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Visto Expands its ConstantSync Platform to Offer Visto Mobile Secure Voice

New Voice Capability Delivers More Choice and Greater Flexibility for Mobile Email Users On the Go

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — October 11, 2005 — Visto Corporation, a leading global provider of secure push mobile email, today announced that it will expand its existing voice capabilities to offer Visto Mobile Secure Voice, a groundbreaking new feature that enables mobile professionals on the go, for the first time, to respond to emails using voice. This new capability is a result of the acquisition of Trekmail, the leading provider of mixed-media messaging services.

“As mobile email moves from a niche solution to a mass market necessity, mobile professionals from small offices and larger organisations will seek messaging solutions that provide them with more choice when it comes to handsets and email server support, and more flexibility when it comes to handling critical business communications,” said Nicholas McQuire, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. “By incorporating a secure voice option into a mobile email platform, business users have access to a wider set of response options, further enhancing the productivity benefits of mobile email.”

By integrating this new technology into Visto’s ConstantSync platform, a powerful push-based architecture, Visto is transforming the way enterprises and mobile professionals respond to and send email. With the click of a button, mobile workers can use voice to compose or respond to an email, making it easy for today’s harried professional to keep on top of emails when out of the office and on the move. And, for those users without keyboards on their mobile devices, this new technology obviates the need to thumb through numeric keypads to construct simple email messages. Visto Mobile Secure Voice also integrates into both the wireless operator’s and the enterprises’ voice mail systems, providing mobile professionals from businesses of all sizes with a lifeline to critical business calls when away from the office.

“Email is like oxygen in a business environment — it is a basic necessity for sustaining communication and enhancing productivity,” said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto Corporation. “Voice is the next logical step in the progression of mobile email, providing mobile professionals with the freedom to choose how to communicate, depending on the situation and the business need. We will continue to lead this market – in terms of handset support, customer traction and most importantly, through innovation. By continuing to expand our platform to offer mobile users more choice and flexibility, we empower the wireless operator to drive mass enterprise adoption of mobile email.”

Visto Mobile Secure Voice Features and Benefits
Visto’s new voice capabilities are delivered directly through the ConstantSync platform, so businesses and wireless operators continue to benefit from all of the existing benefits of Visto’s push email solution with the added benefit of secure voice capabilities. Key features and benefits for enterprises, mobile operators and mobile professionals include:
• Complete IT administrator control — enables IT the flexibility to enable or disable the feature as needed
• Class of service provisioning — provides carriers with new revenue generating opportunities through bundling voice in various service packages
• OTA Compression — enables an MP3 file that is one tenth the size of a standard .wav file, which frees valuable device resources
• Security — encrypts from the source to the device through end-to-end AES encryption
• Over-the-air provisioning — allows users to be up and running to send voice messages over email immediately
• Broad device support — Visto Mobile Secure Voice is supported on a broad range of handsets, allowing a greater number of mobile users to enjoy email on the go

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