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Wireworld Debuts the Worlds Fastest Speaker Cables


Instant speaker connectors and new wire concept dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to create custom speaker cables. It’s so easy you can do it blindfolded.

Wireworld has introduced Insta-Wire, the world’s fastest system for creating custom, audiophile-quality speaker cables at home or on the job-site. Just insert Wireworld’s proprietary Horizon 52 flat speaker wire into the Insta-Wire connector and squeeze to create premium speaker cables without the need for wire-strippers or crimping tools. These premium banana-plug and spade-lug connectors are made from oxygen-free copper, clad in a thick layer of highly conductive silver, and then gold plated to prevent oxidation. The finished cables carry Underwriter’s UL-CL3 rating and Canada’s CSA-FT4 rating for in-wall use.

“We’ve taken a surprisingly time-consuming task, and turned it into instant gratification,” said David Salz, Wireworld’s president and chief designer. “For custom installers, this will allow them to provide their customers with a very-high-quality cable in a fraction of the time it takes to terminate twisted-pair speaker wire or even zip cord. It’s so easy you can do it blindfolded. We’ve been working on this for a long time, but it was only when we figured out how to achieve this convenience without compromising our tradition of providing objectively superior sound quality, that we began producing the cable. The cable can also be stripped and terminated easily with conventional tools and connectors.”

The flat, Horizon 52 two-conductor oxygen-free-copper insulated cable is just over 1/8th inch thick and less than 3/8ths of an inch wide, and its shape is asymmetric to prevent polarity errors. The cross-sectional area of the conductor is equivalent to a conventional 14-gauge round conductor. The conductors are insulated in polyethylene to reduce capacitance and dielectric absorption for cleaner high frequencies, while maintaining fidelity. The proprietary conductor design provides uniform series impedance for superior fidelity, even over long runs. Developed through objective perceptual testing, this design minimizes inductive losses to produce dramatic improvements in clarity, dynamics and spatial effects.

The highly intuitive Insta-Wire connectors use a proprietary design that makes it easy to create very-high-quality banana-plug or spade-lug terminations. Once the wire is inserted into the opening, the sides of the connector are squeezed, driving eight silver-clad and gold-plated oxygen-free copper blades through the insulation to create two high-pressure crimp connections on each of the two conductors.

Since the Horizon 52 asymmetrical shape of the cross-section of the cable and shape of the opening are identical, it is impossible to connect the wires backwards. It also allows connectors to be easily assembled totally by feel in awkward locations and with complete confidence of doing the job right.

The Wireworld Insta-Wire connectors are available in with either banana plugs or spade-lug connections. Insta-Wire and Horizon 52 will be shipping early February. Check price.

Wireworld, which was founded by Salz in 1992, offers a broad spectrum of very high quality full-range and bi-wire loudspeaker cables, audio and video interconnects, digital audio interconnects, power cords, and digital A/V cables. The company has an excellent reputation among audio and home theater enthusiasts for producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

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