Too low. My ears are at 42″ while seated. One would be better off sitting on the floor.

    • Ian White

      March 26, 2024 at 5:34 pm


      As someone who is 6’3″, I totally get that. However, the pair of Q Acoustics M40 Wireless Speakers that are currently in my den in NJ are only 29″ tall — and that has not been an issue so far. I was rather skeptical myself and I even tried them on 2″ thick concrete bases. The top end is clear, spacious, and very open sounding on these even with the height issue. And they are not angled/tilted upwards.

      The on-axis dispersion is very good. The off-axis (sitting off to the side) is rather different.


      Ian White

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