Is it requiered for a fuse under the hood for the amp wire?


hi people, i just hooked up my amp with out a fuse by the battery, does it matter? what is the purpose of it to be there?

i forgot to mention my amp is 500 watts but sounds like about 700 or 800 watts its hooked up with a 15" kicker.

Damien Rob.
Unregistered guest
YES!!!!!! PUT A FUSE AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE BATTERY!!! IF IT SHORTS THE ENTIRE CABLE WILL BURN AND PROBABLY YOUR CAR WITH IT!!! The area between the battery and the fuse holder is NOT protected, this is why it is very important to make that length of wire between the battery post and the fuse holder as short as possible!

how would i put the fuse on the wire?, do i cut the power cord in half and put the fuse on 1 end which is the wire that is coming from the battery and then on the other end from the amp to the battery?

Damien Rob.
Unregistered guest
Here is a crappy schematic:

[Battery]------<(~fuse~)>-----------------> Amp

A "fuse holder" has two ends (one on each side). You cut the wire in half with in a FOOT (the shorter the better) of the battery. You then connect the cable from the battery to one side of the holder and the cable that goes to the amp on the other side.
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