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Floorstanding Speakers

Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeakers Unveiled: Time to Get Freaky?

Looking for a soulful loudspeaker with a small footprint that will make crazy beautiful music in your home? Meet the new Zu Soul 6 loudspeaker.

Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeakers Lifestyle

If your listening habits lean towards low-powered tube amplifiers or single driver loudspeakers, you’re probably familiar with Utah-based, Zu Audio. Zu definitely doesn’t play by the rules in the audiophile kingdom; and they certainly don’t play boring audiophile music at hi-fi shows. They have a “music first” philosophy that makes them really intriguing as a loudspeaker brand and the bespoke quality of their products speaks for itself. Sean Casey doesn’t mess around. The new Zu Soul 6 speakers are much more expensive than the previous generation but we suspect there’s a lot more going on under the hood for that $5,995 price.

The Zu Soul 6 are probably huge on tone; there is this weird misconception in the audiophile world that Zu’s designs are just for people who love SET amplifiers and really loud volume levels.

Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeaker Pair

We’re pretty sure that none of these people have every listened to a pair of these American-made loudspeakers that are phenomenal when it comes to tone, dynamics, scale, and the gestalt of live music.

Isn’t that why you buy high-end loudspeakers? To feel like you’re listening to the real thing?

The human voice has texture and emotion behind it. A living breathing person trying to communicate with you.

That’s where a speaker like the Zu Soul 6 is going to demonstrate its true value.

Pair these amp with a good amplifier; can be tubes or solid-state and pay close attention to the setup as Zu’s speakers are rather particular about that.

Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeakers Lifestyle in red

From the press release:

Zu’s redesigned Soul 6 loudspeaker combines the build quality to rival the finest furniture with a sound that sets a new standard for what is possible within a modern form in an accommodating size. It’s what happens when design and engineering fall helplessly in love with the sonic promise and architecture of the classic Zu Soul.

Yes, Soul looks fantastic: clean, timeless, yet modern and the perfect size. With the previous Soul versions it was a touch tricky to define its performance and took considerable care in amp selection and room tuning. Not so with the new Soul 6. Amp matching is far less critical, as is placement within your room.

The new Zu Soul 6 puts out truly gripping life-like dynamics and irresistibly sincere tone. Textures bellow and flow without effort, dynamic contrasts dance and burst, all in perfect time and throughout your room and home. The fidelity Soul 6 delivers is so right, so coherent that it carries and fills a space like a high value real instrument. Voices and instruments sound real, and to the size and scale of a live performance.

Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeaker in blue


  • 8 ohm
  • 99 dB-SPL @ 1W/1m (99 dB-SPL @ 2.8V/1m)
  • 45 – 28,000 Hz Bandwidth (-3dB in-room)
  • 150 watt full-bandwidth program power handling
  • Height: 32” [81.5 cm] (without footers)
  • Footprint: 12.75 x 12.75” [32.5 x 32.5 cm]
  • Weight Each: 39 pounds [18 kgs]
  • Weight Each Packaged: 49 pounds [22 kgs]

For more information: Zu Audio Soul 6 Loudspeakers

Price & Availability

The Zu Audio Soul 6 floorstanding loudspeakers will start shipping July 1, 2021, priced at $5990, $6600 or $9000, depending on the finish. The blue one pictured above is the one of finishes for $9,000.

Purchases made in 2021 for the new Soul come with a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, return shipping included.

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