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In Need of Some Direction on a New ReceiversuperjazzyJa3
Frustrated - Do I Need a New Receiver or Video Card?Edgewater3
Need Helpleo stierer3
Looking for stereo system for businessleo stierer4
Upgrading from a HK AV-630 (Axiom Speakers)Jan Vigne12
Need amp to run six or eight JBL control 1 speakers at an exhibitionJan Vigne4
Help with clipping.... well advise anyways.leo stierer22
Rear speakers from stereo/ front speakers from tv???G.DawG5
Looking for a new receiverJake9
Harman/Kardon HK3490 en route...leo stierer18
Bridging Onkyo tx sr 875 with beovox speakers.Yasin15
Receiver/Speaker Combo QuestionsuperjazzyJa7
Kenwood Receiver not producing soundJan Vigne13
Sound from tv onlybill hankins3
Cant get Marantz 6005 to play back DTS Surround.diggytooth87
Easiest receiverStu Pitt4
System setup failing, n00b styleJan Vigne2
Onkyo tx-nr609sam5
A/V for mainly listening to music.diggytooth86
Connect Digital Audio Out Port to Composite RCA Input (Red/White)...Jan Vigne6
Speaker SwitchJan Vigne2
Pioneer VSX 5300Todd15
Which receiver? Mike1
Pioneer VSX-821-k set upJan Vigne2
BB/Magnolia Sells OPPO BD in Chicagoleo stierer5
Receiver choice helpbrannigans law3
Sony STR SE501Bobby6
Voltage Regulation and concern for my Cambridge Azure 640AJohn Cartwright16
Onkyo TX-SR608 receiver and speaker issueBobby8
NAD T757 vs. Onkyo 709jim bob3
Need affordable receiver suggestionsuperjazzyJa37
Best HT Reciever for Gaming (ps3)Zarman1
Need Help troubleshooting a Marantz SR5200 with mysterious fluctuat...leo stierer11
Re doing old radio had some questionsJan Vigne7
New Receiver for some Boston Acoustics SpeakerssuperjazzyJa16
Onkyo protection mode changing channels, Directv, audio stream change.GlassWolf6
Onkyo TX-NR509 OR Denon AVR-1612 ??GlassWolf4
Looking for a networked multi-zone receiver under $800Raymond Ngun1
Sony STR-DN1000 Automatic Muting ProblemsuperjazzyJa10
Keep the Marantz SR-18U or get a Rotel setup?superjazzyJa15
Need advice on upgrading my systemJan Vigne14
GUI Problem,maybe?Jan Vigne5
Receiver and Soundbar Volume ControlsuperjazzyJa4
Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.Ed78
ONKYO 2 Zone receiver TR-SR608 superjazzyJa15
Need NAD T763 firmware upgradebommai23
NAD T754 vs T747bommai1
HT Receiver for movies and musicArt2
Kenwood VR-606/Subwoofer issuesBryan5
Semi Quadrophonic Instalation (Semi Surround)leo stierer3
I-link 9500 HD digital audio output question?johns203
Need help with 3 zone receiver & speakers....please.Jan Vigne10
SR6005/AVR991/VSX33 to replace my old Marantz SR5200Art17
Is the ability to set independent crossover settings for speakers i...Jan Vigne4
Yamaha R V1105Jan Vigne8
Problems getting surround sound with TVJan Vigne2
WOW!!!leo stierer2
Best Reciever Under $1000Jan Vigne2
Outlaw saleleo stierer5
Onkyo receiver PCB hidden functionsOutPhase3
Receiver Input/Output Questions About a Home SetupBob5
Where to start...Jan Vigne2
NAD T743 - Audio Stopped WorkingGonzaga3
What type of receiver should I buy and how can i tell?leo stierer11
Which speakers for my HK AVR7300Igor1
I've creative T6160 and receiver Fahd Alarifi2
Pioneer remoteleo stierer4
Replacing my Sony Receiver with ???superjazzyJa10
Receiver for Technics TTPlymouth6
Denon receiver and Paradigm speakers - need adviceRandy Wright19
Onkyo tx-sr607 receiver looses picture while keeping soundPontus w1
Receiver help neededStu Pitt6
Anthem MRX seriesNuck2
RCA red inputs only work not the white ones????Jan Vigne3
Sony STR-DE345 Hookup HelpJan Vigne18
Yamaha RX-V863Jan Vigne9
NAD T773 humsuperjazzyJa2
A/V set up with Hight Def box.superjazzyJa13
Stereo receiver to match PSB Image T5 speakersPeter Hanes9
Home theater tv tunerleo stierer17
Hooking up vcr(composites) to yamaha htr-6050Jan Vigne3
Need help denon Avr-588 quick respone pleaseEric G10
Need help finding simple soundStu Pitt3
Lost audio conundrum!!Plymouth5
Stereo DaveChris8
Having trouble no getting sound through receiver DENON AVR-391superjazzyJa4
1500 Watt receiver for under $400?superjazzyJa12
How replace stereo receiver driving multi-room system with AV recei...Jan Vigne2
NAD T753 Freezes - any ideas?Jan Vigne2
Seeking advice on replaced used digital receiverStu Pitt11
No audio on my yamaha rx-v1065 receiver when connecting my laptopNuck3
Living RoomPeter Phelan6
#85Jan Vigne1
DSP modesNuck5
No zone 2 output Bose Lifestyle 5James Lee2
Receiver For Under 200?James Lee2
First time poster! Some perspective please?Gavin4
NAD T763 No SoundDana B.3
Pioneer Elite SC25leo stierer15
Im back!Jan Vigne2
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