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The Likewise TV Streaming Search Hub

Cut down on your search time with the Likewise TV Streaming Search Hub. It actually works rather well.

Likewise Personal Streaming Hub

Millions of TV viewers have cut-the-cord and get most or all of their content from streaming services, but finding what to watch isn’t always easy. It can sometimes take hours (at least it seems that way) just to find that hot 1-hour show or 90-minute movie, but by that time, your interest in actually watching may have waned. 

The core content access issue is that shows and movies are scattered across a number of streaming services. Some shows and movies may be available on multiple services, but most of the really big ones are exclusive to a specific service and you don’t always know what service that is. 

Enter Likewise TV

Likewise TV Search Hub

To help solve this problem Likewise TV can help you find that elusive show or movie faster telling you what service it’s on instead of going to each service and using their in-app search option. 

To put it more simply Likewise provides viewers with a central hub or gateway to finding streaming content. 

Note: Likewise is currently only available in the US and Canada. More countries could be added.  

Unlike most streaming apps, you don’t actually watch content on Likewise TV, it helps you find it, but if you click on the content icon it will take you to the show or movie, or if offered on multiple services, you can click on the service you want to watch it on. By the same token, if you type in a title that is not available on the streaming services curated by Likewise, you will be told that as well.

Organize Viewing

Likewise Homepage March 2022

In addition to searching, you can use the Likewise TV app to organize watchlists, see what’s new and trending, and launch any movie or show where it’s available for streaming. 

The Likewise TV app can be downloaded and used free on Apple TV, FireTV, AndroidTV  (click on the direct links or check your device’s app store) as well as iOS and Android smartphones. You can also access Likewise TV on any web browser. 

Tip: Likewise TV was not available on Roku devices as of the original publish date of this article. 


In addition to search, Likewise also provides recommendations. 

Likewise TV Recommendation Example

Using a combination of machine learning, smart tech, and signals from your social network you can get recommendations. The more information you give to Likewise about your tastes, the more it can give back to you! Use the Likewise apps to tell it what you love, and build your saves so it knows what you are interested in enjoying later.

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In addition to recommendations tailored to you, Likewise TV posts other lists to guide you. Some of these recommendation lists include:

  • The Best Shows and Movies to Stream This Week
  • The Best Documentaries Streaming Now
  • The Best Action Movies Streaming Now
  • 15 Must-Watch Thrillers You Haven’t Seen Yet
  • Top Oscar-Nominated Movies This Year

Search Support

Likewise Supported Devices

Likewise TV supports the top 15 streaming services ranging from Netflix to Crunchyroll with more being added as time moves forward.

  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Disney Plus
  • Hulu
  • EPIX
  • AMC
  • Showtime
  • Peacock
  • Tubi 
  • Fubo TV
  • Spectrum On-Demand
  • Crunchyroll
  • iTunes
  • Paramount+

NoteLikewise TV is backed by Bill Gates via Gates Ventures.

For more information:

Other Streaming Search Hub options

Likewise TV is the newest, but it’s not the only streaming content search option that provides results for multiple content services. The following search hubs are also available and free to use.


Roku Search (Free with Roku TV, media streamer, or smart soundbar)

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