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sup guys. right now i have one jl 500/1 powering 3 infinity 12's. it hits pretty hard, and sounds excellent but i want more power. I am going to switch out the 3 subs for 2 jl W7 12's, and so i have to decide what amps to get.
I am thinking of getting 2 more jl 500's, but would i be better off getting 1 jl 1000/1?

my dealer claims that the 500/1 gives off about 1000 watts (the way he wires i guess, or hes exaturating)...so i dunno, what should i do? thanks
oh by the way, drtbker4life is my aim screen name, i would really appreciate it if someone who knows about this stuff would let me ask them a few questions, please IM me if you can :-) thanks

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oh by the way, price is sorta a factor here, i would like to keep the amp price under like 1000

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He's a bit off.
The 600/1 has an actual output around 600-650 watts. more than rated, but not 1000w.
The 1000/1 puts out about 1400wRMS, which works very well with a pair of 12W7 subs.
You'll want that amp as the W7 line uses odd impedances, so it's difficult to match them to another amp and get the power you want.
MTX's 1501 might do the trick as well, since it's 1500 watts @ 2 ohms, it'd be around 1000 at 3.

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well remember i already have 1 500/1, and i plan to keep that too, it would work if i used that and one 1000/1 right?
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