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Klipsch vs. Logitech?sally thompson21
Speakers for Computer!!John Mack3
Any recommendations for desktop speakers?dellnas2
No Sound from TV used as Monitornate liv3
Logitech z-2300 vs logitech z cinemanate liv2
Best for $99 speakersJames Lee1
Looking for pc speakers....angeljoe5
On pc speakers: short buzzing & cutting outDoreen2
Amplifying Computer Speaker Systemieee4887
Looking for Advent AV270 or AV570D1
Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Computer Speaker SystemBerny3
Little Help PleaseBerny2
Laptop to Home Theater System?Brad S17
I want to convert my aiwa stereo speakers to computer speakersEian1
Good 2.1 channel speaker system for under $100.00Michael Baxter1
Monitor speakers with an HT sub.superjazzyJa1
Need some major help!!ieee4882
Need advice on dorm speakernieh4
New USB Audio surround adapter rear failureKevin1
Bose Soundlink wireless music systemShani Clinton2
Speakers EchoingDevin Marie7
A small question from a noobJexx2
New Bose computer speakers. Jexx6
Satellite m500 external speakers buzzingJexx2
To anyone with Bose Companion 3 series IIJexx2
Can a home audio system subwoofer be used on a computer sound system?Jexx4
Connect bookshelf speaker to PC via M-Audio preampJexx2
Surround sound not wroking on xpatif1
Laptop and home theatre ?zhaojiabei2
Logitech 5500 and a coax cable (some problems)Francois3
Can I hook up a Subwoofer AND Speaker to Computer?Robert Chin8
Which is best 2.1 speaker set for $75? Brian Carr5
Best 5.1 channel set - pls help me to choosebala1
Speakers for computerabby zhao4
Can I hook up a SoundBar and use it as PC Speakers?!?!Steve Yuhas1
How to Attach two Logitech Z-2300 to one laptop ?BTNH1
AHH wth my speakers keep poppinGlassWolf2
Bose vs. KlipschGlassWolf6
Need replacement woofer for X-540...BliND Fury1
Connecting speaker wires to RCA plug (High level to low level)Stephen Lau1
Using Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Speakers for TV?Daniel Padolsky1
Where to start lookin...??andy d5
Speakers will not sound/ recognizeBerny2
Powered PC SpeakersBerny2
3 Way speaker cablesT_D19841
4Gamers 5.1 Speakers to Computerdaniel scrobe2
Klipsch ProMedia Speakers 2.1daniel scrobe2
HELP stero speakers to pcdaniel scrobe7
New cheap speaker for iPod austin taylor1
Creative GigaWorks T20daniel scrobe2
Swans Speakersdaniel scrobe3
Help me decide...Gavin2
Speakers keep blowinStephen M.2
CPU speakers to DVD Player.Andrew Bollivar4
Hooking up small car speaker to my laptop??harn3
Juz curious if such a thing is possibleharn2
New System including Logitech 5500 and an X-FI Xtreme Music card harn3
Looking for wireless laptop speakersharn2
USB Inexpensive Speakers harn4
5.1 speakers for my macbook pro?harn6
Better then Klipsch Pro media 5.1?jacob8
5.1 surround for Computer?shane monteath1
Plead for Help.Eric Forbes2
Car audio to computerJexx2
My speakers don't workReikyon Shazane Koro8
Powered Monitors for my LaptopLuis1
Want to buy speakersAndre Money7
Good speaker system for a low priceMichael Kory Woods18
Need powered PC speakers that connect via RCA inputsJosh Arenson6
Hooking Logitechs x530's to more then one thingBerny2
Logitech Z5500 - Creative X-Fi... here's a doozieBerny2
Amplifier hooked up to computer?Berny2
Individual volume control for 5.1 speakersKen Bokman7
Help hooking up speakersJexx8
Dvd player to pcKen Bokman6
HELP!!! Connecting Z-5500 to sound card via S/PDIF Optical (digital...Berny2
Logitech Z5300e or Z5500Ken Bokman8
Speakers/Subwoofer on a budgetcurtis massey4
Computer Speakers - Adding Extra set and use with Stereotommy cathey1
Help with Custom Speacker setupkyle robinson9
Looking for pretty good 2.1 systemSean Penn7
PC to stereo?Berny2
My speakers do not work!Berny10
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 - What wires to solder to what pins...kyle robinson2
IMPORTANT ? on Computer Speakerskyle robinson7
Optical toslink converter?Berny2
Altec Lansing ATP3 volume control/power know gone badBob Ha1
Logitech Z-5450 or Z-5500?Berny6
Can't get speakers working. They do work ,, not on new computer..h...Paul Cherry1
Computer to Studio Monitors -- A/C Hum Problem...Berny4
Logitech Z5500 5.1 dvd player???Berny2
Setting up 5.1 computer speakers in corner...Berny2
Need help connecting 5.1 speakers to laptopfoggy84
Logitech Z-5500 paired with Sblive! 5.1 Digital or X-fi xtreme musi...earl5
SB Live 5.1 Digital Sound Cardearl3
I cant download somethingBerny2
Orange, Green, Black - how to connectalan v4
Planning to buy decent speakers... alan v14
Is it possible to use computer subwoofer in the car ?Zulkir3
Logitech Z5500Matt K2
Car speakers?angry dwarf2
Need Help: Wiring Question.Michael Mackenzie1
Help needed. how do i connect 5.1 home theater to PC?hope this helps3
Speakers pop when fridge turns on!fps_dean2
Two SpeakersRowland Brown4
Speakers pop and then stop workingAceofhearts13271
Speaker System QuestionJexx2
Speakers and ComputersJexx2
High end pc speakers vs low end HTIBJexx5
No sound, but speakers POP when powering downJexx2
Logitech Z680 and SB Live!Brad Adams3
I thought Harmon Kardon was supposed to be nice!! help???Anonymous2
Help Me Please!!! Jexxen Trivic2
Someone please help me!!!!alan v2
HELP i have a problemYoung James2
Output to separate speakersbswarm3
Speaker "hum" or interferenceJosh Slater3
Speakers to complement my bose wave radio/cdJosh Slater2
Speaker Advice?Laurie Edward.5
Speakers "pop" at power-upMike52112
Connecting laptop to speakersBadger1
Klipsch Promedia 5.1 and electrical spike???Laurie Edward.2

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