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I have a pioneer receiver VSX-9500S. The remote is no longer avail, but i found one at a used electronics store for $5. Fact of the matter is it's the wrong remote!! but ALL the functions on it work exactly!!! So if you find a remote similar to the original chances are it might work.The model of my remote is : CU-VSX028, works great!!!}}}

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As we've previously mentioned on this forum, the mass market manufacturers will build components in "series". In other words, a line up of, say, ten Pioneer receivers for 2011 will be made up from, maybe, three basic components within the price structure. Each series of receivers will have a base model and then a few models which share the same architecture of that unit but claim higher wattage output and more features. If you loooked at the internal chassis of the base model, you would see large open areas where nothing exists until that chassis is used to make the higher priced components. Jumpers across circuit boards represent those features lacking in the lower priced models. The next series up does the same as will the next series up. This affords economy of production and lowers the cost to the manufacturer and the buyer. "Remote controls" are purchased from a contracted supplier and Pioneer, Sony, Marantz, NAD, etc. all buy what are esentially generic remote receivers which are then tweaked to the needs of a specific manufacturer and, in some cases, the needs of a specific component. So, yes, it is not at all uncommon to find a remote that is "wrong" in terms of the model number for your particular component yet works well with the component. It's not at all impossible for some remotes from one manufacturer to operate a few functions on another manufacturer's devices. As universal remotes show, most of these codes are very common amongst all manufacturers. If you can't find a generic remote that will work with your component, an authorized service/repair center for your manufacturer can order most remotes going back about ten years. However, as remotes become more complicated in their functions, the cost of the remote from the manufacturer oftentimes makes it a better solution to buy a universal remote from a company such as Logitech or All in One.


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You'll probably find that your Pioneer remote will control just about any Pioneer receiver except where a particular feature on the receiver is missing from the remote. My two TVs are Sony's one flat screen that 's 2 yrs old and one 7 yo tube set. Both remotes will operate both sets when using features both sets have in common.

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I use Logitech. Internet programable, too, via computer. Just plug in and answer some questions. In my case, 5 components and several 'macros' make life a little easier.

Spouse friendly and removes a LOT of remote clutter.
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