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Polk Momo MM12 Sub. Any Recommended Amps?Fosgate Monster Audi1
Power for my subsIsaac2
Will this cause clippingGlassWolf2
Best subs for my ...ALPHASONIC PMA 2300Jonathan5
Quick RMS questionJonathan5
What amp do you guys think?Isaac2
Best amp for this sub? ( 15" kicker l5)Paul Harrison6
Some easy help pleaseIsaac10
Ok everyone i know what i want, now i need help wiring it.Arrin Patterson5
Confusing amp situation. Can't figure it out.Isaac3
Confused About Amps!GlassWolf65
Amp for shivaGlassWolf4
Amp for rockford fosgateBadAzzBowtie2
Advice: Do I need A new HO Alt and/or Battery?Damien Roberts4
Are Planet Audio amps any good???(the 1250.1)GlassWolf5
Rockford Fosgate Punch P8002Jonathan2
Seems the Sub is running a bit quietJonathan4
So much bass that i cant hear the treble of my music....Joseph8
Proper amp for component speakers?Aaron5
Need to know about amp for Kicker 15" comp subJoseph4
Im Stumped, Please helpArrin Patterson6
Help choose amp...Travis Hogg1
Where to buy JBL bp 1200.1 ?dat3
Fuse under the hood blew, please helpDamien Roberts14
Dont know what kind of amp to get for my subDamien Roberts2
Remote wire hook upDamien Roberts2
What is BFC ?GlassWolf4
Help with my system please!Isaac2
What amp should i get for 2 12" l7 solobarics?cavi9543
Whats better Subs threw mono or stereoIsaac2
Good place to get Diamond Audio?BlownRiv76
What Amp to Power This Sub? Steve1
Amp wont turn off unless fuse is outPat Lorenz3
Amplifier Information overloadGlassWolf5
Mono-block amp with 2 outputs???GlassWolf2
Is it requiered for a fuse under the hood for the amp wire?Damien Rob.5
Humming sound comming from amp while the deck is off, y?Anonymous4
How to install 2 subs into mono channel amp?Mark Payne3
Amp for audiobahn subsGlassWolf2
Phantom Amp?GlassWolf8
I need to shut pandora's box. A mix bag of questions.GlassWolf8
Which Alpine Amp for Perfect's 5.1 and 6.1 components?JTran1
Fuse ratingsGlassWolf2
WHAT SIZE AMP????GlassWolf2
My amp just suddenly diedryan12
Can i do this?James T. Kirk10
Just Bought Cadence amp and Kicker sub how do i wire them up?John De Groot3
Where can get a kicker XS100 amplifier!!!!!GlassWolf4
Amp for a kicker submark danes1
Wiring 3 JLw3 dual 4 ohms for a mtx thunder81000dAINTnoLOVE4
Amp DiedAnonymous2
Confused on the wiring on my amp, can anyone help?Maurice Ouellette3
Mtx421d good?GlassWolf2
What amp should i get for these?GlassWolf5
Experimental amplifier: Input neededGlassWolf4
Would anyone recomend the Boss iQ 680.2 Ryan Tilton1
Mobile Authority Ampsxxmdfmkxx4
Wiring KitsSkeeter6
Amp and Box for diamond M6's Eric772
Question every one likes i got close to a thousand dollars wat subs...Thales Santos4
Jonathan or Glasswolf or both??GlassWolf7
Question for glass on jbl 600.1 at 1 ohmBraddon Calloway3
Running subs at 1 ohmGlassWolf3
Good mono amp for two 12"solo barics?sean4
4 channel Virtual reality ampmahanes1
Do I need to upgrade My alternator/Battery etc?GlassWolf4
Which amp? :-/Drtbker4life4
Which sub for this amp?Paul19861
Mono vs. 2-channel ampGlassWolf7
Wiring kitGlassWolf2
Is a JBL1200.1 overkill for 2 Kicker CVR12s?jeremie boop2
My setupGlassWolf9
Would this workGlassWolf4
1 jl w3GlassWolf3
How much WATTS does my amp need to be?GlassWolf3
900 dollarsIGOTIT4CHEAP4
2 channel and mono ampsDuane6
How much WATTS?Duane10
Alternator and battery questionGlassWolf4
RCA Interconnection CableGlassWolf5
NEED HELP iam in a jam!!!!...which amp?GlassWolf3
Please help amp for HX2please hellp1
Anybody got any opinions on bazooka?post your opinionsChris7
What should I set my phase shitft atGlassWolf7
Please post, what amp for my alpine subs *Help Please*GlassWolf7
Problem with jl 300/2GlassWolf2
I need to make a 4 ohm sub work on a 8ohm subGlassWolf3
What amp will power up two solo baric L5 12" kickersMillaLite1
How to install 2 subs into mono channel amp?Troy Bilodeau4
Amp for w6v2'sJosh Beck6
What does This mean?Chris1
Good amp for a rockford fosgate hx2dperi1
Rockford amp runnin a rockford Hx2dperi3
What Amp do I need?BadAzzBowtie2
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