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Usher Audio No Compromise Real-World Price Speakers

Usher Audio Technology introduces the elegant BE-10 and BE-20 Dancer Speaker Series at CES, along with the popular entry-level V Series.

Usher Audio Technology speakers and electronics are built for the experienced listener who won’t compromise on sound quality even at moderate prices. An enthusiast who appreciates that extraordinarily high value, impeccably-built high-end components are now available from Asia’s top-tier builders.

Usher products are produced with skill and pride in an ultra-modern factory in Taiwan with great attention to manufacturing efficiency and productivity, turning out beautifully-crafted speaker systems featuring advanced technologies such as beryllium midrange drivers matching Usher’s unparalleled beryllium tweeters.

Usher has designed, manufactured and marketed loudspeakers in Taiwan for over 30 years. This level of experience enables Usher to develop and build its own drivers set within superb, furniture-grade speaker enclosures. The company enters the US market on critical acclaim from Asian, European, and now US press.

What Usher’s Superior Design and Efficiency Means To You
Suave, powerful, transparent and engaging sound from beautifully crafted and lustrously finished cabinets made with leading-edge components at very affordable real-world prices. Superior design that’s optimized from the start for our manufacturing facility with confidence that Mr. Tsai and his dedicated employees are as devoted to amazing sound, surprising value, and extraordinary craftsmanship as we are! Dr. Joseph D’Appolito serves as technical consultant to the entire product line, providing direction on crossover design and making adjustments as necessary.

BE-10 and BE-20 Highlight 2007 CES
Usher Audio Technology exhibits this year in Murano Suites 3301A and 3201B at the Venetian, the new high performance venue.

We’re introducing our fans to a number of speakers, beginning with the time-aligned BE-10 and BE-20, both at the top of our Dancer Series. These exquisite speakers feature beryllium inverted-dome midrange drivers in addition to Usher’s unparalleled beryllium tweeters. This special driver was in development for two full years before we were satisfied with its engineering excellence and performance. The BE Series are at present the only speakers in the world with separate beryllium tweeters and midrange drivers, resulting in amazing speed, driver integration, clarity, power and accuracy.

The smaller BE-10 includes a single 11-inch Eton Kevlar woofer, 5-inch beryllium midrange, and 1.25-inch beryllium tweeter. The time-aligned cabinets ensure any high-quality tubed or solid-state amplifier sounds its best. Suggested Retail Price: $14,400/pr.

The larger BE-20, like the BE-10, excels at uncovering low-level detail that’s usually lost in the noise floor of less resolving speakers. It has the same tonal qualities as the BE-10 but with remarkable 22Hz bass extension thanks to a pair of 11-inch Eton Kevlar woofers, plus the 5-inch beryllium midrange and 1.25-inch beryllium tweeter. Suggested Retail Price: $16,400/pr.

Entry-Level V Series Making A Stir At CES Too!
At the other end of Usher Audio’s spectrum of fine products are the entry-level V Series. The way they’re built and sound, many find it hard to consider them entry-level at all! They’re made with the same commitment to sound quality, fit and finish as the Dancer Series. They’re surely one of the best values in audio, opening the door to high performance sound for the budget-conscious audiophile.

The V-601 bookshelf is a versatile, great sounding speaker redefining “value” in its category. The speaker shares the same 7-inch woofer as all the award winning 6 Series, mated with a new 1-inch soft-dome tweeter developed specially for the V Series. Everyone who hears them loves their sound and can’t help compare them with speakers costing many times more. And the cabinet quality and finish are in a class by itself. The V-601 includes a front-ported slot for easy positioning. Suggested Retail Price: $700/pr.

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The V-602 loudspeaker is the smallest floorstanding model in the V Series. It uses our 7-inch woofer with our specially-developed 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Like our other small floorstanding speakers, the V-602 produces impressive dynamics and bass response — a big sound at a small price! The V-602’s outstanding cabinetry glows with a deep, seven-layer finish. Suggested Retail Price: $1,040/pr.

The V-603 is a versatile Left/Center/Right (LCR)-capable speaker with sound that’s perfectly timbre-matched with the entire V Series. Its D’Appolito-designed array houses two 7-inch woofers plus the special 1.25-inch soft-dome tweeter. Like all Usher speakers, the V-603’s cabinetry is superb for its price point, and they’re usefully designed for horizontal or vertical mounting. Suggested Retail Price: $620 each.

The V-604 is the largest of our V Series speakers. Its D’Appolito array features dual 7-inch woofers plus the special V Series 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. It offers remarkable clarity, dynamics and bass power, and its beautifully-finished cabinetry and stylish appearance make the V-604 an outstanding addition to any system. The V-604 has a front-ported slot for easy positioning in your room. Suggested Retail Price: $1,480/pr.

A Word About Dr. Joseph D’Appolito
Dr. D’Appolito has worked as a consultant for Usher since early 2000. A world-renowned authority in audio and acoustics specializing in loudspeaker system design, Dr. D’Appolito holds BEE, SMEE, EE and Ph.D. degrees from RPI, MIT and the University of Massachusetts. As a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Dr. D’Appolito has published over 30 journal and conference papers. His most popular and influential brainchild has to be the MTM loudspeaker configuration — commonly referred to as the D’Appolito Configuration — now used by dozens of manufacturers throughout the world. He designs Usher crossovers, suggests cabinet design tweaks, tests drivers and performs final tuning for Usher speakers in his own lab.

Come Share the Excitement!
If you’re attending CES, join us in Murano Suites 3301A and 3201B at the Venetian. You’ll find great sound, lively demos, and Joseph D’Appolito and the entire Usher Audio team on hand to answer all your questions.

Music Matters!
MusikMatters distributes and markets high end audio brands dedicated to superior products at reasonable prices. Founder/CEO Atul Kanagat explains ” We at MusikMatters believe that the considerable achievements of the High End should be captured in new, affordable designs and marketed to a broader, music loving audience. We are dedicated to the goal of understanding the factors driving consumer behavior in today’s crowded marketplace and to craft offerings that help bring new customers to the industry.” Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MusikMatters works through and wholly supports traditional dealer distribution channels, adding value with optimal distribution of specific audio product lines, unsurpassed support, easy and reliable ordering, and joint marketing efforts. MusikMatters is the exclusive US distributor for Usher and NuForce. Click here to see NuForce’s full range of reference class audio equipment.

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