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WiiM’s Pro Plus Might Be the Affordable Network Streamer You Have Been Waiting For…

The $219 WiiM Pro Plus Network Streamer offers both digital and analog inputs and outputs and features a high-end DAC to support Hi-Res streaming.

WiiM Pro Plus Network Streamer

The affordable network streamer category is one segment in high-end audio that has us truly excited. Manufacturers have come to the realization that music listeners already have a network streamer in their pocket but that some of them might want something better when it comes to playback at home. Products like the WiiM Pro Plus are a huge step in the right direction.

Smartphones don’t have the internal space for better quality DACs and analog output stages and there is a definite advantage to having access to all of your favorite streaming platforms in one place and none of that involves draining the battery on your phone.

WiiM, a part of Linkplay Technology Inc. has announced the WiiM Pro Plus, an upgraded version of their already popular WiiM Pro network streamer. Building on the foundation of the WiiM Pro, the Pro Plus adds significant audio enhancements. 

WiiM Pro Plus with Remote Control

The “Plus” in the WiiM Pro Plus

So what’s different about the WiiM Pro Plus? Let’s take a look at some of changes that are rather significant.

Better ADC (Analog to Digital Converter): The inclusion of TI Burr-Brown Audio PCM1861 ADC supports up to 192kHz/32-bit digital output. This provides the best possible audio quality from analog source devices such as turntables, and MP3 players. The result is clear, detailed sound, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB.

Ultra-low Noise Clock, Power, and Circuit Design: The Pro Plus incorporates an ultra-low noise clock, power supply, and careful PCB layout to achieve less than -110dB THD+N performance for analog audio output, reducing any unwanted noise or distortion.

Premium AKM DAC and TI OP AMP: The AKM 4493SEQ premium DAC provides low distortion and wide dynamic range with AKM’s Velvet Sound Technology. The chip supports up to 768kHz PCM, and DSD512, with PCM/DSD automatic switching ideal for the latest high-resolution audio source. Achieve 120 dB (A-wt) SNR, THD+N of -110dB from 44.1k to 192k.

Bring Smarts To Your Audio Equipment: The WiiM Pro Plus caters to those seeking to revive beloved, decades-old, high-quality audio systems or those looking to modernize and connect their current audio equipment. By seamlessly connecting your audio gear to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RCA, TOSLINK, or Coax output, the WiiM Pro Plus simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth transition. 

WiiM Pro Plus Rear

Voice Control: The Pro Plus is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google. This allows easy control of music selection, volume adjustments, and playback. The WiiM Pro Plus comes with a voice-compatible remote control.

Streaming Platform and Services Support: The WiiM Pro Plus supports AirPlay 2, Alexa Casting, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and more. It also features Chromecast Audio, which lets you cast YouTube Music, TV audio, radio stations, podcasts, and local content directly from your favorite Chromecast-enabled App. 

Tip: Roon Ready and Parametric EQ (which are already included on the WiiM Pro) will be added to the Pro Plus via firmware update. 

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The WiiM Home App: WiiM Pro Plus will pop up automatically in the WiiM Home app. With the simple in-app guide and compact size, the device can be set up in less than two minutes. 

From Dr. Lifeng Zhao, CEO of Linkplay Technology: “My vision for the WiiM Pro Plus was clear: to create a product that reflects our users’ desires and elevates their music streaming experience…With their invaluable feedback, we’ve achieved just that, delivering superior audio quality, a simplified setup, and an affordable solution that exceeds expectations. The WiiM Pro Plus stands as a statement of our dedication to providing music enthusiasts with a seamless and enriching audio experience.”

WiiM Pro Plus Front


With the addition of the WiiM Plus Pro, Linkplay now offers three affordable music streamers for your listening pleasure. Here is how their features and specifications compare. 

ModelWiiM MiniWiiM ProWiiM Pro Plus
Ethernet YesYes
Chromecast AudioYesYes
Group with Nest Speakers and DisplayYesYes
Group with Echo Speakers and DisplayYesYesYes
Alexa Multiroom with UHDYesYes
Group with HomepodsYesYesYes
Works with AlexaYesYesYes
Works with GoogleYesYes
Works with SiriYesYesYes
Group with WiiM or Linkplay DevicesYesYesYes
Airplay 2YesYesYes
Spotify ConnectYesYesYes
TIDAL ConnectYesYesYes
Gapless PlaybackYesYesYes
PEQYesYesYes (after firmware update)
10 Band Graphic EQYesYesYes
Linkplay Music Streaming PlatformYesYesYes
Roon ReadyYesYes (after firmware update)
ADCTI Burr-Brown PCM1861
DACTI Burr-Brown PCM5121TI Burr-Brown PCM5121AKM4493SEQ
SNR106 dB102 dB120 dB
CPUDual Core A7Dual Core A53Quadcore A53
DRAM128 MB512 MB512 MB
Flash128 MB512 MB512 MB
Audio Input (wired)AuxLine-in, OpticalLine-in, Optical
Audio Output (wired)Aux, OpticalLine-out, Optical, CoaxLine-out, Optical, Coax

Pricing and Availability

The WiiM Pro Plus, sold as a bundle with the voice remote, is available now for $219 on Amazon

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