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Anyone Here can Help Me Please.????HELP HELP HELPTyler Durden8
The new cooltec binKerry M2
Motorized System how it needs to configure?Felipe Villa1
Please Need help captive works CW-600s firmwareJORGE MORALES1
New bin for CooCoo/Digisat/Megasat4000ProAlehandro3
BEVthien cang15
NO transponders found, zero qualitySteve Ng10
Need Keys for the Microyal 1200 receiver pleasecool goose1
Dishnet FTAIkaika Nakoa8
Can any1 Post me this bin file 277Tv1.bui le2
Eva helpNancy Suarez9
Pansat no ppv or xxx channels help?Steve Ng58
Please do not Post 277Tv.Ikaika Nakoa2
Help with Digi7000Jdq6
Eva or Tyler I need urgent help help help ASAP Fortec recieverBarbara Adams10
All You Need To KnowSomeone5
Eva need this Bin File Please Post 277Tv1.Someone1
Pansat 2700aSomeone1
Tyler Duren Read Can u Post this 277Tv1. threadTyler Durden2
Need this Bin FIle 277Tv1.Someone1
Post This Bin File 277Tv1.Someone1
Need New Pansat 2500a Bin File Tyler Durden2
Lava 3200 display stuck on (ON)E Hij6
Wrong timeTyler Durden3
Pansat2500a clone safe bin and loader hereNick298
So frustrated! flashing bin successful, but yet not successful help!Tyler Durden19
EMU-ON? What do you have to say on this..Tyler Durden2
Viewsat 2000 Platinumberlin7
Flash update fail?Boyce19
Pansat2700 n2rimran20
Scrambled channelsLK5
LK or EVA, can you guys help me out?LK12
EvaEva Diaz2
Dishnet 121Heather4
Loading problemBoyce1
AMC 4 ProblemEva Diaz10
Pansat 2700-N2Boyce23
DTV cracked --- FTAdicksinbutts2
Question abou EPG for BEVNick10
Pansat 2500a Fried!!!!!Eva Diaz37
Why won't my ps2500a flash?Eva Diaz3
Pansat 2700aEva Diaz8
Digiwave Fix Fully openDerickLehtinen16
HashhuRaging Fisher6
Sat cruiser 101 + new firmware working?pannu3
New Bin for Microyal MRX 1200?Peche Figueroa4
Unable to receive the Guide from BEV with Viewsat Xtmoutlooker2028
Does anybody have the new keys for pansat2700A and Digiwave 7000?Eva Diaz9
What am I doing wrong???thien cang6
Bin FileEva Diaz5
LK or Eva Read The Thread Bin FileEva Diaz2
Eva I am having Hardware and communication errorEva Diaz21
Kevn mally i need the websit againthien cang2
My BU 1.4 wont load bin PLEASE HELPbane j13
New ChannelsSefer4
Can the fta mess up a sub?Mike Hano8
Old Fortec lifetime receiver need bin fileBarbara Adams8
Fortec flashing power lightsyd17
EVA - - LK - - anyone else !!!! Megasat yt6688 clone of what???? wh...outlooker20213
Re: duplication of channelsepor9
Fix for JVC 7100/7200 dish playerarsh1
Pansat2500a setup instructionsEva Diaz10
Flash Failed to Update any suggestions? Eva Diaz4
Just a quick question - what exactly does auto-roll do ??dantetn15
Is it true?Karla4
Hey guys why did we need to buy the viewsat if the pansat is workin...outlooker2028
Pansat 2700adantetn2
LK. i coudnt find bin 272v1LK8
GlobeCast keys (2006-06-14)Tyler Durden7
Channel list manager helpNick5
Help me EGP rex-1 anmolsandhu1
TNT ChannelJoel Nubla3
Is it true?Karla1
Eva are you really in usa?pirate pete1
Pansat 2700AOsama-Bin file5
Rex-1 is working anmolsandhu1
2700 /legacy swiches/ for LKpirate pete5
Channel masterwakenbake3
I have a problem with my bin file?Ryan5
Is MegaSat 4000 a clone? if you know the answer, please reply.Tyler Durden10
Key's for AtMega/2700 receiver please?zain1
Nimiq 2pirate pete6
How do i open a .rar file... with a loader?Eva Diaz6
Viewsat 2000 PlatinumGoogs Man13
Which Loader Do i need?abde kabar9
FTA - if you do not have DishNet 110Tom3
Crazy Problempirate pete3
Quick an mybe silly question,is there a way we can get the GUIDE to...wakenbake8
FREE PPV TV in Central America??Varius13
Still Getting Knight Rider Lights!wakenbake2
The problem is fixed (ppv,xxx, & more ALL work )LK11
Knight Rider Flashing Lights, PlZ Help???Tyler Durden9
EVA------how to load the BEV keys Echostar8 10 to my viewsatbaba khan2
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